HD Online Player (Aadukalam (2010) – HD Rip – 720P – X)


HD Online Player (Aadukalam (2010) – HD Rip – 720P – X)

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Should I delete my data after my edit?

I’m looking at this question which was heavily edited by the OP, a new user. Should I delete my answer?
Is the correct thing to do is to let the answer stand and let the community decide on the question?


It’s valid to edit posts you’ve commented on, particularly where the edit improves the post. But if you make a substantive edit that adds or changes content then the answer is no longer yours and you should delete it.


Selecting all the records from a table where the days in the month are the same as the current day

How would I select all the records from a table where the days in the month are the same as the current day?
The only way I can think of doing this is looping through all the records and checking the values for the month. But what if there was a 1000 records and I didn’t want to do a cursor and open 1000 records in order to do this?


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