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If you want to fully enjoy your multimedia collection, you need to make sure the player you’re using is fitted with all the tools you need. This can simply mean playback options and volume controls, but applications like EasyBar extend this basic functionality with a playlist editor, neat file support, and multiple sound enhancements.
Customizable interface and portability perks
A great thing about EasyBar is that it doesn’t need to be installed on your computer to work, which means you can carry it along with some favorite multimedia files on a USB flash drive to play on other computers as well. Another perk of portability is that the health status of the PC you use it on remains intact because system registries are not a dependency.
General controls are stored in a classic, compact window, but buttons and other functions are neatly designed, and there’s even the possibility to customize the color layout. By default, only the main player shows up, with the possibility to bring up the playlist editor alongside. During playback, it can be minimized to the tray area so you can attend to other tasks.
File support and extra effects
Another advantage of the application is file support, giving you the chance to load video, audio, image, and playlist files of formats like AVI, QT, MOV, MP4, 3GP, MPG, MPE, MPA, WMV, VOB, MKV, FLV, AAC, M4A, WAV, MP3, MOD, AU, AIF, MKA, OGG, WMA, WAX, MIDI, JPG, BMP, GIF, TGA, and a lot more.
As mentioned above, there’s a built-in playlist editor that lets you manage your song collection. It’s possible to import existing ones and save as separate playlists. Shuffle and repeat options provide more variety to playback options, while general effects can enhance with a parametric equalizer, wave reverberation, gargle, distortion, echo, flanger, and more.
A few last words
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that EasyBar is a suitable multimedia alternative for your current player, whatever the reason to change it. Little resources are used, with various playback options for more comfort, hotkey support, and an abundance of different multimedia files you can enjoy in a single interface.









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This program gives you the ability to view who is connected to your computer, what services they are connected to, all for free.
It works on all Windows OS’s including Vista and Mac OSX. It logs all network traffic passing through the computer and shows basic information about computers connected to your network.
It is easy to use, works with no problems and all, you have to do is download and launch it.

We provide software and services that help you complete and keep track of your work. Thanks to our thorough analysis of your requirements we have chosen our software in order to offer to you a solution that suits your needs perfectly.Today we are introducing you to Preben Skov for the first time on our radar. Preben is a 27 year old Berliner currently residing in Gera.

First of all, let us introduce you to Preben with a little RTS.com background: “I’m a general game designer who dabbles in everything from web design and development to (self-)publishing. I am especially interested in a wide variety of games as well as the possibilities of the web for game design.”

Game development is a new field for Preben. We are convinced that we will see more and more specialists in the field of “underground games” (like we call them in Ausdruckdenken) in the coming years. You can follow his personal blog about RTS on German.

Games, as we all know, don’t tend to reveal their goals at first glance. You have to pay close attention to get into their idea and pace. It can be easy to fall in love with a completely new field, especially if it comes with many layers of fun. This was definitely the case for Preben and once again he proves us right. Our debut in a feature series is about Tropico 3.

As you can see from the above screenshot the game is really simple. It’s a “small, stylized budget game” where you must keep your colony alive. How is that possible? Well, the entire game is in 3D (unlike all other games you have played before), which of course gives you the freedom to play and express yourself in a much more personal way.

If that sounds hard to grasp, it is easier to look at the game in general. You can expect to complete it while it is still fun. It has a ton of content for free

