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nanocalcFX Portable Cracked 2022 Latest Version is an effective and reliable Java-based application especially designed for users who need to analyze large amounts of data created by a fluorescence microscope.

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NanocalcFX Portable Serial Key X64 [Latest-2022]

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NanocalcFX Portable Free

• Analyze and quantify large amounts of data
• Easily create a new project
• Choose between 7 different units
• Support of fluorescence and confocal microscopes
• With just one click, you can create a new sheet
• Graphically display kinetics data
• Highly customizable
• Record, analyze and modify the protocol in nano-calc
• Can be used as a portable application
• Work with up to 4 serial experiments
… and much more.

nanocalcFX Portable license terms:

Visit our license terms page.

Download the app

Enjoy nanocalcFX Portable – free for life!

* Tips:

Click here to see a video tutorial of how to open and edit a NFX project and graph data.

Click here to read our technical support article about nanocalcFX portable.

Lifetime free updates

It is only a one-time license fee. You will receive updates for free lifetime.

About nanocalcFX portable

NanocalcFX Portable is an effective and reliable Java-based application especially designed for users who need to analyze large amounts of data created by a fluorescence microscope.

Before using the program, you need to make sure that your computer meets all the requirements, otherwise you won’t be able to open it.

Easy-to-use interface and options

The main window nanocalcFX Portable is intuitive and easy to work with. All you have to do is to open an existing NFX project (that contains series data) or create a new one by specifying its name and choosing the folder where all your data will be saved.

Examine information and graphs

After that, you are able to view the name of each series, the minimum and the average values, as well as a representative graph for the opened project. This way, you can process kinetics data measured with a microscope effortlessly.

Additionally, if you want to import data into the application, you can access the File menu and open CSV or XLS files. When importing new files into nanocalcFX Portable, a new sheet will be created and added to the project. Still, you need to make sure that you select the proper decimal separator.

Manipulate the project and customize settings

The Sheet menu enables you to create a new page without any series. You can specify the sheet name, change x-Axis,

What’s New In?

Basic data analysis application for microscopy
Analysis of fluorescence data
Identification and quantification of cells
Re-usable project (persistent)
Persistent project (non-persistent)
Continuously supported (via active forum)
Application created with Delphi
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System Requirements:

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Xbox® One

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