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Gifwork is the professional tool to create animated GIF files.
GIF files are the most commonly used image file for the internet. Currently, GIF files are widely used in:
– everyday image creation (portrait, logos, web graphics, etc.)
– illustrations (portrait, logos, web graphics, etc.)
– photo albums
– Internet meme generator
– tool-tips
In addition, GIF is the native format of Internet Explorer 9 and Windows 7 Aero. The first GIF files were produced on 1987 in the late 90’s it become the most popular file format for web images. It is used as an alternative to the MP3 or the MPEG-1.
Why should you create GIF files?
GIF files are very popular on the web. They are compact, they load very quickly on computer networks and they display very quickly on the screen.
Although they are quite limited as a file format, the GIF image format was originally designed for the web. Hence, they are best suited for web content and are well suited for displaying and manipulating those content on-screen.
They have a good support in common image editing programs, so you can quickly create all sorts of images using a computer’s software package.
How is GIFwork different from other tools?
GIFwork is different from others in many ways. It allows you to easily produce professional-quality GIF files, at an affordable price. It is also useful as a GIF file streamer – it merges images into a single GIF file and lets you quickly make changes to produce a smaller and faster GIF file.
It is more powerful than its competitors in many ways. For example, it can merge multiple GIF files into a single GIF file, so you only have to create one GIF file, when you produce multiple GIF files. Also, you can easily resize GIF file in GIFwork. Moreover, you can easily change the transparency of GIF file in GIFwork.
GIFwork Features
GIFwork :
– Multi-threaded for better performance
– Very user friendly interface
– Performance
– Simple interface.
– Fully adjustable
– Ability to change time interval between each image in an animated GIF file
– Has the ability to merge multiple.GIF files into a single.GIF file
– Has the ability to replace part of the image to change the source image
– Can adjust transparency in.GIF file
– Produces large,

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Operating your source images through a brower-convenient image viewer will allow you to process those graphic elements as you like in almost any way you want. The editing possibilities are almost limitless.
Only elements which can be perfectly correlated to the internal and external image format of the animated GIF file will be considered (eg. images may only be resized to the maximum possible size or only rotated in given degrees or in the given direction) so it is necessary to take special precautions to prevent the loss of any important graphic elements.
GIFWork will keep a record of all changes you make so your file history can be retrieved at any time. You may edit the settings of your animated GIF file whenever you want even without having to open the file.
All buttons, menus and commandos are very small and easy to use.
Current settings can be saved. Existing settings can be automatically loaded.
If the file is opened while a GIF file is open the file in focus is automatically selected for update.

* Added ability to send GIF files to selected programs like Nero, Kazaa or ISDN-Explorer as file attachments and add them to the active download queue of those programs.
* “Send As Attachment” dialogue can be started from a.GIF file.
* The “Open with.GIF” context menu entry of a.GIF file can be started from the “Other Program” context menu entry of the file.
* “Browse in Explorer” context menu entry of a.GIF file can be opened from the “Other” context menu entry of the file.
* Added ability to not only scale the size of the images (rounding and drop down box) but also move or rotate them.
* Added ability to remove all frames except one.
* Added ability to add a new color and make it the current color.
* Added ability to convert an.GIF file to a copy with the.GIF extension dropped.
* Added ability to resize the frame size.
* Added ability to save the frame sizes.
* Added ability to revert to previous frame size.
* Added ability to alter the frame size and the frame position.
* Added ability to change the frame position.
* The selected frame size is now appended to the final frame size and the window title.
* Added ability to sort the frames by position and size.
* Added ability to sort by name and size.
* Added ability to sort alphabet

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GIFwork allows to merge any image sequence (cycle) of a selected format (interlaced, tRNS, bKGD, single-image, mixed-image,…) into a single GIF animation file. Furthermore, it allows you to alter settings of that object before merging. The latter enables you to fine tune both the output of GIFtrainer’s own output format and those of a selected input format. The settings are stored in a INI file so that you may define new options as you wish.
GIFmerge Description:
GIFmerge is an animated GIF merger. Its main purpose is to merge the constituent images (or graphic elements) of the animation sequence (or cycle) into one single “animated” GIF file. This animation file can be integrated into HTML documents with an adequate editor. Furthermore, it allows you to alter selected settings of the animation file. The settings are stored in an INI file so that you may define new options as you wish.
Source Code:
At the moment I have no source code available. Maybe I will release the source code one day.

