forrent Estate Zone would be happy to help you with leasing your property. If you want us to manage the property as well, please read Property Management page to get a detailed information. We put the same effort while leasing of property as selling a home. We understand an owner’s concerns while leasing a home and work hard to ensure that no compromises are made. Here are the steps that we follow to ensure that your property is leased to the qualified tenants.
1 – A meeting with home owners. We discuss with you your needs, suggest you any repairs that may be necessary, and explain to you our approach to leasing your home. We also sign brokerage agreement with you.

2 – It is necessary to make your home look at it’s best to the prospective renters. Professional photography would be completed soon.

3 – Home will be listed on market with a price tag that is in tune with market conditions and demand/supply situation.

4 – Rental applications will be invited from the prospective tenants along with supporting documents and ID. Screen tests will be carried out to rule out previous crime records, evictions, etc. We understand the importance of finding the tenants who are financially sound and have a clean criminal history.

5 – Tenants with good financial history will be selected and rental agreement will be signed, typically for a year though it can change with your needs. A security deposit worth a month of rent will be have to be paid by the tenants to take care of possible damage to property during lease period.


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