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Line by line and end by end decoding of the HP-UX file. Dump programs or for debug only! (100% emulation of HP-UX file). Very useful for the HP-UX programmer.The program is focused exclusively on the file content, without being influenced by any other file.

Secret Trader (program) developed by Alex Costa

Short description:

Secret Trader is a program used to analyse the financial activity of each account by the pairs (Account, Currency), looking for significant patterns.Significant patterns are those that cannot be explained in other terms. They are items that are likely to occur in a limited number of combinations, defined by the scientists. These items were established in the initial analysis of the forex markets.The program is able to identify and correctly indicate at least one significant pattern for approximately one of the two accounts, depending on which is for the account with higher number of digits, the amount of money in the account and the volume of the transactions.Other programs present similar characteristics. The Secret Trader, however, has been developed with a detailed algorithm, identifying errors that other programs are unable to do.The program is free. At least on my PC.


Very easy to use. Just insert the secret password and start watching for trends in the account.

Can be configured, making it possible to restrict the levels of significance that are searched and the time span in which the trend analysis is performed.

It can be opened at any time and the trend analyses can be stopped or resumed.

There is a time indicator at the side that shows the time of the trend.


Edit and save the results of the trend search. A click on the Save button saves the text in a file and a click on the Open button opens the file in an editor.

By using the program you can have the selected funds, plotted on the graph.

There is an option to use the chart graphically or take a snapshot.

There is a Search in the author’s blog, as well as an option to contact the author.


When analysing the charts it is important to define an upper and a lower limit for each trend or price. You can do this by creating two cursors that mark these points on the chart.

When you are seeing a trend the program shows an alert, which indicates the date, the account, the currency and the measured value.

PointerStick With License Key Free [Win/Mac]

Are you fascinated about the beauty of the pointer?
Envious of how others can draw attention to their mouse by placing the pointer sticker on the screen?
In need of a tool that shows you how you can easily “hand out” the cursor to others by placing a sticker on it, with great advantages?
While some get as creative as cutting up Post-It notes to place over the mouse pointer, others have resorted to their more extreme counterparts, such as mouse capture.
Whatever the case, the PointerStick Free Download utility was designed with the sole purpose of helping individuals draw attention to the mouse in the easiest way possible, no matter what their background is.
Key features of PointerStick Activation Code:
* Design and development by an amateur user
* Simple to use, easy to use
* Can be used before as well as during runtime
* Shown in the tray area
* Runs in the system tray
* Allows the user to customize the pointer stick
* Can be sent to the tray area before booting
* Can be quickly launched and sent to the system tray area
* Pointer sticks can be custom colored
* Shows the transparent areas of the pointer stickers
* User friendly interface
* Does not have any visible startup
* Does not have any visible crash or error
* Does not use the system resources
The PointerStick For Windows 10 Crack utility is developed using.NET Framework and C#. It supports Windows 2000, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and also supports Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2008 R2 and 2012.
Download Cracked PointerStick With Keygen
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PointerStick Activation Key Free [Win/Mac]

With the help of some mouse pointers, you may be able to boost the content and generate visual effects on your computer. One of the most common mouse pointer is the Highlighter Stick. This tool gives attention to the most relevant sites by highlighting them on the screen. This particular tool can be used both in offline and online applications. It is an extremely simple to use and cross-platform GUI utility. When applied on the system tray, it can be used for the various activities related to the presentation sessions. The PointerStick will look like a stick inserted into the system tray and will have a custom icon. It is capable of performing different actions depending on its settings. It can also be used for modifying the pointer toolbars and tray. Every new bar will be colored according to the background color and the transparency level.

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What’s New in the PointerStick?

PointerStick is a small utility that displays a small pointer on the system tray. When the pointer is selected, it draws an arrow pointing to the current mouse position. The graphics can be customized and the appearance can be changed from many aspects.
Some of the features of PointerStick:
– Highlighter Sticks appear with three different colors (green, red, blue).
– The size can be different for each pointer, even very small ones.
– You can choose one of the three pointer sizes, from large to very small ones.
– On the right of the system tray, you can specify if the buttons on the pointer can be visible or hidden.
– The hotkeys are the following: Ctrl+Alt+Y to display the pointer, Ctrl+Alt+Z to hide it.
– You can move the pointer on the screen to rotate it.
– You can configure the pointer to appear at system startup or not.
– The transparent pixels can be transparent or grey.
– You can customize the color of the background of the pointer on the top, left, right, and middle of the button.
– The pointer can be displayed in the bottom-left corner, bottom-right corner, top-left corner, top-right corner, top center, middle center, and bottom center.
– The transparency of the pointer can be from 0% to 100%.
– You can close or minimize the app.
The feature set of PointerStick is pretty big, so if we left out even a single one, we would be overlooking something.
– Simple and user-friendly interface.
– Highlighter sticks with different colors.
– Customizable system tray options.
– 5 predefined theme colors and many settings.
– You can choose between small and large pointer settings.
– You can choose between fixed or animated system tray pointer.
– It works on both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.
– You can choose to have the pointer appear at system startup.
– You can decide whether or not to have buttons on the pointer.
– You can decide whether or not to have the background of the pointer be transparent.
– You can change the color on the button of the pointer.
– You can decide the number of pixels the pointer is displayed in the system tray.
– You can decide the position of the pointer.
– You can decide whether or not to rotate the pointer.


System Requirements For PointerStick:

4K screen 1920×1080.
Intel Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 processors or equivalent.
16GB system RAM.
NVIDIA GTX 1060 or above graphics card, or equivalent.
DirectX 12 compatible games.
Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or above.
USB port for controller.
1.2MP Web camera and microphone.
2 x AA batteries required.
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