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Often times, creating a tutorial or providing explanations of any sort is best achieved using visual elements, which offer fast and easy comprehension. Using signs, diagrams or even animated effects can improve readability and comprehension even more. GIFExplainer will allow you to create various image layouts with symbols and effects, ideal for use as explanations or tutorials, yielding GIF format images.
Classic image editor-layout that offers easy handling and lots of useful tools
The app comes packed with your standard image-editing layout, which offers a main working area, adjacent side-panel, and tab-nested tools. This makes for an efficient workflow and natural sequence, especially useful for those who have previously used graphics software.
Looking up the functions in the menus isn’t all that effective and users will see that relying on the dedicated tabs will make for a far better workflow. Placed logically and with ease-of-handling in mind, these add up to a decent operation.
Construct intricate diagrams and add various symbols for an improved effect
At the core of the app’s functionality resides the creation of image layouts that can help fulfill whichever explanatory task you require. To aid you with this process, a multitude of pre-defined effects and symbols are readily available.
Working with the various image elements is straightforward and there’s none of the inherent complexity seen on more established graphics suites. This is good and bad at the same time since it brings ease to novices and a little to be desired to more experienced users.
A useful image editor that can help you create wonderful diagrams and animated GIFs
Considering its minimalist overall demeanor and the relatively abundant feature set, GIFExplainer makes for a good choice if you require an accessible tool for preparing your tutorials, explanatory content or just some plain-simple diagrams, for some project.







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GIFExplainer Torrent Download is a tool that allows you to create a wide range of animated GIFs for social networks, blogs or presentations. It can create different types of animated images, or various components of them, such as a logo, a text or a photo. It is a…

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Create funny, classic or creative GIFs with GIFExplainer, easy and fast image editing app. The user interface is simple and intuitive and includes everything that you need to create a wide range of special effects and ready-made images. Let the animation speak for itself!
GIFExplainer features:
– Drag and drop + support for multi-touch interface
– Draw on canvas directly in the app
– Touch a symbol to add it to your image
– No border or edge lines, save your original image as JPG/PNG format
– Customize your own and other cool images
– High quality 256 colors
– Adjust the size of the image
– Apply effects to your images (fire, smoke, blink, move, change color)
– Save your images in a wide range of formats
– Add white/black/gray/gradients frames
– Add shapes to your images
– Add text to your images
– Put your images on the wheel
– Split images into pieces
– Free image editor with the following features:
– 90+ different types of frames
– Color labels and text labels
– Different layers
– Enable/disable individual effects
– Add a custom watermark
– Change the background color
– Different tools
– Adjustments
– Various special effects:
– Fire: light and burning flames
– Smoke: evil/sickly smoke
– Blink: blink, flickering or glowing effect
– Move: shake and slide of shapes
– HSL colors (hue, saturation, luminosity)
– Gradients: gradient backgrounds
– Text: customize your text
– Free type of texts: full-size text, small text, landscape text
– Various types of shadows: dark, light
– Arrow stroke: create custom shapes and lines
– Text draw: you can draw directly on the canvas!
– Custom images, patterns, frames, shapes and borders
– Reverse images and save your custom images
– Add a picture with transparent background
– More than 90 effects and special effects to match your image
– Ability to add images from various popular websites
– Plenty of free patterns to start using the app
– Include other free image files
– Save the original image in JPG/PNG format
– Add watermarks to your images
– Add shapes in a wide range of colors
– Add frames to your images in various colors
– Save the selected frames in a PNG/JPG format
– Generate

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– GIF Explainer is a simple yet useful animation creator. Add pre-defined animations/effects to your images and add your text and images.Template:Examples

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What’s New in the?

GIFExplainer is a free, small and packed utility tool that can help you create animated GIFs, diagrams and explanations. Just insert a symbol or text and it will handle the rest.
GIFExplainer Screenshots:

Critic Reviews

The developer replied by

4.5 out of 5

GIFExplainer is a handy app with some very useful tools. It helps you to create great looking animated GIFs and simple diagrams. Although it has a number of useful tools, it lacks a few that I would have preferred. For example, the only way to insert color is through a palette, or by choosing one from the preset color palettes. I would have liked to have the option to change the color of the text. One of the most important things that I wish the app had was the ability to add just a little bit more or less time to the animations. For example, in the examples in this review, the first animation took 20 seconds, but the second one took only 8 seconds. This means that the animation took more than half the time. I was not notified that the animation time was changing so it took me a few minutes to find out. I wish the developer had added the option to change the animation time to make the animations more realistic. Aside from that, I am giving GIFExplainer a thumbs up because it is a handy and effective tool that will definitely be useful to anyone who wishes to create detailed diagrams and animated GIFs.

A reviewer replied by

5 out of 5

I’m going to give GIFExplainer 5 because I haven’t encountered any issues as of yet. The animation duration goes up or down depending on the GIF creation tool. It’s nice because it helps me to create GIF’s with a definite time – duration combination.

Do not download if you have any inclination to become a designer because you’ll find this app to be an illogical disaster. You can create one type of styled picture but some basic tweaking will disable the style completely.

Do not download if you have any inclination to become a designer because you’ll find this app to be an illogical disaster. You can create one type of styled picture but some basic tweaking will disable the style completely.

A reviewer replied by

5 out of 5

GIFExplainer is an excellent app for creating and animating images. I particularly love how the app can automatically place, rotate and resize images as well as crop them to their most interesting

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