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Voted one of the best backup software
Auto backup to any local network storage device such as NAS, UPnP and AFP servers, FTP, SFTP, SCP, FTPS, and WebDAV servers
Automatic file protection, Multithreading, Scheduling and Bandwidth Throttling
Disk and drive encryption capabilities
Restore any backed up data automatically in seconds
Migrate data from one location to another
Local or network restore to other computers
Backup files to multiple locations
Works with AFP, SSH, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV and FTP (SMB) protocols
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The best way to backup data to the cloud is Zoolz Crack For Windows. Zoolz has a fantastic customer service and a lot of features that are very simple to operate. First of all, Zoolz makes backups faster, and also it allows you to restore your data whenever you need it. Also, Zoolz is very easy to setup and use. Zoolz’s software is the ultimate tool for cloud backup! Read Full Review

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Backups are an essential thing to have in place to avoid data loss. Of course, there are several types of backup solutions on the market, but often times you run out of space on your hard disk, and this can be a problem. Many small and medium-sized businesses are in this situation.

Zoolz is a safe and cost-effective cloud backup solution that is specifically designed to store your data in the cloud.

We have tested Zoolz for a few months and can recommend it wholeheartedly. Apart from the convenience it offers, Zoolz produces secure backups of your data and lets you restore it from the cloud in a matter of seconds.

Zoolz Installation Guide

Zoolz backup can be installed on a Windows, Linux or MacOS computer. It is a very simple utility, and requires no special skills to use. The setup guide is included with the Zoolz product, but it’s always useful to know a bit more about the software itself, so here’s a brief guide to what Zoolz actually does.

The basic idea behind Zoolz is that your data is sent directly to the cloud when you tell Zoolz to do so. You do this by choosing which drive(s) you want to

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– Organize your data in a secure, local-friendly environment.
– Backup to the cloud with the advantage of unlimited storage space and immediate access to all the data.
– Connect your USB, FireWire, Thunderbolt, and eSATA drives and hard disks, network drives, and optical drives in no time.
– Create system restore points to ensure a fast recovery in case of unforeseen hardware failure.
– Back up to multiple network drives.
– Restoring previously backed up data to a second hard disk is also supported by the software.
– Resize multiple volumes on a single disk.
– Back up encrypted data.
– Undelete data files.
– Create a boot disk for an unattended installation of OS X.
– Back up to file shares.
– Schedule and repeat backups.
– Restore multiple files from any drive to any other drive.
– Optimize your disks.
– Manage your data and perform maintenance on the system.
– Secure your backup with a strong password.
– Create DVDs from backups.
– Convert files to archives and data to ISO.
Supported network drives: External, internal, and network.
External drives: Removable/flash media like hard disks, drives,
and solid state drives, USB external devices, Thunderbolt external
devices, and FireWire external devices.
Internal drives: Hard disks, hard disks with one or two disks (all)
or hard disks with 3-5 disks.
Network drives: Internal wireless networks, internal wired network,
internal iSCSI, JBOD, NAS.
Zoolz Screenshots:


is a company that does a monthly unlimited backup of data to the cloud at no cost. Data is synchronized to Amazon S3 every 48 hours. is using storage drives and Amazon S3 (AWS).
is a personal cloud backup solution that is currently in beta. It is a web interface only for a PC-based solution with a unique capability for managing multiple cloud storage sites with a single backup application. It provides local and offsite data backup and recovery as well as storage resizing, system analysis and file management. It also includes an “Evernote Web Clipper” that allows you to take complete control of your web clippings, websites and documents

Zoolz Crack + With Full Keygen Latest

Feasible cloud backup solution
Zoolz is a small but practical software utility that is specifically designed to secure and store all your data from external, internal and network drives in a single long term storage unit, namely the cloud.
Installing the application does not take a long time, but in order for the process to complete successfully, you need to close all other programs before starting Setup. Also, during that time you can update system files without having to reboot your computer.
Automatic file protection and wide array of customization options
Zoolz is a pretty straightforward application and consists of a user-friendly interface that is very easy to understand. Even though at first look it might seem like a simple application, it features plenty of customization options that would satisfy even the most demanding user.
Thus, you can select which type of data you want to store and schedule how often you want to backup your files. For speeding up the whole process, Zoolz enables you to use multi-threaded uploads, but with the cost of increasing bandwidth requirements. To counterbalance speed capabilities with bandwidth usage, you can enable bandwidth throttling, which means that you can limit the upload bandwidth taken by the application.
Furthermore, to ensure a faster restore time of your data, you can enable the Hybrid+ feature, which allows you to save a copy of your backup to any network drive automatically.
Powerful and secure backup solution
Overall, Zoolz proves to be an efficient software utility for both individuals and companies that want to store huge amounts of data using the cloud platform. Additionally, it offers numerous possibilities to customize and protect data, as well as create data backups without constraints.

I like my job, I like the people I work with and work with. It’s my full-time career, and I get a lot of support from the company. I’m also in a great place geographically, the location is good and the people are extremely cool!
-Leigh from Millington, TN, United States

If you want something that is both powerful and secure, Zoolz is the right solution for you. It offers wide customization options and all this while offering a convenient and user-friendly interface. In addition, there is no extra cost for using the cloud backup storage.

Zoolz is a very good backup software that allows you to back up all of the files on your computer in an automated manner. It supports both multiple computers and multiple files. The backup process takes very little

What’s New In?

Zoolz is a simple to use tool that helps you to secure your data and easily back-up all kinds of files and folders on your computer to your cloud storage account.

Unique features

Zoolz is all in one solution for cloud storage. You can backup all kinds of documents, photos and video files and securely store them in the cloud. It doesn’t matter if you want to store them yourself or use a service like Dropbox or Google Drive, Zoolz can help you to automatically backup them to your cloud account.

Always up-to-date and secure

Zoolz lets you to automatically backup all kinds of data stored in different locations. It works with all major cloud storage services including Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Microsoft SkyDrive, iCloud and Apple’s iCloud. All you have to do is select the location of data you want to back up and Zoolz will do all the rest.

One-click backup and restore

Zoolz allows you to backup all kinds of data without the need for complex configurations. Just select the location of the files and folders you want to backup and Zoolz will create a backup of these files and upload them to cloud storage automatically.

Backup files and folders to Google Drive

The only thing you have to do is select a folder or select a specific file and Zoolz will upload it to your Google Drive account.

Copy files to mobile devices

Zoolz lets you copy all kinds of files to various mobile devices. You can attach your desired files to emails and send them to your contacts. You can also download files to your smartphone or tablet by exporting them to a local folder.

Backup networks drives

Zoolz lets you to synchronize network drives with your cloud storage account. You can automatically back up and restore a folder on your network drive.

Secure password protection

The application stores a password when it creates a backup, so you don’t have to remember it. Each time you create a backup, Zoolz will ask you to enter a new password. The password is only used once you are on your local computer and you want to access the backup you just created.

Simple and easy to use

Zoolz is a small utility with a simple but easy to understand interface. All you have to do is open it once and all the data you want to backup will be imported to the cloud

System Requirements For Zoolz:

This a very high CPU intensive test (in most cases it will require 2 cores in both the client and server)
Recommended Minimum:
3.0GHz Dual core
4GB Ram
High Graphics:
2GB Video RAM
Windows 10
i7 7700K @ 4.5GHz
Windows Server 2016
The NVIDIA’s GameWorks™ drivers are required for Vulkan


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