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        Get ready to sell
What makes some homes sell faster than others? They are presentable, functional,  clean and desirable to to a home buyer. Good first impression is extremely important. Here are a few actions that need to be taken to make your home appealing.
Every home that has been inhabited develops some wear and tear with time. This includes some leakage, missing shingles, a few scratches & dents, paint patches, cracks, door & window misalignment, cabinet decoloration…the list can be long. If you are a good handy person, it may not be a big toolsIf not, you will need to get a handyman to take care of these minor defects. If there are any major defects, please let a professional correct it before you put your home on market. This will not only get you a full potential price for your home but will help to sell it quickly. Once repairs are taken care of, you need to make home photogenic to look good in pictures. Here are few more actions to make your home photogenic and desirableReplacement of worn out parts

Replacing some of the worn out parts which does not cost much, but leaves a good impression about a home. So, make sure there is no leaking water anywhere in the house.roof repairs Roofs and bathrooms are major sources. Some of the common replacement candidates are door knobs, kitchen handles, electrical switches, door stoppers, weather stripping around the doors etc.

Remove the Clutter

Put away small kitchen appliances and other items that are sitting on countertops and tables. Remove photographs from table-tops. Organize the closets. If there’s not a reason to leave something sitting around, remove it!

Outside Tasks

No one likes gutters full of leaves. They block free passage of water which starts overflowing. As a result, buyers start questioning the proper maintenance of home. Organize items that make the yard look messy. Pressure washing the exterior is a good idea.

paintingMake your front entry inviting. Decorate it, paint the door or buy a new door. It’s the first look a buyer has when he steps up to enter.

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