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Be it that you seek a company’s details for contacting or indexing purposes, wish to make a reservation to a restaurant or hotel, sifting through the data that’s available on the Internet can be a quite challenging endeavor. Dedicated software, such as Just Dial Scrapper, can help improve things in this department, thanks to a scraping engine, which allows users to better define the parameters of the searches and extract the relevant information for further use.
Non-resizable interface that features a high number of data fields for a good overview
The application comes equipped with a fixed interface, which also carries a fixed layout, which always runs maximized. This is not ideal, as users who are accustomed to working with multiple windows tiled or stacked, could find this bothersome, as we did when initializing the app for the first time.
Nevertheless, that’s not such a major gripe. Moving on to the actual “scraping” functionality, one of the forte points that the app carries, is the list view, which features multiple columns, for various parameters, which can be easily resized and used for performing various sorts.
Preview company information and export the resulting data to Microsoft Excel format
Provided that users have inputted the preferred search term and the location, the app allows them to easily run the search process. As for the location itself, it seems that the current iteration only provides company data for locations in India, and it would be nice to see future versions offering functionality for other countries as well.
Exporting the results will enable users to save them to disk to an Excel file and the application will automatically open the resulting files in Excel, which we believe is a nice touch.
Useful Internet data grabber, which features simple tools and straightforward handling
Give Just Dial Scrapper a try, if you need a purpose-fit search engine, which can help you find and sift through company data, in just a few simple clicks.


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Download ✒ ✒ ✒ https://tlniurl.com/2n7q90






Just Dial Scrapper Crack + Keygen For (LifeTime)

From time to time, almost everyone out there has needed to find a company’s contact details from the Internet. But finding phone numbers is even more complicated than finding the company’s website. And that is why we have developed Just Dial Scrapper Cracked Version, which will help you find, sort, and save company contact information.
Just Dial Scrapper Download With Full Crack allows users to easily and quickly gather business info and addresses. With the help of our unique method you can access detailed and up-to-date company data and address info from any website or online database, no matter what is the data format.
The application is able to fetch (also called scraping) all kinds of data and address info from public websites, databases, and online company directories.
Just Dial Scrapper extracts company names, contact information, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and fax numbers from various internet sources (websites, databases, online directories, and social network websites).
It is very easy to use Just Dial Scrapper. Just input the company name you are looking for, from the list of built-in companies (babylon database) or any other database you have on your computer.
Just Dial Scrapper also works with phone numbers, mobile numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses from a variety of internet sources.
The automated database can also be changed or updated with a single click.
Contact data can be found and stored in the application.
When contacting companies and people using our service, we will provide you with an invoice. For each download, Just Dial Scrapper makes an invoice containing the name of the company that was scraped, its location, as well as the invoice number (from the database).
This invoice you can then export to Excel, PDF, or send by e-mail.
Just Dial Scrapper is written in Java and it can be easily downloaded.
Just Dial Scrapper Specifications:
Key Features:
• Small application size
• Intuitive user interface
• Simply understandable usage instructions
• Supports all major databases (example: company addresses from teh.com directory and also from Nexis)
• Works with company phone numbers, fax numbers and email addresses from various internet sources
• Great interface, lots of options. Easy to use
• Overview of all scraped data, company information etc
• All data can be saved to the database or exported to various formats (excel, pdf)
• Supports all major operating systems (

Just Dial Scrapper Crack+ (Final 2022)

Just Dial Scrapper Product Key is a handy application, which will make searching the web even easier for you. It is a simple application, but it has a lot of features. Also, It has a good interface and it looks beautiful.
Search Engine
Ability to easily perform searches.
Beacause It Is Simple
It Is Easy To Use
High Productivity
Simple On The Line Interface
Extremely Easy To Use
Uses Easy Description, Not A Lot of Information
Just Dial Scrapper is a small and simple application, that is not packed with a lot of data, but it has a lot of features.
Just Dial Scrapper is a simple and easy to use application that will make searching the web easier for you and it has a high-productive interface.
Free To Use
Not Real Time
Easy To Use
Accessibility For All Users
Just Dial Scrapper Screenshots:

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Just Dial Scrapper Crack Free

Just Dial Scrapper is a powerful chrome extension, whose aim is to collect all the data, which is available on the internet. It saves all the data from the web pages and present them to the user. It helps users to collect all the information about the companies, websites and products. The desktop version of this product is available for free.

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System Requirements For Just Dial Scrapper:

It’s a pretty big one. You will need at least a 1.2 GHz processor, at least 512 MB RAM (more for better results). Graphics card that supports OpenGL version 2.0 or later. A 5.1 GB free space and Windows XP SP2 or later.
What do you get
Here’s what you get:
The main screen:
– The main screen, as a picture.
– The texture view, with a lot of options.
– The scripting window.
– The settings window.


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