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The Elden Ring Cracked Version Action RPG is based on a multilayered story told in fragments.
It is a mythical action RPG told in a combination of a variety of characters’ thoughts and feelings.
Each character has his own uniqueness and independent background and character, bringing an enjoyable story with a rich drama.
This game combines a two-dimensional game design with a three-dimensional world with a focus on character interactions.
Get ready to rise, Tarnished.
Player 1 : A Fighter Beginning his journey towards a new life.
Player 2 : A Mage in a relationship with a Demon that will guide her in this journey.
Player 3 : A Girl trying to save everyone in the Lands Between.
Player 4 : An Exalt, a follower of the Elden Ring Download With Full Crack.
Player 5 : A Demon that has fallen to the bottom of the Abyss and has a plan for vengeance.

There are six Story Scenes.
Story Scene 1
Story Scene 2
Story Scene 3
Story Scene 4
Story Scene 5
Story Scene 6


Story Scene 1

The player begins his journey.

Story Scene 2

The player meets with a Demon that will lead him in a new adventure.

Story Scene 3

A girl, who sees the player, fights a Demon. The player joins the fight.

Story Scene 4

The player fights an Exalt, who will be the player’s ally.

Story Scene 5

The player fights various enemy characters. The player takes care of the Demon who appeared in Story Scene 2.

Story Scene 6

The player fights against monsters and enemies. The player must defeat the Demon who appeared in Story Scene 2.

Story Mode is an RPG in which you can freely enjoy the story of each character.
Story mode is divided into Multiplayer mode and Singleplayer mode.
Multiplayer mode allows you to play against other players.

In Singleplayer mode, you can play as one of the five characters (Player 1 to Player 5).

In Multiplayer mode, you can play against other players.

The gameplay is in the third person, allowing you to jump and attack.
You can use items and weapons to


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