RCollective Sampler Vol.1 WAV ☠


RCollective Sampler Vol.1 WAV

Chris Liberator & Sterling Moss presents a new sample pack!! The Sound of London Acid Techno Volume 1!! Chris Liberator and Sterling Moss. Chris Liberator and Sterling Moss are “acidic” musicians whose electronic sampling, combined with unique musical intelligence and technical prowess, has resulted in music that many consider to be the most extreme yet most in-demand club scene on the planet. Chris Liberator and Sterling Moss are the UK’s answer to the acid revolution that has changed the minds of listeners and musicians for decades to come.


also I found a working solution to my problem:

An ideal solution would be to set the volume of the sound in the “zero position”, when not used/hear.

For the record, the best solution I found to achieve this is probably to split the file in 2 sub-files, and loading each of them when the app need to play one of them. This solution is rather complicated to implement but it work fine.


This is not possible according to the iTunes store terms and conditions. The only thing you can do is request approval from apple to allow you to sell the app with the music enabled, ive done this myself and its annoying.
Have you thought about licensing the music in another way?
For example you can still use the music using iTunes after you have purchased it and released the app, but leave the music in the app unlicensed. This means you can play the music on your device (no licensing needed in that case) but the license of the music inside the app is not in the app anymore. So no matter how many times you release it with the music, you can only play one track at a time, until you sell the app again.

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