Vidmore Video Enhancer Crack For PC

There are many applications you can turn to when you want to add some effects to your videos. If you are looking for one that also converts your clips to other formats, you can try Vidmore Video Enhancer.
Well-organized GUI
Considering it packs a plethora of functions, the main window of Vidmore Video Enhancer manages to be not only user-friendly, but also intuitive.
You can add an entire folder so as to process multiple files simultaneously. Alternatively, you can add individual videos by manually browsing to their location (you cannot drag and drop them onto the main window).
The supported formats are: MTS, M2TS, MPEG, MP4, RMVB, WMV, MKV, AVI, 3GP, FLV, MPV, MOD, TOD, WebM, MXF, OGM, WTV, OGV, NSV and others.
Enhance the look of your videos
You can rotate the clips clockwise or counterclockwise, flip them horizontally or vertically, or crop them to the dimensions you choose. Also, for each video, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and hues, along with the volume.
Moreover, you can transform your loaded clips into 3D ones, then specify if you prefer anaglyph or split screen.
Overlay watermarks
A handy feature of Vidmore Video Enhancer is that you can apply text or image watermarks to your videos. You can manually define its location, then alter the transparency until you are pleased with the result.
Convert videos to other formats
If you are only interested in the conversion part, you can simply choose the target format and the destination folder, and wait until the process is completed.
If you want more control over the output settings, you can tinker with video resolution, bitrate, frame rate and aspect ratio, while also modifying the audio encoder or channels.
To wrap it up
All in all, Vidmore Video Enhancer can help you effortlessly improve the looks of your clips, especially due to its integrated removal of noise or shaking.


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[…]Convert, enhance and save videos with this video conversion software. It supports all popular video formats as well as audio files. Automatic resolution conversion and watermarking make the process as simple as pressing one button. This converter is included free for one year with Vidmore Download!

Vidmore Video Enhancer Crack For Windows v4.4.0.123 Free [Win]

Utility software Vidmore Video Enhancer v4.4.0.123 Free has been tested by our team to be fully working on Windows XP.



Convert video formats

Enhance video

Improve video quality

Add watermark

Vidmore Video Enhancer v4.4.0.123 Free is a program developed by Vidmore. The license of this program is freeware, you can free download and try it for free.

In all of the Vidmore Video Enhancer v4.4.0.123 Free screenshots we display, clicking on the image will allow you to see the whole
image in its full size and detail.

To view Earthlink videos, you will have to install the Vidmore Video Enhancer v4.4.0.123 Free software on your computer. Click on one of the download links below to begin the download.

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Vidmore Video Enhancer Crack

User Guide and Features:

How to Use Vidmore Video Enhancer Torrent Download:

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Vidmore Video Enhancer Crack +

Vidmore Video Enhancer is an easy-to-use, yet effective video converter for Windows. It allows you to trim, crop, rotate, adjust the volume, adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, as well as apply text and image watermarks to your videos.
Vidmore Video Enhancer Features
● With Vidmore Video Enhancer, you can remove unwanted noise from videos;● Convert the video from one format to another;● Apply various kinds of effects such as brightness, contrast, saturation, brightness, hue and so on;● Add text or image watermarks;● Adjust the video resolution, frame rate, bitrate, horizontal and vertical resizing;● Save the output video with the original file name;● Add an empty file before each file you process;● Only one file can be converted at one time;● Add multiple video files and convert them all at the same time.
Main Features of Vidmore Video Enhancer
1. Remove noise
When you shoot videos outdoors or inside, you often encounter unwanted noise, including the effects of fluorescent lights. For instance, an outdoor video may show many trees on the screen and the area lit by the sun, leaving the resulting video quite messy.
Luckily, Vidmore Video Enhancer makes it easy to eliminate noise from videos, thus making your videos more pleasant to watch.
2. Convert video formats
Vidmore Video Enhancer can convert video formats between a wide range of formats, such as MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, WMV, AVI, MOV, FLV, 3GP, MP4, MOD, TOD, WebM, MXF, OGM, WTV, OGV, NSV and others.
3. Apply various effects
You can use Vidmore Video Enhancer to customize your videos by applying various effects: brightness, contrast, saturation, hues, hue, hue, time-shift, rotating, scaling, flipping and cropping, as well as the function to overlay text and image watermarks to clips.
4. Apply watermark
Vidmore Video Enhancer can be used to add text or image watermarks to your videos. You can specify the watermark’s position, size, transparency and color.
5. Crop and trim videos
You can also crop your videos into any shape you wish by specifying the starting and ending time, the beginning and ending frames, and the target width and height of the resulting video

What’s New In Vidmore Video Enhancer?

Be just a Google video editor for your videos!
Google video editor will allow you to add texts, photos, backgrounds, and filters on your home videos and make them look more professional.
What is this Google Video Editor?
Simply put, this is a video editing tool from Google that will give you more power to make your home videos look good.
What it does
Google video editor will allow you to add texts, photos, backgrounds, and filters on your home videos and make them look more professional.
Why do we need this tool
If you are a home movie enthusiast, you might feel that you have found a great looking video editor. The truth is, you have not. To get your video looks more professional, you will need to look for a pro editor.
Google video editor will allow you to add texts, photos, backgrounds, and filters on your home videos and make them look more professional.
If you don’t like any of the features, you can edit and remove them, so you can make changes without spending time perfecting the videos.
If you use other Google apps such as Google image search, you might already use this tool.
How to use this tool
You will need to connect your phone to your Wi-Fi network and get the Google app to play videos. All the changes will be applied on your home videos in seconds.
How to install
Download the APK file from the link below. After you have downloaded the file, you can transfer it to your smartphone.

Google Video Editor
app store Link
Google account (optional)
You can skip the tutorial if you have already logged on to your Google account.
Login to your Google account.
Choose Google video editor from the list.
This video tutorial will show you how to install Google video editor.
Connect your phone to the Wi-Fi network.
Install the Google video editor from your smartphone.
Google Video editor tutorial
In the below tutorial, we will show you how to add texts, photos, backgrounds, and filters to your home videos.
Scroll down to the heading Add texts, photos, backgrounds, and filters.
If you don’t see the heading, tap on the screen.
Add texts, photos, backgrounds, and filters
Add a text
Tap on the “

System Requirements For Vidmore Video Enhancer:

* OS: Windows 7/8
* Processor: Intel Core i3 or higher
* RAM: 6 GB
* Graphics: Intel HD Graphics or higher
* Hard Drive: 300 MB free space
* DirectX: Version 11 (Direct3D 9, Version 10 with GLSL 1.2 or later is recommended)
* Video Memory: 128 MB
* Network: Broadband Internet connection
* Sound Card: DirectX-compliant audio card
* Keyboard: Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000
* Mouse:

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