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Kontol Arab


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I am a hard worker. Not only did he make his own capital, but he also managed to help people. When the party helped my fellow villager, a former member of the Council of People’s Deputies of the region, I gave her two apartments and a dacha. She has a house in a good location.
I remember the first time I came to her house, and a man walks in the yard. I ask him:
– And what are you, father, carrying?
– You see, son, when the house was being built, I made a bookmark in the foundation, as is customary with us, but I forgot the ribbons. The wife recalls:
Once I came to my native village on a visit. I enter my grandmother’s house, and there my father’s uncle is my brother. It turns out that the uncle got drunk, and his mother, Nadezhda, let him spend the night.
In the morning my uncle didn’t remember anything at all.
– Oh, and you have a cow, you say, I have it! I remember what I gave yesterday. And your cow is so healthy!
Loved grandma. Can sing:
Anyone who does not climb the mountain must be cut down to the root. I don’t want such a life.
He was inventive, but he behaved quietly, and life was nowhere worse: he drank, fought, miscalculated. And he died in prison.
My sister, Sergushina Anastasia, after graduating from school, entered the Izhevsk School, began working at the factory. After graduating, she went to the Izhmash plant. Then she met Oleg, married him. Oleg, like his brother, had problems with alcohol.
In the 60s, when brother Oleg fell ill (the doctors said it was AIDS), they went for help. The sister gathered the documents in an armful and ran to her brother. Together they came to an appointment with the head of the personnel department of the Izhevsk Motor Plant. All that my sister achieved was that she was not sent to public work, but only asked for documents.
The wife forgave her husband, but she worked alone. Her mother was unable to accommodate her, and she went to work at the factory. In the years until he






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