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• Free SNMP Data Logger for Windows
• SNMP Data Logger is specially designed for a wide range of Network and security professionals.
• SNMP Data Logger is the next generation package for SNMP monitoring and network control.
• Includes support for TCP/IP and SNMP network transport protocols for most major routers.
• *Installs as a service, so it is ready to run when you log on.
• Configure SNMP data log for any device, view the summary of SNMP logs and download them.
• Automatically detect missing agent or agent load
• SNMP Data Logger supports x509 certificates as SNMP keys.
• Supports SNMP version 1 (1.1) and SNMP version 2 (2.0)
• Supports TCP/IP (IP, TCP, UDP) and SNMP (netifaces, tcp, udp, snmpnetifaces)
• SNMP Data Logger is an open-source project under the GPL license, so users can also download the source code.
Please contact the author for commercial use.
3.Windows SNMP Data Logger
SNMP Data Logger is a software utility which can be used in order to get various information from custom SNMP agents from your network, as well as view summary statistics.
Clean interface
The apps layout is pretty minimalistic, seeing it only consists of a menu bar, a few buttons and a pane in which to display information. In addition to that, extension Help contents are included and therefore, both beginners and highly experienced people can easily learn how to handle SNMP Data Logger.
Create configurations and alerts, and view stats
This app can receive a list of variables and their values, so that you can easily solve certain network problems. It is possible to create multiple groups with this kind of information, as well as clone or delete configurations with just a click of the button.
Aside from that, you can bring up summary statistics, including number of bytes, data packets and files received and sent, and create custom notifications. For the latter you are required to select an event from a built-in list, add filtering rules, run a specified program when the event takes place, play a selected sound

SNMP Data Logger

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SNMP Data Logger Crack+ (LifeTime) Activation Code

SNMP Data Logger is an app, designed to log the information from custom SNMP agents from your network. This software was developed to solve network problems, such as bad IP address resolution, lost connections, dropped e-mail, or improper logging of received data. You can set up configurations, and view detailed information. You can also create alerts, and bring up the configuration’s details and files. You can also create a custom notification. The app is also included with several utilities that can help you solve problems. This app was tested on Windows XP and Windows 7.

Features :
– View statistics for received or sent data, in bytes, packets or files
– Configures log read points, allowing you to define when the log will be reset and when it starts recording information
– Create groups, define servers and define filters for each
– Open, copy, move and create file links
– View status of custom SNMP agents, check for the working ones
– Create alerts, set rules and notifications
– Allows you to create backups of your configurations, and backup the screen and the screensaver settings

Requires :
– A SNMP daemon running on the host
– A daemon which can send packets in the user-mode (e.g. nmap, tcpdump)

Compatible with :
– Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

What’s New :
– Added new alert type: custom
– Added new option to download configuration via FTP
– Added new option to import configuration from an INI

How to Use :
– Restart your SNMP agent first
– Login to your SNMP agent and setup the new SNMP Data Logger configuration
– Go to the File menu, then select New Log File
– Select a name for the log
– Save the file, the default location being the Windows folder C:\

– Click on Start, go to the SNMP Data Logger folder and open the file named LogFile.ini
– If the screen is closed, press Control + Z
– If the screen is closed, restart the SNMP Agent again

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What’s New In?

SNMP Data Logger is a powerful and flexible SNMP software utility, which can be used for many purposes. This utility is able to monitor remotely SNMP agents, such as those on your network, so as to provide you with immediate information about key network devices.
This application has a very clean and user-friendly interface, and it will allow you to track virtually all SNMP agents at the same time. It is possible to automatically create SNMP configurations and configuration backups, set custom statistics and send out custom notifications with a click of the button.
Key Features:

· Automatic instant creation of SNMP configurations
· Monitor remotely SNMP agents
· Create backups of configurations
· Remote monitoring of SNMP sensors and printers
· Ability to create custom notifications
· Automatically detect and monitor new SNMP agents
· Ability to monitor SNMP sensors and printers
· Set custom statistics
· Manage SNMP statistics
· Ability to control custom music on SNMP sensors
· Double-click on the taskbar icon to start SNMP Data Logger
· Ability to run custom programs on SNMP sensors and printers
· Ability to monitor websites remotely
· Installable and un-installable application for free.

SNMP Data Logger Screenshots:

What’s New in version 3.0.1:

Fixed issue that prevented “Add, Delete and Re-Synchronize” action.

What’s New in version 3.0.0:

· Added support for Windows 8
· Added detection of new SNMP agents, so as to immediately set new configurations for them.
· Added ability to delete/re-configure SMTP and FTP servers.
· Added ability to set a custom message for SNMP sensors.
· Added ability to create custom notifications for SNMP printers and devices.
· Improved the application scanning and detection process.
· Fixed issue that prevented SQL queries to execute properly.
· Fixed issue that prevents “Add, Delete and Re-Synchronize” action.
· Fixed issue that prevented watch folder to open in Windows Explorer.
· Fixed issue that stopped SNMP notifications from being sent.
· Fixed issue that prevented SNMP Data Logger from automatically detecting new SNMP agents.
· Fixed issue that prevented automatic creation of systems group.
· Fixed issue that stopped SNMP configurations from being saved.
· Fixed issue that stopped SNMP configurations from being sent.
· Fixed issue

System Requirements For SNMP Data Logger:

Mac OSX 10.10+
1920×1080 minimum resolution
OSC Audio Recorder with the ability to record using the “File” → “Recording” Menu
Batch Converter in Preferences
Download the Full Version of Reciver Mac OSX [ Direct Link ]
OSC Audio Recorder is very easy to use and has a very friendly and simple interface. After install the Audio Recorder you will find a new entry on the main menu, which is “File” → “Recording”