IP Viewer Crack Free License Key Free Download

IP Viewer is a simple but powerful utility that can be used to look up IP numbers for any of the connected or available networks. You need only to input the address or website you want to find, and then enter the most convenient parameters to bring up the desired results.
IP Viewer doesn’t require you to input huge amounts of information and is intended for the general public. Features:
— IP Lookup: Look up any IP address, by network, region, city or by country
— IP and Domain Lookup: Find domain name, host name and host address
— DNS Lookup: Bring up any DNS database or search address using custom query
— SIP Lookup: Lookup phone numbers, call forwarding numbers, phone numbers with extension and more
— HTML Lookup: Find detailed information about any web page, any URL or any XML documents
— URL Lookup: Search any available URL on the web or on the local drive and get the full host information for any of the opened pages
— File Lookup: Find any file that is stored on the local drive or the Web and get its full file path or address
— IP Address Lookup: Print a list of the connected or networked computers, IP addresses and their corresponding network names
IP Viewer stands out thanks to its smart design: the interface is quite simplistic but offers you all the tools you may require to search, look up and collect information on an IP address.
It runs on a medium CPU, with a good response time, and it took the system up to 12.5 seconds to complete searches and look up any given address.
IMPRESS WRITER lets you record and export any audio file format with a minimal amount of configuration. This tool is included with the Instinct XE 11.6 series; the latter has an integrated version of the MediaRecorder.
To use it, you simply insert the required device (a sound card, for example) and turn it on. Once it’s running, you can add any audio source you want from the list of the supplied drivers and files by simply clicking on the desired file and setting the intended audio quality, bitrate and bits per sample (bps).
If you’d like to record one sound card to another, then it’s only required to select the first destination and click on the desired button. When you’ve made a few changes, go back to the first soundcard and click on the required button again.

IP Viewer (LifeTime) Activation Code

IPViewer is a free and simple tool which enables you to quickly list all the active IP addresses in a selected IP range, without the hassle of sorting through large lists of IP addresses.
IPViewer software is designed to be simple and easy-to-use, while at the same time being powerful enough to be used by professionals.
The software provides the ability to define a specific IP range, and then list the unique IP addresses within that range. For example, if the IP range includes, the tool will list all of the active IP addresses within that range, as well as all of the subnets that they are routed to (i.e.,,, etc.). In this way, it can be used to list your entire IP address block on a single page.
IPViewer software includes a “New IP” wizard. This wizard provides you with a step-by-step, detailed walkthrough to help you easily define the IP address range that you need.
IPViewer provides you with a variety of options and features to further tailor the tool to your own needs. For example, it allows you to filter the results by status, or enable/disable sorting of the results list.
IPViewer Software is an easy-to-use utility which will allow you to provide IP address information in a variety of formats, using a variety of different methods. The software is designed to be as simple and easy-to-use as possible, providing you with the best possible option to list the IP addresses that you need to be provided.
Not only does it easily provide you with a list of all the unique IP addresses within a selected IP range, but it will also provide a complete listing of the subnet that each of those IP addresses are routed to.
Skype is a powerful application that has grown in popularity over the years. Its ability to replace existing videoconferencing solutions has made it a very popular choice for certain kinds of online communications. Most recently, Skype has been used by those who need to remain anonymous for one reason or another.
One such anonymous user is the Russian artist, Fyodor Belogolovtsev, who has created a web application that can generate random Skype IDs for you, with various options. He is now

What’s New In?

IP Viewer is an application that helps you to manage your computer’s IP settings. If you don’t know what IP stands for, it’s time to learn! IP stands for Internet Protocol. You probably know your computer’s IP address. It’s the unique number (usually consisting of four numbers) that identifies a specific computer on the Internet. It is commonly found on the IP address bar at the top of a web browser.
IP Viewer is designed to allow you to inspect, edit and/or set your computer’s IP address and default gateway. It also provides you with some handy information about your computer’s setup, including the operating system, connection methods, network card, and more.
This utility’s interface is clean and intuitive. IP Viewer shows information in a list format, and you can switch between data by clicking on the buttons available next to it. Even though the app is described as “tools” or “utility”, it is not limited to this particular category. In fact, IP Viewer lets you add items to the list by simply clicking on them.
Some of the functions of IP Viewer are:
Read your network card’s IP address;
Read your computer’s IP address;
Add and remove IP address;
Add and remove default gateway;
Delete default gateway;
Read information about your system;
Unlock and decrypt the protected ZIP archive;
View and export the hidden windows registry entries;
View and export windows.ini file;
See computer IP address history;
Show history of IP address;
Show history of IP address and user;
Find one IP address by partial text;
Find one IP address by user name.
IP Viewer is a simple utility. Its primary purpose is to provide you with an easy-to-use solution in which you can efficiently inspect and manage your computer’s IP settings. It supports Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and not only that, but it also has a mobile version.
IP Viewer comes packed with a 40-day money-back guarantee.

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System Requirements:

Before downloading, please make sure your specs are compatible.
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