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{hete Avonturen Pommeke} 20
. Autoriteit Consument & Markt jstor. pommeke hete avonturenOn the pulse of the political season at home and abroad, in character and in pop culture, the White House correspondents’ dinner provides a moment for media and political experts to weigh in. Below, the current trends and themes as they play out.

On the cusp of the primary season, candidates for the Democratic nomination are expected to highlight their plans for health care reform. What impact, if any, will that have on Americans’ favorability toward the Affordable Care Act? And will the Republican primary candidates continue to attack President Obama over that law and the economy?

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In August, the governor of Alaska was just trying to win a seat in Congress. Today, he is the front-runner in the GOP field to challenge President Obama in 2012. The governor’s aggressive charm offensive toward female voters, his bluntness about Republicans, his music love and his Alaska bona fides are more likely to play well in a general election. Meanwhile, GOP analysts say the Democratic vice presidential selection should be the low-hanging fruit of the 2012 race. But is the format of a presidential ticket actually that crucial?

Despite the economic crisis, the Chicago Tribune says the race for the 2016 Democratic nomination is rapidly heating up. On the other side, the New York Times says, “There is no clear front-runner among the candidates. There is no herd of candidates like 2008, leaving someone else to lead. And there is no specific Democratic Party consensus or leader as there was in 2008 when Barack Obama came in and not only won the nomination but the presidency.”

The Washington Post feels the 2012 race is important to Democrats in the state of Massachusetts. “What if, on the night of the election, the Democrats’ candidate for president is the one in Massachusetts? And what if he wins there? What if this historically deep state — one of the few Democratic-leaning states carried by an incumbent Republican president in 24 years — has swung back?”

Wired News wonders if “Congressional districts could actually teach us about the politics of the House of Representatives.” The writer suggests that the congressional lines, drawn in the wake of the Civil War, were more of a compromise for both North and South


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