Distant clients & property management

For a distant property investor in other parts of the country or world and want to purchase Real Estate in Metro Atlanta, we can provide our distant clients a full package of services starting with the acquisition of suitable property in a desirable location, leasing the property to tenants and managing the property. Here are the steps involved in the process:
1- A meeting or a conference call with you to understand your needs and sign the property purchase and sale agreement. If you already have a property, we can sign the property management agreement.

2 – Acquiring the right property. Estate Zone will ensure that property is located in a desirable location for leasing and property inspection will ensure that you purchase a structurally sound property. We can email you pictures and explain you good and not so good points about tproperty managementhe property to help you arrive at an informed decision to purchase. If you are local in Atlanta Metro we will show you the property and ensure that the property under consideration has no rental restrictions. The purchase will then be completed like any other home purchase. A “mail Away” closing can be arranged for buyers in other states.

3 – Once the property is Acquired, we will start the leasing process as described on Leasing page. Once leased, we will start managing on regular basis if you so desire. Repairs will be handled and other maintenance like yearly inspections, pest control, etc will be taken care of.

4- We will collect the rent every month that will get deposited in Estate Zone’s trust account. A monthly statement will be emailed to the owner every month. Money left after the expenses will be transferred back to owners every month by ACH transfer. If you prefer to have a traditional check payment, we can do it. You will have an access to “owner’s portal” where you can log in any time and see what is going on with your property financially.

5- For clients or professionals planning to move to Atlanta, we can help plan your home purchase while you are still in other region.

Having someone in a distant land to take care of your property and investment, take away the stress that comes from owning a property, be reliable…If that is your expectation from a property management company, try Estate Zone.

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