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When laptop battery has passed a certain number of charge/discharge cycles, its capacity decreases and it can’t provide a lot of power. Worse yet, the battery gives incorrect info on its capacity. Usually it looks as follows. The battery discharging normally down to certain level. For example, down to 60%.
Then there is a sudden drop of the counter down to 5 % and the battery signaling that the remaining charge is just for 1 minute only, while actualy the remaining time is more then 1 hour. Naturally, its not comfortable to work with such battery. You can never know how long you can work and the only wayout is just to replace the battery.
UplBatteryExtender is the solution for this problem. It uses its own sophisticated algorithm of capacity calculation and shows the real time you can work using battery. So you can use the full power of the battery.
■ Laptop







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UplBatteryExtender Changelog:


How to Extend a Laptop Battery | TekTalk

How to Extend a Laptop Battery | TekTalk

How to Extend a Laptop Battery | TekTalk

In this tutorial we show how to extend your laptop or desktop battery. It’s super easy and user friendly.
TechTalk’s most popular tutorial over the last 14 years – how to make a battery last longer. All self-powering projects use a battery and a micro switch. Smart switches are reliable and easy to use. But the battery still dies. The problem is, the battery doesn’t know if it is getting shorter, just that it is getting shorter. It still thinks it is getting a proper charge. What’s the solution? Simple switch, a self-powered switch-based on switching electricity. A laptop switch is a very simple

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In this version of the software UplBatteryExtender Full Crack you can:
■ Add custom files to the program’s functionality
■ Change the title in the program window
■ Enable or disable all the program’s elements
■ Configure the program to start when you turn the system on
■ Disable the exit program’s functionality
■ Change all program elements color settings
■ Enable or disable the program’s functionality.
■ Add a message to the status bar

UplBatteryExtender Features:
– This software calculates the remaining battery life for a laptop battery
– User can specify the time that the laptop battery can be used to charge the laptop.
– The program contains a notification when the laptop battery is fully discharged or when the laptop battery is fully charged
– The output of remaining battery life appears in the form of text in the program window
– Custom messages appear on the status bar of the program window
– The software can be deactivated / enabled by clicking the Start/Stop button on the program window or pressing the F5 key.
– The program can be disabled / enabled through the notification in the system tray
– At startup, the program loads all the latest data about the laptop battery
– The program can be deactivated / enabled through a hotkey
– The program can be deactivated / enabled through the notification in the system tray
– Set the title of the program window
– Set the program as an autostart
– Show program’s title in the system tray
– Set the program’s background color
– Enable or disable all the program’s elements
– Add a message to the status bar

UplBatteryExtender Setup
– Choose the User Folder for the installation
– Make sure that you have installed UplBatteryExtender version of your operating system (x86/x64).
– Start the installer and go to the end of the installation.
– Close all programs that may be already running and go to the next step.
– Press the Finish button to start installing the program.
– If the installation failed, restart your system and try again.
– Click on the Start button in the system tray to start the program.
– Click on the Start button in the system tray to start the program.

UplBatteryExtender User Guide
– To open the program settings, right-click on the window’s title and choose the


■ UplBatteryExtender is a useful application to extend the life of laptop battery. It used the advanced and new technique to help you increase battery’s capacity and reduce its aging problems. it provides a way for you to know how much time you can work using battery now.
■ UplBatteryExtender gives one of the best battery capacity report which looks like as this. This application is realized by a few effective and new technologies, such as modified algorithm, original special sensors and modern devices, intelligent calculation, advanced 3D display algorithm, etc. All these are important to making a good battery capacity report. This application can save your battery cost and provides a way for you to know how much time you can work now using battery.
UplBatteryExtender Package Content:
1) UplBatteryExtender
2) iLogMeasure
3) System Info
4) System Info (for android version)
5) Debug Log
6) Power Reset Alert
7) Automatic ShutDown


Modern laptop of of 7.0(or up)
Android 4.0


What’s new in this version:

1) Several bug fixes.
2) Improved the performance.

Ratings and Reviews


Efficient Solution for Poor Battery Life.

I’ve personally tested this application using a very old Dell vostro 1,200, and I had the same observation as everyone else:
“Vendor provided software is actually doing a good job in extending battery life.”
It does an excellent job in virtually eliminating laptop-on-battery
and laptop-off-battery spikes, where the laptop really starts to get hot.
I find that the app can often slightly reduce the remaining time (by as much as 10-20%), but this is due to the app’s use of the computer’s internal CPU.
As a result, it is a terrific app for anyone who is going to be using their laptop for a large portion of the day on a daily basis.
Note: While the “off-battery” cycling is not ideal, it does not constitute a problem if you are using the laptop for various types of duties most of the day.

Developer Response

Dear BobMartin232,
Thank you for the review and I would like to say that we

What’s New in the UplBatteryExtender?

UplBatteryExtender is the ultimate solution to fully utilize the capacity of your laptop battery. Just connect it to your laptop and enjoy the full performance and power of your laptop.
You can now recharge your laptop with the same time using the laptop battery. Many battery problems can be solved by this simple solution. The charging/discharging cycle may cause your laptop battery to malfunction.

How to use:
Just install UplBatteryExtender and a USB cord. Connect laptop to UplBatteryExtender. Open UplBatteryExtender and it will show you the battery capacity and ready power of your laptop. Then just recharge your laptop using this device. You can also charge your laptop while working on it.
UplBatteryExtender Features:
1)100% safe
2)No need to restart laptop
3)Not only for laptop
4)Works with battery of any brand and size
5)How to use
6)Charging/Discharging will not take effect to battery
7)Can charge while working
8)Changeable battery case colors
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System Requirements For UplBatteryExtender:

Windows 10 (or later), macOS 10.13, and Linux (64-bit)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080, 1070, 1060, or 1060 Ti graphics card
Intel Core i5-6600, Core i5-6500, or Core i7-6700K CPU
8GB of system memory (RAM)
DirectX 11
1.85 GB available space
Interface language: English
Version: 1.1
Voice: English
Support for all languages:


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