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Even though they are kind of "niche," there are a lot of astronomy-related apps out there, each and everyone with their own unique set of features, advantages, and disadvantages.
SharpCap is a feature-rich and surprisingly user-friendly astronomy camera capture tool that aims to provide its users with all the necessary software tools and as little drawbacks as possible.
Thanks to its wide range of features, SharpCap is pretty suitable for anything from planetary, solar, lunar, and deep-sky astrophotography and video astronomy, all the way up to EAA, short for Electronically Assisted Astronomy.
Supported cameras
Usually, apps for astronomy-related photography boast a wide range of supported cameras, and SharpCap is no exception.
Some of the most popular astronomy camera brands include Altair Astro, Basler, Celestron/Imaging Source, iNova, Point Grey (or FLIR), QHY, StarlightXpress, ZWOptical, and other brands that provide ASCOM driver-based cameras.
What's great about SharpCap in particular, is that it also features support for almost all webcams and most frame grabber devices. It also features special support for adjusting parameters of the SPC900 webcam, and LX modified SPC900 cameras.
An impressive array of features for astro photography
Before we go into the nitty-gritty details, it's also important to point that SharpCap can capture anything from still images to formats such as PNG, FITS, TIFF, and JPG, but also videos to formats such as AVI and SER.
Another aspect worth mentioning is that the fact that the exposure time is actually only limited by the camera's capabilities.
You are provided with a full set of camera controls in the panel next to the capture area. You can see live deep sky images build on-screen, and customize each frame before adding it to the stack (alignment, centering, collimation, and rotation options).
Like all good photography software, this app also provides you with a clear histogram, useful for ensuring proper exposure settings.
Other features include flexible file naming, the ability to save and restore the camera settings (with the mention that the specific settings are always displayed alongside every captured file), a useful quick capture feature, focus aid, plate solving, and sensor analysis.
Opt for the PRO version for more "oomph" and greater flexibility
The PRO version brings a few extra image processing options (like the ability to add dark frames subtraction and flat frame corrections), polar alignment, python scripting capabilities for script creation (automation), an autofocus assistant, an improved histogram, feature tracking, the ability to automatically capture when the area passes a set threshold, and optimized memory usage.
Even though its feature set is impressive and its GUI very user-friendly, it might seem like a handful for beginners at first.
Thankfully, SharpCap comes with a very detailed and comprehensive User Manual, updated for each new version. We recommend that you at least take a look at the Quick Start, Camera Basics, and Camera controls sections before using the app.
Taking everything into account, SharpCap is definitely a very good choice for both novice and more experienced users passionate about astrophotography. You can start off with the free version that offers a lot, and if you feel that you need a little in terms of adjustment and processing power, then you can opt to pay for the PRO version







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Intuitive, feature-rich, and beginner-friendly
The SharpCap Crack Free Download User Manual can be found here:

Dark Places is one of the best photography apps for iPhone / iPad and it offers several things most other apps don’t, including full-featured photo editing and post-processing. If you love light and dark landscapes, high-resolution images, and Instagram-worthy photos, you’ll love this app.
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Here’s what makes it unique:
Advanced light & shadows editing
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And many more
The beauty of this app is that it allows you to change the depth of focus and levels of exposure in a quick and easy way.
This app can also be used for portrait and beauty shots, just like Lightroom, but it’s also capable of high-resolution photos and offers very large previews.
If you’re looking for a free photo editing app that lets you do all these things at once, this is the app you’ll be looking for.
Other features of this app:
Create thumbnails with a fast drag and drop
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Resize your images
Change the image width and height
Apply various effects and filters
Adjust the exposure and levels
As well as many other useful features for light & shadows editing.
Being an app that is powered by the Lytro Illum, it lets you use its capabilities to create amazing low-light images.
And in addition to all that, it’s one of the only apps to support the Apple Pencil.
The speed with which this app can convert a photo into a masterpiece is unrivaled by any other app.
Thank you to the team at Lytro for developing and creating this amazing tool!
Dark Places Description:
Unique light & shadows editing
Photo effects
Apple Pencil support

