Microsoft Office ProPlus 2010 SP2 VL X64 En-US Feb2014 ^NEW^

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Microsoft Office ProPlus 2010 SP2 VL X64 En-US Feb2014


Download Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 SP2 x86 / x64.
Kaspersky Active Administrator 2012 is designed to manage and protect workstations, servers, file servers and mailboxes on workstations. Thanks to the possibility of centralized administration, it ensures the security of even the most complex objects.
Microsoft Exchange Server 2012
A multi-platform version of the Exchange 2013 server. This product combines the best features of all components of the Microsoft Exim Server cloud service. Microsoft Exclusion Server combines messaging and file transfer functions with remote access to mail and business applications.
SharePoint Server 2013
One of the most important components of the Microsoft Sharepoint cloud platform. The system includes a powerful set of business applications and services, uses Oracle database servers to store structured data. In turn, Sharecenter Cloud Server provides reliable and efficient access to data, including in Real-Time mode.
DNS Server
Domain management server. This product allows domain administrators to automate the configuration and management of DNS bandwidth. By analyzing DNS servers, you can easily determine which server is being used to query reverse names. The auto-detection feature of your own DNS server, also implemented in DNS Manager, can significantly improve the performance of the server.
This subsystem is designed to deploy applications used in the process of integrating Microsoft Shared Services or Windows Server system servers with third-party programs. In this case, these applications can be stored on a server running the Microsoft operating system on which the ESXi platform is deployed.
Centralized Management
Thanks to CloudConnect technology, which allows you to use different applications on different servers, you can organize a more rational operation of services and save resources and time for infrastructure deployment.
Update Tools
This service provides access to the latest updates for operating systems and software products. It is also one of the few services that supports automatic server response to system events related to security policy changes.
Control center
Control Centers, which allow you to manage all the features of the Cloud Connect services, help you make the most of your server’s computing resources. Centralization allows you to perform fewer operations, improve performance and simplify service management.
Security groupThe “Control Center” allows the administrator to use services to prevent various types of attacks and improve the security of service management



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