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IPoint For Windows

iPoint is a versatile, stand-alone application that allows you to take the remote back seat and instead transfer data as a data capture tool on the server.
Keyboard entries are visible in the application without having to use the mouse. What’s more, information is displayed in the application quickly and intuitively and enables users to input data efficiently.
The application is a handy clipboard viewer, displaying the most recent copied items and letting users paste their findings straight from the screen.
Besides converting data, it also helps you manage your data through batch processing and conversion tools.
Data is exported from the application to a wide range of document formats. What’s more, the application offers users to convert and export to PDF as well as HTML format.
Bottom line
iPoint is a simple and useful data transfer and conversion tool that is easy to master and set up.
IDM Ultimate Ultimate is a new generation of distribution management software for Windows. It supports all popular formats and allows users to share files between computers in several ways, including e-mail, messaging and via your local area network.
Send files with e-mail and chat
IDM Ultimate Ultimate features mail merge option that makes it possible for you to add recipient names, mailing addresses, subject lines and content to e-mails. This option, along with multi-language support, makes it possible for the user to customize their correspondence in various ways.
Additionally, IDM Ultimate Ultimate users can share files in various ways, such as e-mailing, chatting or sending via your local area network.
In order to send files, you’ll have to first add them to your library. The IDM Ultimate Ultimate will scan your whole drive, locate the files you added and add them to a list.
Add files to your library from your Dropbox
With IDM Ultimate Ultimate, you can select a specific folder from your Dropbox account and link it to your library. You can add multiple files to your library as well.
Moreover, the application enables users to select the content they want to share in the applications, while excluding some portions.
Be able to send files by email and share over a local area network
Besides sending files by e-mail, IDM Ultimate Ultimate allows users to share them over a local area network. The transfer is bidirectional, so the application will send a copy to your e-mail address as well.
Bottom line
IDM Ultimate Ultimate is a comprehensive distribution management tool for Windows. It enables you to manage files in

IPoint With Key

iPoint is a simple to use, and free iPhone and iPad management software.
Its main focus is to give you an easy way to access all those iPhone and iPad related apps that exist in your iTunes Library. There is no need to point and click, manually choose your apps, or wait for iTunes to do all the work for you.
Just Launch the App and have iPoint scan your iTunes Library, by locating the apps that have your most frequently used apps in them. Once located, iPoint will simply launch the application for you, and save your device from a lot of unnecessary processing, because none of that will be done for you.
How does iPoint work?
iPoint was built with ease of use in mind, so that you can have the widest range of information in a simple to use interface, always available at a glance.
It is a Mac and Windows iDevice Manager. It can back up and restore iPhone apps, as well as install new apps, on your iPhone. It also allows you to rename apps and delete apps from your device. It can retrieve the App Store URLs for the apps you have installed on your iPhone. You can use it to create folders and sort apps as well.
Simple setup
To start using iPoint you only need to go to www.ipointapp.com. This is where you can download iPoint for Mac or Windows. Once you have successfully installed it, all you need to do is start using iPoint.
Multiple Languages
iPoint is available in English, Spanish, Chinese and French. You can switch between languages from the Help menu. The application also tells you which language it is.
System Requirements
iPoint requires: Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or later, or Windows 7 or later.
How we test iPhone apps
iPoint has a highly customizable interface. It has many features to help you use it effectively. We test these features for you, to make sure your experience is the best it can be.
We test Apple’s own apps with our friends over at iLounge and thoroughly reviewed various iPhone apps in different categories, to find which ones are best. We keep in mind that iPoint is a tool for iPhone users.
We test how the app behaves when you open it, close it and switch between different features.
We test how the app looks when you open it and close it.
The bottom line is that we test it every step of the way to ensure a flawless experience.
iPhone Activity

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iPoint is an easy-to-use application that enables you to apply a variety of presets to images without having to write anything down in a text editor, or using any other external programs.
After launching the tool, you can either immediately fill an open image with preset settings, or create a new canvas if you need to. Regardless of this selection, all presets are quickly and easily accessible through the main toolbar, which can be customized to your taste via a bunch of sliders.
Advanced-class presets
There are many presets available depending on the depth of your customization needs. Whether it is a preset for artistic photos, for holiday shots, or even for the most popular-rated images on MyOpinionatedMag.com, you are sure to find something that really fits your style.
iPoint can be used for a wide variety of tasks that range from photo editing to web design. Images can be cropped, filters added, and are perfectly suited for social network sharing.
Simple interface
If you think that your computer has enough RAM to handle things, think again! With 4 GBs of RAM at your disposal, your tools can handle almost any type of image you can throw at them.
The interface is simple to use. All the settings available through the main bar can be tweaked through buttons in the upper right corner. The aforementioned presets are accessed via a preset tab that can be dragged to any place on the screen, or is accessible via a drop-down menu.
The presets seem to be visually appealing and closely resemble the real thing. Most of them look like this:
Few options
The application provides a few filters that can easily be applied to any image, and also gives you the possibility to set the opacity of each filter in case you want to have more control over them.
However, there is practically no animation, apart from the changing of presets, because filters can be changed quickly once on screen. With that being said, if you want a little more control, you can still access animation options within a small gear icon.
You can also export images in a variety of formats, most importantly JPG, PNG, GIF and PSD files, even though support for PDF, WPF and Flash is not available.
Final considerations
If you are looking for a way to transform or work on images without spending a dime, you should try iPoint. You can always use it to completely change an image, just like it is made, without the help of a real photo editing program

What’s New In?

Unlimited backup storage for about 1500 files
Quick recovery if files are accidentally deleted, copied, lost or corrupted.
Recovery from a crash or power failure
Forensic-level security
Speed and Free Space.
iPoint is a piece of software, mainly dedicated to helping people store, recover and retrieve files. It offers unlimited space of your external storage devices, and you get to use it for the entire life of the subscription. In addition, you can set up a recovery plan for all your files, store files in multiple locations, encrypt files and recover them.
Inconsistent system performance
In order to enable the best results, the software will activate a parallel process to speed up the recovery process. As a result, it might lead to minor inconsistencies in the system, as the main application will not have a significant impact on the system resources.
Self-sufficient tool
The software comes with a well-written documentation that gives you all the information you could possibly need. It might not be necessary, however, to read the manual prior to the installation, as you will be guided through the whole process manually after the setup. As such, it is possible to configure iPoint quite quickly, regardless of the user’s experience level.
Appropriate price
iPoint is relatively cheap (subscription is $24.95 per year), and we did not find it annoying, either. It is a fair deal, because you get to save your files on one external storage device, and you also get to make use of the software for a long period of time. Nevertheless, the software is free for the first two weeks, so you are able to evaluate it before subscribing to it.
iPoint is a tool designed to help you store files. Its interface is designed to be as easy-to-use as possible. And that’s definitely one of its biggest advantages. The application loads up quickly, and it is easy to get around. The functionalities are also quite numerous, so you have a myriad of options, even when it comes to managing files.
The performance may not be perfect, but it is still a good option for people looking to store their files on external devices.
Closing the loop
In conclusion, iPoint seems to be a good addition to your device, as it is capable of backing up over 1500 files and storing them on your portable storage devices. The software makes use of advanced features, such as parallel processes, to enhance the speed of backups.
iPoint is an all


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 or later
Processor: Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon 64 X2 or better
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9-capable graphics card
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard Disk: 300 MB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c-compatible
Keyboard: Function key configuration
Additional Notes: The Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor is required


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