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– Capture images with any webcam connected via cameras drivers and native cameras.
– Capture images with any webcam connected via frame grabber devices.
– No login required for internal users.
– Adjust and process images with various tools.
– Automate or trigger image capture.
– Capture and overlay images.
– Capture and process multiple images in one go.
– Save image stacks to one or more image files.
– Create NNX files (networks for future image processing).
– Capture preview images.
– Create new projects and save them to the SD card.
– Correct and scale images with built in telescopes.
– Customize raw format images.
– Create exposures with a shutter speed and/or a dark frame.
– Create exposures from a video.
– Create exposures from a series of images.
– Email images.
– Triggers image capture when the camera passes a threshold set by the user.
– Capture images on the move.
– Save/load camera setting.
– Automatically rotate images with customizable rotation settings.
– Automatically apply plate solve.
– Automatically translate image when rotation.
– Automatically rotate images by a fixed amount.
– Automatically align images.
– Automatically align images when a threshold is passed.
– Automatically select the best alignment.
– Automatically align all images of a stack.
– Automatically align images with custom settings.
– Automatically align images when a threshold is passed.
– Automatically align images with custom settings.
– Automatically align all images of a stack.
– Automatically create and save a histogram plot.
– Automatically create and save a histogram plot.
– Automatically create and save a histogram plot.
– Automatically create and save a histogram plot.
– Automatically create and save a histogram plot.
– Automatically create and save a histogram plot.
– Automatically create and save a histogram plot.
– Automatically create and save a histogram plot.
– Automatically create and save a histogram plot.
– Automatically create and save a histogram plot.
– Automatically create and save a histogram plot.
– Automatically create and save a histogram plot.
– Automatically create and save a histogram plot.
– Automatically create and save a histogram plot.
– Automatically create and save a histogram plot.

SharpCap Crack + Download

See the light in a new way! SharpCap – the world’s only free & open source deep sky imaging software, is the easiest way to take stellar night photos and amazing videos with your smartphone, DSLR or camcorder. SharpCap is a powerful yet easy to use deep sky imaging application which will make your photos, videos and astronomy images amazing, no matter what camera you use.
1. Full Astro-Camera support.
2. Adjustable Astro-Focus (reducing digitor’s shake and increasing astro-focus stability)
3. Black-and-White mode
4. Adjustable white balance
5. Undisturbed Exposures (Provides the best results for a specific duration of exposure, even in conditions of high illumination and star density)
6. Automatic Plate Solving
7. Full and accurate Raw image Support
8. Full and accurate JPEG Support
9. 24 RAW Format Support for Jpeg and Tiff
10. Intuitive User Interface, optimized for mobile phones
11. Automatic Image Control
12. Fast and Accurate Processing
13. Brightness Adjustment
14. Customizable Image Processing Options
15. Full RAW Support for DNG
16. On-screen Histogram (with a 3D effect)
17. A wide variety of support for realtime monitoring and imaging features
18. Fully customizable user interface
19. Raw capture with Image Acquisition
20. Optimized Memory usage
21. Interface for Linux/BSD systems
22. OpenPGM (Python scripting)
23. OpenCL (Graphics Processing support for Apple devices with OpenCL)
24. Other features
What’s New:
1. SharpCap now fully supports astro-photography with the correct ASCOM drivers on the camera
2. Fixes APD support for OBVIUS1/2/3 devices on iOS
3. Updates to StargateJ on Android
Help & Support:
For more information visit:
Please tell us what you think about SharpCap, and keep in touch with us for news, updates, and new features!
Make sure to support our project and tell your friends about our great software!

Contact Us:
For general questions and suggestions:

Ask for the Stellarium GitHub issues:

What’s New In?

SharpCap Pro Version:

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System Requirements For SharpCap:

Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4570 CPU @ 3.20GHz
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: Minimum 12GB free space required
Other: USB Port, Sound Card
Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google Inc.
Requires Android OS 4.2.2 and above.
Cloud-based storage services are generally offered

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