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This program is an easy-to-use, reliable and handy picture viewer and converter.
It allows you to browse, view, organize and convert your digital images.
Whether you’re a web designer or a novice computer user you need a good image viewer. Paraben’s Image Viewer will show your pictures in thumbnail views or slideshow format so you don’t have to spend your time opening up each image to find the right one. Just to make things easier, you can even convert images to other formats.
Here are some key features of “Paraben s Image Viewer”:
■ Thumbnail mode allows you to browse images without opening them
■ Full-screen mode
■ Image converting to BMP, PNG and JPEG formats
■ Attach descriptions to files
■ Put your images in a slide show for viewing
■ Explore image properties
■ Copy images to the clipboard
■ Copy, move, duplicate and rename files
■ Supported formats:
Windows Bitmap (BMP)
Compuserve Graphics Interchange Format (GIF)
Portable Network Graphics (PNG)
Windows Icon (ICO)
Windows Cursor (CUR)
Animated Cursor (ANI)
Adobe Photoshop Image (PSD)
Windows Metafile (WMF)
Wireless Bitmap (WBMP)
■ 32MB RAM, Pentium 133MHz, 2MB of free hard drive space.
■ 30-days trial







Paraben 039;s Image Viewer Crack+ Download [Mac/Win]

Paraben 039;s Image Viewer Crack +


Paraben 039;s Image Viewer

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System Requirements:

Supported Operating Systems: Win7 x86/x64, Vista x86/x64, XP x86/x64, and Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5

Discussions & Reviews:
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