User Interface Screenshots:

Screenshot 1: Main Dialog

Screenshot 2: Main Dialog: Image Selection

Screenshots 3,4: Main Dialog: Settings & Quality

Screenshots 5,6: Main Dialog: Path to Output File

Screenshots 7,8: Main Dialog: Output Files

– To get the necessary functions of GIFtrainer, you should install.NET Framework 4 (before installing GIFwork).

Re: GIFtrainer Download

I don’t know how to use the GUI, but here is a link to the source code:

I made it as it was easy to do because of the classic methods for animation, but the functions are just the same. It’s like somebody wrote that in a book instead of doing it himself.
I tried to do it in the GUI, but I simply spent half an hour on the first dialog and I need to finish that project, so I made a batch file instead. I should release the project at some point, too.

Re: GIFtrainer Download

Originally posted by c3bus:I don’t know how to use the GUI, but here is a link to the source code:

What’s New in the GIFwork?

* A simple tool with just the tools that a graphic artist needs for merging and managing his graphic elements.
* Helping the user to find, name, add to sequence and deliver an existing animated GIF file.
* Providing all the features that may be required for the merging process.
* A graphical user interface that guides you through the entire process.
* The final merged GIF file is saved using the “Ghost” compression method which is the default compression method for GIF files.
* Very easy to use on the whole.
* Program version, which is the version you are using, is always mentioned in the lower right corner of the interface.
* Timing allows you to set how often individual frames will be displayed.
* “Keep Timing”, which is default, keeps the original sequence.
* “Keep Timing and name”, which is recommended, lets you name the sequence but keep the timing.
* “Timing and name”, which is unlikely to be found on many of the manufacturers’ editors, lets you name the sequence and change the timing.
* “Keep Timing, name and repeat”, which is an advanced feature, keeps the name of the sequence and repeats the original sequence periodically.
* Displays the current image number, sequence name, cycle length and frame rate.
* Allows you to convert an existing or unmerged GIF file to the animated form without having to disassemble it.
* Allows you to change the quality settings in an animated GIF file.
* Allows you to change the quality settings in an animated GIF file.
* Allows you to show a detailed description of an animation cycle to help you or a colleague when merging.
* Allows you to show a detailed description of an animation cycle to help you or a colleague when merging.
* Allows you to save a snapshot of the currently merged animated GIF file.
* Supports Netscape 4 and Netscape 5 as well as Internet Explorer 5.0 and up.
* Allows you to replace the currently selected frames in an animation cycle with new frames from a file.
* Allows you to import or extract individual frames from a sequence in order to be merged with another cycle or to change the whole timing.
* Displays the number of frames in a cycle and allows you to split a large file by a given value.
* Allows you to compare two or more cycles in order to select the best one for a file.
* Allows you to delete a cycle from a file.

System Requirements For GIFwork:

PC : Windows 7 / 8/10 ( 32-bit / 64-bit )
: Windows 7 / 8/10 ( 32-bit / 64-bit ) Mac : OS X 10.9+ / macOS Sierra+
: OS X 10.9+ / macOS Sierra+ Linux : Ubuntu 16.04+ / Fedora 21+ / CentOS 7+ / OpenSuSE 15.2+
: Ubuntu 16.04+ / Fedora 21+ / CentOS 7+ / OpenSuSE 15.2+ Android: 4.3+

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