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Baikal Basin Helium (USGS)


Baikal Basin Helium (USGS)




Thick sedimentary cover, volcaniclastic and epipelagic rocks of the Skalisty Ray and Skalisty Uplift, are the primary units, although unconsolidated sediments and some turbidites are present. The crystalline basement rocks of the Sogne Fjord Complex are overlain by regional crystalline rocks, including a thick syenitic intrusiveness. Common discontinuities include cleavage, foliation, and abundant vein and webbed magmatic rocks. The regional igneous and metamorphic rocks, including the Syenite Metamorphic Complex, are intruded by massive mafic and felsic volcanic rocks, dykes, and volcanicized granitic rocks. These rocks are intruded by regional granitic plutons, some of which contain metamorphosed, feldspar-bearing rocks. Each pluton is accompanied by an igneous rock body of mafic to intermediate affinity and good porphyritic texture.




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NASA image OF THE DAY: A satellite view of the Baikal Basin, Siberia, Russia

Baikal Basin Helium – United States Geological Survey

Baikal Basin Helium – United States Geological Survey

Baikal Basin Helium – United States Geological Survey

Baikal Basin Helium – United States Geological Survey

Baikal Basin Helium – United States Geological Survey

Baikal Basin Helium – United States Geological Survey

Baikal Basin Helium – United States Geological Survey


Baikal basin helium gas. YouTube video by Pravda.TV of the Baikal Basin helium gas (its first discovered place).

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