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Multiple translation software of the Holy Quran with commentary of Abdulla Yusuf Ali.
Any translation of the Quran cannot be equated with the Quran in its original Arabic form. But it is only a means to give a glimpse of the Quran to those unfamiliar with Arabic language.
Many of the verses can be understood directly but certain verses can be understood only by knowing the historical and other related background. Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s commentary is included at the end of the verses where available.
If possible, readers must refer to other popular commentaries as well. Readers are urged to study the Quran in Arabic in order to appreciate its true beauty.
Here are some key features of “QuranTrans”:
■ Easy Navigation between 3 translations
■ Quick Verse navigation – To go directly to a particular Verse, press “S” followed by the of Sura No. in the Numpad and then “V” followed by Verse No.
■ a brief index with links to verses in the translation.
■ Commentary of Yusuf Ali is provided in a pop up window at the end of the verses.







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* Prompt saver for daily readings for beginners.
* One of the best translation of the Quran in English.
* Collection of English translations of Qur’an with brief explanation.
* Compatible with android versions.

Moblie version of Quran translator In English (TM)

• A Must-have for every muslim or non-muslim
• Can memorize Quran without translation
• Allows you to read Quran in English directly from the StartScreen of your phone
• Have a little imagination and feel free to use the translation of your choice
• An easy to use application to read Qur’an which is quick and useful
• You can add and support your own translation
• Many modes of daily recitation (Rituals) with audio
• A great collection of classical/modern quran recitation
• Heart-warming Artworks by Mr.Yusuf Ali with Shariah compliant ones
• An option to choose the English/Arabic/Hindi Qur’an translation
• An option to choose the arabic font type
• The option to add audio for each recitation and verse



If the app is not running on your phone, try switching on your phone or reboot it. The following reasons can cause the application to crash.

If you have any problems or features to add or improve, please kindly contact me or post a comment.

Nikaat – The Story of Adam and Eve (TM)


Multilingual Version of Quran Translator In English & Arabic

“The Story of Adam and Eve” is The most popular and well received Classical Arabic Quran recitation app.
“Nikaat-The Story of Adam and Eve” is a free and easy to use Multilingual application for practicing classical recitation of Quran in Arabic language.
It provides the classical recitation of Quran through out the day (Rituals) as per the traditions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in 5 recitation modes in accordance with the time-periods of daily recitation.
Also provides the English translation for the Quran and the translation of the app is very simple, easy to understand and less time consuming.
“Nikaat-The Story of Adam and Eve” is a free to use all the cultural aspects such as sunrise, sunset, prayer times etc.
You can choose to read Al-Fatih

QuranTrans Crack + PC/Windows

QuranTrans Crack Keygen is a free portable offline Quran application. It offers transliteration, translation, index and commentary of the Holy Quran. This application is initially prepared for the study of Holy Quran and providing a quick access of key verses.
It also has “Note” facility present in the translation of the verses for the notes such as English translation, Arabic meaning, historical background, commentary by Yusuf Ali, transliteration of the Arabic text etc.
The “QuranTrans” application provides a complete scholarship of the Quran and a glimpse of the Arabic language. The present translations of the Quran can be downloaded from the Internet and can be compared to the Internet versions. The translations can be searched easily as compared to the other Internet applications. The application provides a complete documentation of the Quran.
QuranTrans is continuously being improved upon. Updates are provided free of charge. For the support, developers are always open for communication.
For more information on this application and to support its development, visit:

Abdulla Yusuf Ali. Ijazah from Abdulla Yusuf Ali. Free download for the entire Quran and Ijazah at:
The Ijazah is the recital of the transliteration and translation of the Quran. It is used as a certificate of having completed the study of the Quran by a student of Hadith or Islamic Studies. The Ijazah is accompanied by other certificate as mentioned in point 4.
For more free Quran & Ijazah download this link:
This ijazah is a pdf file. Both Hifz and Ijazah of this mahfuz are available at no cost here:
I recommend not buying other ijazah as the quality is poor and a simple Google search will give you the results.
Eid Mubarak.



Elahi Faouqeey

May 18, 2017

I see that you have added “Amiir” translation of the Quran. I would like to know, what is the translation of the word “Ali”, or any verb word including word “Muhammad” or “Mohammad”. Thank you



May 18, 2017

QuranTrans Crack

Translation 1: ar-Reehah [ The Opening ]
Translation 2: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 3: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 4: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 5: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 6: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 7: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 8: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 9: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 10: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 11: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 12: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 13: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 14: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 15: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 16: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 17: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 18: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 19: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 20: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 21: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 22: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 23: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 24: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 25: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 26: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 27: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 28: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 29: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 30: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 31: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 32: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 33: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 34: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 35: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 36: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 37: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 38: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 39: ar-Ra’d [ The Initiator ]
Translation 40: ar

What’s New in the QuranTrans?

The aim of this project is to translate the Holy Quran into English in 3 different styles with Yasamin translation, Furqan translation and Quran Translation. This project is part of “ahwah.org” initiative for knowledge sharing and the sharing of the precious gift of Arabic language.
YouTube video:
Originaly by:
Arabic یوسف علی علی | Yusuf Ali

published:25 May 2013


The translation of the quran has become very popular of late because of islam. One of the main reasons why people would translate the Quran is because of the commentary to the Quran.
This video is a screen grab, from a longer video. One guy is talking about the interpretations of the Quran which are found within it and explains how they are wrong because they are not from the Quran. Note that you may have to pause the video after about two minutes of this conversation.

transliteration: a hadeeth from a chain of ahadith, it has been included in a collection of hadeeth of Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, and is narrated by Bukhari and Muslim as being reported by Ali ibn Abi Talib, which makes this hadeeth Sahih.
background :
The transliteration of a word is the spelling or transcription of a word from one alphabet to another.
In the quran, a surah(chapter) has 33 verses and a verse can be considered as one letter.
the number 33 is pronounced with 3 in Arabic thus English speaker will consider it as “Three”, 3 in Arabic is “تلات”
this brings the total amount of surahs to 99.
almost all the surahs have three letters :
( ِ ص ۓ )
the first two letters make up the first verse in the surah, the next one makes up the second verse in that surah. ( وَ, sometimes in the middle of a sentence


System Requirements For QuranTrans:

Supported OS: Windows Vista SP2/Windows 7/Windows 8 (64 bit)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q9400 @ 3.4GHz/AMD Phenom X4 880 BE @ 2.8GHz
Memory: 6GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GTS 250/AMD Radeon HD 5750
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: Free hard-drive space around 9GB
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
Internet: Broadband Internet connection


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