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Learn to code a snake game with Python and Pygame.n This is suitable for intermediate .NET and Pythony programmers.
Open the GUI and run the following commands:
Free Video – Upload video or audio to YouTube.
Free Timers – set the clock in the program.
Blocking and locking files and folders
VirtualDub is a tool for editing video (capture video) and then saving it to your hard drive.
M2U (Multiple Unix Applications) is a program for creating multiple Windows applications based on the Linux operating system.
KVM (Kernel-based Virtutex) is a simple tool for managing a virtual machine installed on a single computer.
Prolog (Automatic Prolog Conversion) is a browser plugin for word processing and creating *.pdb documents.
WinHex is an editor with which you can create HTML files containing text in HTML format.
Radon Screen (Radon-Visual Studio) is a Visual Studio tool for editing text images and creating drawings using Radon technology.
VB11 is a program that allows you to translate text strings into web pages.
Word (XLSX) is a tool for formatting text into XLSX format.
Subword – to form headings and subheadings of documents that have lowercase or uppercase letters.
File Explorer is a specialized program for searching files on a disk.
Firefox is an open source program that allows you to browse and download files from websites using a Web browser.
HtmlViewer is an HTML viewer for Internet Explorer.
Hamachi is a server that allows you to work with users and servers based on the HTTP protocol and connect to it.
Microsoft Visual Basic is a universal software platform for creating and developing applications.
Metro is a utility that allows you to draw in VSTi and MIDI files using a graphic stroke layer.
Adobe Flash is a dynamic rendering engine developed by Adobe.
SWF is a format for animation and playback of flash files.
Tshiba Clip Art is an image editing program.



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