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IfcOpenShell is a simple Java library designed to help you add IFC support to your Java applications.
The IFC format is used for building information modelling, as it can describe building and construction data. With the help of IfcOpenShell, you will be able to work with this type of files much easier.

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* Provides methods to parse IfcOpenShell files.
* Handles models from multiple IFC files.
* Supports multiple model objects (IfcModel, IfcStructuralElementModel, IfcCompositeModel, IfcModularStructureModel) in one java application.
* Reads IFC files and stores them on disk.
* Supports model name filtering.
* Has an online help.

Free open source ifc projects:

Help wanted:
IFC is a complex type. If IFCOpenShell didn’t write the parsing logic, then someone else will have to do it.
New Features/Bugs:
* Addition of IfcCompositeElement, IfcCompositeModel and IfcModularStructure model.
* Support for IFC files (like IfcOpenShell) created with IFC 2017.
* Fixed bug #10.
* Added options to parse old IFC files (like IfcOpenShell).
* Added method isStructureOpen, to check whether the IFC file is in the structured open state.
* Added method getModelingInformation, to get information of the particular model.
* Added method getElementCount, to get count of elements of a particular type.
* Added support for IfcCompositeElement.
* Added support for StructuralElement.
* Added support for IfcModularStructure.
* Now the libraries supports models in both open and closed states.
* Now the library can load models from IfcOpenShell.
* Added method isOpenShellFile.
* Added method writeModel, to write the model to file.
* Added method writeModel, to write the model to file.
* Now the library can create and read IfcGlobals.
* Now the library can create and read IfcBuildings.
* Now the library can create and read IfcShapes.
* Now the library can create and read IfcElementDefinitions.
* Now the library can create and read IfcModularModel.
* Now the library can create and read IfcCompositeModel.
* Now the library can create and read IfcStructuralElementModel.

What’s New In IfcOpenShell?

IFC (ISO/IEC 14772) is a file format for digital data exchange in the building construction industry. IFC is used for the generation of geometry, as well as for the description of types of objects in the building, materials, or their arrangement. IFC can describe all data generated by a building or construction project. With the help of IFC, you will be able to create a building model in 3D CAD, import an already existing building model into J3D, or export an existing model into IFC, as well as use the IFC data in other applications.

Add this library to your project.

Add the Jar file to your project by dragging the Jar file into your project. You can also add the library as a library dependency to the project.

In your project, you will have two classes, which can be used to work with the IFC data.


IfcFileReader is a class that allows you to read and parse an IFC file and to retrieve the contents of the IFC file. It is implemented by a Java Decompiler, which helps us to obtain the original IFC files, from which the IFC classes were extracted.


IfcFileWriter is a class that allows you to write an IFC file from Java code.


The IfcFileWriter class allows you to specify some parameters for generating IFC data:




Directory where the IFC files will be written to. Default value is the current working directory.


Specifies whether the files will be saved with a specific class name, or the base name will be used. Default value is true.


Specifies whether the IFC file will be saved with a specific base name, or the filename will be created using the current date and time. Default value is false.


Specifies whether the IFC file will be saved with a specific class name, or the base name will be used. Default value is false.


Selects the compression for the IFC files (XML files are not compressed).

Default value is false.


Appends the specified file to the end of the IFC files.

Default value is false.


Appends the specified directory to the end of the IFC files.

Default value is false.


When using the appendFile parameter, sets the XML document that will be used for generating the IFC files.

Default value is false.


Selects the XML namespace that will be used for the generated IFC files.

Default value is false.

System Requirements:

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 Series or AMD Radeon HD 7000 Series (20nm+ Process)
Windows 7 (32/64-bit), Windows 8, Windows 8.1 (32/64-bit), or Windows 10
1GB VRAM (NVIDIA recommends 2GB or AMD recommends 4GB)
5GB free hard disk space
1920 x 1080 full screen resolution
Recommended: Up to 4K resolution
Minimum: Intel Core i3-330M
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