FastNet Connection Accelerator Crack [March-2022]

FastNet Connection Accelerator comes in handy to any user, providing a simple way to improve your Internet connection speed, which ultimately results in faster browsing and downloads that take less time to complete.
The application is compatible with dial-up modems, LAN networks, cable modems, Cable/DSL and ISDN connections. It aims to tweak the default Internet connection settings in order to boost the data transfer speed.
The application runs in the system tray, enabling you to easily access it via the right-click context menu in order to modify its behavior. The ‘Settings’ area provides three connection configurations.
The ‘Common’ one relies on the Windows default configuration, while implementing optimization tweaks to improve online gaming experience (header compression, time to live and TCP large optimizations).
The ‘Advanced’ settings enable you to customize a few connection settings that might affect the download and traffic speed. You can change the MTU, disable or activate auto discovery, TTL and vcache start, use the ‘keep alive’ function and many more.
Last but not least, FastNet Connection Accelerator comes with a so-called ‘Extra’ set of options that are intended for more advanced users. In this case, you can change the minimum and maximum number of connections and opened sockets, change the Internet browser and the COM port settings.
FastNet Connection Accelerator also comes with an integrated scheduler that enables you to instruct the PC to disconnect the modem and shut down at a specific time.
FastNet Connection Accelerator helps you optimize the network settings and obtain a faster TCP/IP connection.









FastNet Connection Accelerator Free

Smart Application that helps you tweak the online connection settings to a higher performance and faster internet speed.
Flexible connection settings: adjust connection settings to any modem, DSL,
Cable, ISDN, LAN network and also customize internet browser settings.
Online Scheduler for modem:
Disconnect modem at a certain time after internet browsing, such as at midnight!
100% free of charge: no registration required.
No ads, no spyware, no popups.
How to Uninstall FastNet Connection Accelerator Cracked 2022 Latest Version:

Starting the setup wizard:
– Double-click the downloaded zip file.
– Run the downloaded setup.exe file and click “Next”
– Read the license agreement.
– Click “Install”.
– Restart the computer.
After the setup:
– You will be asked to run FastNet Connection Accelerator again, click “Yes”.
– Press the “Finish” button and the program will close.
Note: if FastNet Connection Accelerator runs slower than usual, try to reduce the number of desktop items to a minimum.

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FastNet Connection Accelerator Crack+

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FastNet Connection Accelerator Crack + Activator

fastnet connection accelerator is a very easy application, which improves your connection speed to the internet. with this application all your websites can load faster and your internet traffic is minimized.





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What’s New In?

FastNet Connection Accelerator is a simple application for Windows XP/Vista/7/8 that enables you to tweak your Internet connection in order to obtain faster data speeds. As a matter of fact, FastNet Connection Accelerator is a small program (8.39 MB on average) that runs in the system tray of your PC and offers three main connection configurations: common, advanced and extras. In the common configuration, the application relies on the Windows default settings, which should be just fine if you don’t have any problems with your connection speed. On the other hand, the advanced configuration allows you to customize a few connection settings that might affect the transfer speed. Basically, FastNet Connection Accelerator lets you increase the upload and download speed, as well as alter network settings, change the Internet Browser and the COM port settings. To help you out, FastNet Connection Accelerator comes with a scheduler that enables you to tell the computer to shut down the modem and disable the connection after a certain time.
FastNet Connection Accelerator Full Version:

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Good connection accelerator software – but unusable on Windows 8.1

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System Requirements:

Minimum specifications:
Windows 7/8/8.1/10 with all current operating system updates.
32bit and 64bit.
2.8GHz Intel i5, i3 or AMD equivalent Processor.
15GB free hard disk space (1GB free for program installation).
1440×900 display resolution or higher.
Additional hard disk space for installation of required program files.
To play games via Steam.
To use VR (Virtual Reality) headset.
To watch 360 videos