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Tables, Editors and Wizards to connect to any number of database
systems or CSV, XLS and HTML export from IAB Studio Server, as well
as DMAR, RTF and a host of other project management tools.

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I-APP Studio Inc
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I-APP Studio Enterprise Community
Data Entry Automation, Project Organizer, Database Manager, Team Organizer, Instant Messaging, Treeview Builder, User/Roles manager, Appointment Scheduler, Reporting tools and Workflow Tools are built-in available modules in IAB Studio, which are available as JAR files.
You can get these ready-to-use modules at this web site.

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android where are images stored on the sdcard

I have built an android application and need to save images in a folder on the SD card.
Is there a way to override the default path of the sdcard. Lets say that is a folder on the same level as the installation folder.


Not sure why this is being down-voted. The default path for the SD card is:

If you just want to put it somewhere else, then create another folder for the images, such as:

You can then create the folder by doing:
mkdir /sdcard/images

Then move the files/folders from the application folder into that folder.

void *p2p_hash_table_get_next(void *ht, const void *key)
if (ht) {
hash_entry *entry = ht->table[hash_key(ht, key)];
while (entry) {
if (hf_equals(entry->hf, key))
return entry->next;

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There are many options for deployment:
J2EE Server support (installing IAB Studio web application into the server).
Http://server support (communicating with Http://server using JAX-RS interface)
AMX support (Communicating with windows Authentication.
EJB support (communicating with EJB-Remote method)
Web services support (communicating with Web Services)
Web Services JAX-RS support
Microsoft.NET Platform support (Communicating with.NET applications using JAX-RS)

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IAB Studio Enterprise Edition Download

Enterprise edition is focused on the development of applications that deal
with data, e.g. business intelligence.

The data center part is a separate product for business intelligence.


My dad paid over a bit of his winnings on investing and has lost all of his savings. Should I give him some of the money back?

I am not a financial expert but I thought it was a good idea to invest some of my wages to make things easier financially. This has all gone terribly wrong and I have lost all of the money I have invested.
My dad had put an amount of his winnings from a table game into investment accounts with his broker. Out of his winnings he has now just over £10.000. He has had to have the money repaid on the account by a professional.
He lives on just £350 p.a. and as it is he has to pay all the bills out of that.
He has had no debt for about 9 years now, but a small amount of credit cards are in his name.
Should I try to give him the money back? Or should I keep it for myself?


(Also: he is your dad, and not by blood, thus he is not in any way obligated to you.)

Should I try to give him the money back? Or should I keep it for myself?

That’s a decision for you to make. There are plenty of others here who can explain the ins and outs of what should be done.
Personally, I would try to avoid splitting the money with him in the first place. That, in the small amount of your current earnings, would be a pretty risky venture. If the capital markets are suddenly to crash, and you have to depend on him for your now completely useless savings, you may very well find yourself in a lot of trouble. I wouldn’t want him in that situation.
Although he might be in a better situation now, he has not earned his retirement, and he is more likely to have financial misfortunes in the future.
But that is all personal opinion.


As nobody else has responded – I understand from what you have said that you want to invest in the stock market.
This is NOT a good idea – even if you get a 50% return every single year.
(The “average” over 30 or 40 years) If you are getting

What’s New In?

The IAB Studio Enterprise Edition is a fully featured application that can be used as a standalone product or to replace your existing web application development environment for building Web and rich client applications.
IAB Studio Enterprise Edition includes all IAB Studio modules as part of the package. IAB Studio Enterprise Edition also includes additional components, such as an in-browser development environment, a Java Enterprise Edition technology platform, a Java based RIA engine, a designer tool and a powerful database-driven rich UI framework..
With the Enterprise Edition of IAB Studio, functionality is significantly expanded with the addition of:
> In-browser development environment
> Java Enterprise Edition platform
> Java based RIA engine
> Designer tool
> Database-driven rich UI framework
> Reporting tools
> User/Roles management

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Category:Software development kit
Category:Application programming interfaces
Category:Integrated development environments
Category:Java development toolsThe Tiger and the Lamb

The Tiger and the Lamb is a sculpture produced in 1965 by the sculptor Adolph Altman. The sculpture depicts a white tiger and a white lamb about to be sacrificed. It is located in the city of Cleveland. According to art historian Robert Goldwater, the sculpture was “designed to bring to an audience both the animal and the human world in which they live. It seeks to unite the animal kingdom with the human, with the two realms coming together in a pacifist resolution”.


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(understand) ApiController is not allowed here because it does not have a [ScriptMethod] attribute

I’m using Windows Authentication and I need to log the user in with the windows principal. I have read that since windows authentication is proxied to the IIS server, all endpoints should be decorated with a [Authenticate] attribute.
I’ve tried using a Web Api 2 controller which is decorated with [Authenticate] and [Authorize] attributes, and I’m still getting this error:
error CS1061: ‘ApiController’ does not contain a definition for ‘UserLogin’
This is the controller:
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using Microsoft.Owin;
using Newtonsoft.Json.Serialization;
using System.Security.Claims;
using System


System Requirements:

(Please note that a lot of these requirements are for steam based servers. If you are using another platform, I suggest using your own server and making sure it has good connection).

My apologies for all the information that I have given to you. I am just taking great time to make sure you get the best server possible. I would appreciate it if you checked the requirements one more time. Thank you so much for understanding and staying with me to the end!Q:
Sqlite database throws exception on while inserting multiple records
On retrieving records from the table,


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