Advantages of hiring Estate Zone to sell, buy, lease or manage your property :

Transparency & Integrity

Depend on us for transparency & integrity. We will always represent your best and highest interest. We put the client’s interest first before anything else while working for them. Estate Zone would take the role of guide and advisor once we sign up with you. You would never get the impression of dealing with a salesperson but rather of a well-wisher.

Knowledge & Experience

15 years of experience in Georgia Real Estate and knowledge acquired with this experience would ensure that you are in good hands. Your agent can take on challenges that come up with real estate sales, leases, and purchases, make sure that necessary actions are taken to protect your interests, and that paperwork is created with care and caution. Real estate sales can get complicated at times. The ability to foresee an issue based on knowledge and experience goes a long way in avoiding a potentially disastrous situation.

Negotiate commission! (Yes!!!)

Estate Zone offers creative and thoughtful commission choices without compromising on the quality of service. We will happily discuss the commission with home sellers to arrive at a sweet spot where both parties benefit. We may provide you with creative commission packages if you have multiple transactions. 

Constantly Innovating

It is necessary in this constantly changing environment to be creative and innovative by bringing in new programs to help clients in creative ways. We take pride in being at the forefront of innovative ideas.

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