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-Browser Google Chrome is based on the Chrome engine and incorporates tools like the ‘Super Drag&Drop’ feature that allows you to open new tabs, push URLs to the history and share links directly from the context menu.
-Used to be known as Google Chrome 3. 0.
-Supports a set of extensions that can be used to add functionality to the browser, like the ‘Adblocker’ and the ‘Captcha Breaker’, which can help you protect your online privacy and prevent spam, respectively.
-There are three versions of Maxthon Standard: Maxthon Standard, Maxthon Standard Plus and Maxthon Cloud.
-You can install Maxthon in multiple languages.
Maxthon Web Browser Description:
-To load pages the browser uses the advanced and updated web engine with a javascript support. It also comes with a built-in ad blocker and can be used for messaging, shopping and personal purposes.
-You can take advantage of the ‘Super Drag&Drop’ mode, which allows you to easily navigate to the next or previous webpage, refresh the currently visited page, or open a new tab using just a mouse drag.
-The tab-based interface of Maxthon Web Browser simplifies the browsing experience by offering all the features together.
-You can customize the browser’s colors, fonts and look-and-feel.
-To prevent trackers from tracking your movements across the Internet, Maxthon offers you the option to disable Cookies.
-You can use Favorites to quickly access the sites you visit most frequently.
-Group Manager allows you to get organized and create personalized sessions, enable or disable shortcuts and restore websites without breaking your current session.
-You can personalize Maxthon by using the ‘Customize’ option and fill out a profile form.
-Maxthon comes in three different language versions.
-Other Maxthon features like ‘Adblocker’, ‘Captcha’, ‘Link Assistant’ and ‘Search Assistant’.
-You can delete the browsing history, remove files, clear cookies and data in the browser’s options.

-Browser Maxthon 3 is an open source web browser with a clean and simple interface that offers all the most common internet features, like viewing websites, YouTube, sharing files and social networks.
-The engine used by Maxthon 3 allows you to access a wide range of websites in a reliable way, display videos and play games online

Maxthon Standard [DISCONTINUED] With Product Key

Maxthon Standard is an older version of the browser with no integrated cloud services, but that brings users additional options and features that go beyond the basic functionality of a navigator.
Based on the Internet Explorer engine, this browser comes with a set of tools that makes it really stand out. One of its most valued features is the possibility to control the browser using mouse gestures, which enables you to easily navigate to the previous or the next webpage, refresh the current page, scroll up and down and so on.
Maxthon Standard goes further in its try to enhance the browsing experience by implementing the ‘Super Drag&Drop’ mode. With this option enabled, new URLs can be opened in a new tab by simply dragging and dropping the links in the currently opened webpage. Performing the same action on simple words automatically sends them to the default search engine.
The list of noticeable features continues with the translation shortcuts, auto form filling and auto scrolling capabilities. The ‘Simple Collector’ acts like a text editor that is displayed in a small box on top of the browser, enabling you to copy and paste relevant information much easier.
The browser comes with a built-in ad blocker suggestively named ‘Ad Hunter’ that is capable of filtering online content. Whether it is popups, Web ads or ActiveX plugins, you can include it all in the browser’s blacklist.
The tab-based interface of Maxthon Standard enables you to launch more than one webpage at the same time. The ‘Favorites’ bar provides convenient access to commonly visited URLs, while the ‘Group Manager’ allows you to group links together and create personalized sessions.
Maxthon Standard [DISCONTINUED] Recommendations:
– by Alexandr Robenko
[26 ratings, 27.93%

Maxthon Standard offers users a customisable web browser with easy navigation and quick features.

Maxthon Standard is a web browser based on Internet Explorer engine. Through its WebDyn functionality, this browser extends the browser’s functionality by integrating its own search engine and cloud services.

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Maxthon Browser

This product is currently not available.

Maxthon Browser is the award-winning web browser from Maxthon, with many powerful features.

