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The vPhone Free Download software is designed to allow you to dial numbers from any computer.vPhone Cracked Version is an application that enables you to dial from your PC via PC to PC. With vPhone Crack Free Download, you can make hands-free calls from your PC to anybody in the world, for free.

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VPhone Crack +

vPhone is a voice over IP software. It enables you to call from a PC to another PC absolutely free of charge. For a small fee, you can activate the option to allow calls from a PC to phone and obtain a compact mobile phone program to decrease the cost of calls.
1. Install the software to your system
2. Install the server list (it’s a.csv file) to your system
3. Visit
4. You can create a list of server IP address to call by pc to pc.
5. The program will be active and you can access it.China’s new national “entity list” will affect the UK

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What’s New In?

vPhone is a VOIP software, allows you to make free calls within a LAN (local area network) without the need for an internet connection. Thus, it can use VoIP almost anywhere. It can be used both to make phone calls over the Internet as well as to exchange data between PCs and phones.

√ So you can make unlimited calls to PC to PC, PC to phone and phone to phone, free of charge.
√ Using a VoIP to phone switch to call another phone. All the voice traffic passes over the Internet.
√ Monitor and record VoIP conversations.
√ Record VoIP conversations to mp3 or wav files.
√ VPhone saves hours and hundreds of dollars when travelling or doing business over Internet.
√ Support VPhone with.NET Framework 4.0 or higher.
√ Free to try without registration, you will be asked to pay if you wish to use it indefinitely.
√ You can activate service by paying $9.95.
√ No Mobile Program required.
√ Allows you to call any number, free of charge.

Extensions Pack v3.0 Features

– More than 35 Voice Channels, the voice channels control more than 100 different languages.
– You can control the Voice Channels easily from the Menu.
– A VOIP route can be assigned, to route the calls using some other media like video conference, etc.
– You can give any extension names as the VOIP route names to establish a route for each extension.
– You can add custom extensions for your own VOIP route.
– With the extension list added to the VOIP route, You can create unlimited number of VOIP routes and assign any extensions to each VOIP routes.
– You can select a voice channel for each VOIP Route, and you can assign extension from the VOIP route to any of the selected extensions.
– A web page is created by default which displays your current VOIP route, its extensions and extension selected status. You can switch between VOIP routes by clicking on the menu on the left.
– You can make unlimited calls from your phone using your PC directly as well as a phone switch to call another phone.
– You can record your calls to mp3 or wav files.
– Voice packet loss automatically detected so that only real loss is recorded.
– VoIP packet loss is automatically detected so that only real loss is recorded.

System Requirements:

: Microsoft Windows 7/8/10 (64bit required)
: Nvidia Geforce GTS 450 or better
: Version 11
Hard Drive:
: 45GB for installation/about 500MB for updates
Additional Requirements:
Team Fortress 2 Recommended Recommended Required Required Required Required Required Required Optional Required Recommended:
The latest version of TF2 has been updated to no longer require Windows 10 to run. To run the game,


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