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The Punch-BD is a step forward for modern bass drum synthesis. Punch-BD creates the most extreme and intelligently controlled bass drums ever designed. Synth bass drums can be controlled with a mouse for perfectly even sequences, huge kick amp on/off switching, and several unique innovations to deliver the most powerful user experience for today’s producers.Features:

Insta-Bass: Insta-Bass is a powerful and unique virtual pedal. You can automate the bass of your bass drums using a MIDI controller. There is also a panel for you to control all details of your bass drum.

16 assignable presets: Each of the 16 presets can be assigned to different layouts and textures, such as punch, overdrive, transient, etc.

6 powerful “kick presets”: Each of the 6 kick presets can be automatically arranged to a specific kick sequence.

Panning: Each preset can be processed by a channel in the stereo image and can be panned left, right or in mono to provide wide stereo movement or a controlled sound.

3-band Graphic EQ: Each of the 6 kick presets can be processed in a special way with a 3-band graphic EQ.

Editing & Metering: Punch-BD features a powerful editing and metering system that make it very easy to edit any of the presets.

Unison: The 4-voice unison technology can be used to get more natural and immersive sounds.

Up to 6 kick drums: Six kick drums are available in four sequential modes: normal, 7,11, and 15.

Arranger: You can arrange the kicked drums in your audio track, up to 6 kicks at a time, and export each kick separately.

MIDI master: Select one of the presets or arrange kicks with MIDI via the included midi-in, midi-out.

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Punch-BD For Windows 10 Crack is a drum synth that can stack up to 6 kick drums of various presets and patterns. Each kick drum can be configured using sliders for volume and delay. The 5 different types of distortion (Power, Overdrive, Fuzz, Transient, and Noise) can be applied to each drum. Sliders for EQ and gate effect control are also available. You can also use the punch as a standalone synth.

Punch-BD 2022 Crack Features:

1, 2, 3 and 6 kick drum presets

6 punch patterns

The 5 types of distortion (Power, Overdrive, Fuzz, Transient, and Noise)

Sliders for delay and volume of each kick drum

Sliders for EQ and gate effect

3 band EQ

Works as a standalone synth

Worked as a standalone synth

Punch-BD Product Key’s work as a drum synth is unrivaled in terms of sonic possibilities, with the ability to have an impactful kick with or without other drums, and easily modify the volume and delay of each kick. You can easily experiment with different layers and even switch between preset patterns at will. You have many built-in presets, and you can also share your own. I think that the number of preset drum sounds available, and the variation that you can apply to each kick, is best in the category of drum synths, and even compared to the competition.
Punch-BD Crack Free Download Pricing:

Punch-BD is a US$139 full-version sample library and there are no future releases planned.

Editor’s note: This review was originally written in December 2013 and was revised in February 2018. In the meantime, Metric Beat 2 was released, bringing new Punch-BD presets.

You can download Punch-BD today to explore its powerful features and unlock the world of samples for your next track.

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Full-fledged virtual drum machine with a room of bass drums to choose from, and some great presets created by Rob Papen.
6 Kick Drums at Your Fingertips
Punch-BD is a virtual drum machine in the style of the original “Punch” software, designed by the legendary electronic producer, Rob Papen. It features 6 independent kick drums, which can be managed as individual sounds, or stacked, or layer/multiplexed, and can be played in succession or in any combination of up to 6 different rhythms simultaneously.
Punch-BD is a powerful drum synth, and has plenty of settings and presets to help you create the best kick drums on the planet.
6 Drums At Your Fingertips
With 6 independent kick drums, you can layer kick drums in any combination. You can even assign kick drums to different outputs so that they are ‘sent’ to different MIDI controllers, or you can assign different kick drums to a single MIDI input to play them in any combination.
Kick drums can be added from the built-in Drum Library, the Rob Papen Drum Library, or any Sfx or Modular Drum Kit you own. Each kick drum has its own full set of parameters, including separate FX for LFO, an arpeggiator, an envelope, and many other parameters that will bring your kick drums to life.
6 Drums At Your Fingertips
Vintage Sound Engine
The drum engine is powered by Rob’s original “Punch” software, which is the number one sound design tool used by thousands of producers all over the world. You get the original Punch software’s four drum engines, along with a full suite of effects, CV and gate output, loads of automation, awesome stereo image, and an all-new effects section.
Vintage sound engine
Rob’s vintage sound engine is one of the coolest and best-sounding drum engines ever produced.
Why You Need This Plugin
The new-generation “Punch” software package from Papen is legendary, and Punch-BD is the first new Drum Kit built on this technology.
So many bass drums
Punch-BD features 6 kick drums. You’re not limited to any one type of kick drum – you can layer kick drums, stack them, control them all from a single MIDI controller, or play them in any combination of sounds. Each kick drum can be used to trigger

What’s New in the Punch-BD?

Punch-BD is the most powerful plugin for kick drum design.
Choose your 10 available kick drums and tweak them to give them the resonance and stereo spread you desire.
Add any modulation, delay, or harmonizer in any frequency range of any duration.
The look at the remaining 8 kick drums is only an afterthought; just because you had to compose all of them doesn’t mean that you should be limited by what is playing back. By mapping other sounds into these kicked drums, you can design an unlimited number of kick drums.

Plugins such as Massive, Battery 2, Omnisphere, Komplete and Absynth have allowed a whole new generation of musicians to create high-impact percussion, but Punch-BD is slightly different. You don’t need the old ways of making bass drums because this plugin is a one-stop solution for kick drum design.
Speaking of styles, Punch-BD’s presets allow you to create different drum kits. If you want to get down to designing your own kick drums, Punch-BD will allow you to make the most significant kick drums in the most diverse styles. And that’s why the plugin can be described as the most complete drum synth.
Designing kick drums
In the end, however, maybe all you really want is to design a kick drum that makes the bass drop; a kick drum that sounds like a thunder in your face.
To make that happen, you have to start by adding a kick drum to your MIDI keyboard. Punch-BD provides two different options for kick drum sounds. One option for you to use are the included 10 kicks, while another option is to use samples instead. You’ll be able to choose whether to play each kick as a single note or in a sequence.
First, let’s start by playing one of the 10 kick drums provided. You can load one kick drum into your MIDI keyboard at a time. To add more kick drums, just load a new drum into the same velocity curve. Each kick drum in the included set is created by using a modulation sweep to form various starts and stops on different combinations of additive sounds.
Then, let’s give some real attention to the EQ and LFO in this plugin. By moving your mouse over the sliders, you can actually see how the plugin has changed what you played and create a new sound. These sliders include two 3-band EQs and two LFOs that can be placed


System Requirements For Punch-BD:

This a mod for GFHack v1.19 and will require it to be installed.
Debian UK
GPLv3 Licensed
Installation and un-installation


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