Maxthon Browser [Recommended]


Rating: 5/

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Maxthon is a free and extremely easy to use web browser that provides basic browsing features and enables you to customize it with various tools. It also comes with many helpful tools such as the Maxthon Super Drag&Drop, the Maxthon form filler, the ‘Super History’, the ‘Ad Hunter’ web ad filter and more.
This version of the navigator implements several improvements, such as the built-in gallery, the faster’super scroll’ and the Maxthon Easy Traveler tool.
If you want to know more about the browser, check out our detailed Maxthon review.
Maxthon Cloud Browser

ExplorerMaxium allows you to browse the Web directly from DOS or Windows Explorer by adding a window to your DOS or Windows interface. ExplorerMaxium includes a clean interface, a configuration center and an option to hide other browser windows from your desktop.
This tool hides all the features from the Internet Explorer which you do not need. ExplorerMaxium provides you with the security offered by a tabbed navigator such as Safari or Firefox. When you type a URL into the address bar, you will immediately see the resulting page in an embedded window. You can then close the embedded window or use some of the other features. You also have access to the regularly used tools such as the ‘Back’ button, the ‘Forward’ button and the ‘bookmarks’ feature.
The configuration center of ExplorerMaxium offers you many configuration options which you can use to tailor the appearance and behavior of your embedded browser window. Whether you want to specify a new default browser, specify which websites can be opened with the embedded browser, hide the address bar, change the default history or show a toolbar, you can find the correct configuration options in the configuration center.

Maxthon is one of the most popular browsers. This is a comprehensive review of Maxthon Cloud Browser. It will show you how to:
▪ Quickly open a new tab
▪ Quickly open a new window
▪ Quickly open a new tab
▪ Navigate to a particular website
▪ Search for a particular website
▪ Add a website to your Bookmarks
▪ Set a new default browser
▪ Visit the Maxthon store

What’s New In?

Maxthon Standard is a new version of Maxthon’s web browser for PC computers running on Microsoft Windows. It is an interesting solution with powerful features such as cloud management and customization capabilities.
Maxthon Standard includes a number of different plugins (or add-ons) that are extensions to the browsing experience and can be installed separately. In other words, they can easily be uninstalled if required.
Having a number of ad blocking tools at your disposal is a must, and Maxthon Standard has a built-in web browser ad-blocker. You can also remove the ads from the screen directly without interfering with navigation.
In addition to the ‘Ad Hunter’ ad-blocker, Maxthon Standard includes a ‘Collector’ text editor that can be displayed in a small box on top of the browser. It is like a small text editor with paste and format buttons, and it is also a tool for the clipboard. You can quickly and easily copy or paste anything from any web page into the ‘Collector’.
Maxthon Standard can automatically fill out forms when you are on a particular website. You can add information such as the user’s name, address, telephone or email address. However, users need to be careful with this as it might accidentally reveal the user’s identity to other people.
Maxthon Standard offers several plugins that you can enable or disable on a per webpage basis. Some are useful while others are useful for ‘listening’ and recording audio and video.
Maxthon comes with a toolbar that shows a list of frequently visited web pages that you can access directly with the mouse. You can hide and show it as required. It’s useful for users who travel or need to keep a record of frequently visited URLs.
Another nice feature of this browser is the ability to quickly translate words. Say you’re looking for a translated version of a URL in a foreign language. You can quickly translate it with just a few clicks of your mouse. It’s the same with words, as they can be added to a blacklist with one click.
Maxthon Standard is a lightweight and fast browser, and it does not use a lot of system resources. The browsing experience is smooth and simple, making it easy for all users to enjoy.
Maxthon Standard [DISCONTINUED]
Last update on 2020-09-18
Evan Rainville

The build of this browser was abandoned in August 2016, it is no longer developed or supported by the

System Requirements For Maxthon Standard [DISCONTINUED]:

OS: Windows 7 SP1 or later, Mac OS X 10.6 or later
Windows 7 SP1 or later, Mac OS X 10.6 or later Processor: Intel or AMD Core i5 or later
Intel or AMD Core i5 or later RAM: 4 GB
4 GB Graphics: DirectX 9 capable video card with 1GB of VRAM
DirectX 9 capable video card with 1GB of VRAM HDD: 10 GB available space
10 GB available space Other: True 3D compatible driver

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