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ESET Trial Reset – Box, Mara-fix


ESET Trial Reset – Box, Mara-fix, Final meajaig.
ESET trial reset – box mara-fix v1.8 final 3dd2be366a. by dsk3 on Oct 16, 2019.
ESET Trial Reset – box, mara-fix v1.

The patch for this release will be released the 21 of July at 23:00 BOT-support will close its doors.

This patch fixes the bug that only a single domain was detected from your computer and the files were not getting deleted by default.

The scanning should now be working as expected. Any details that you might still be getting, please make a post to the ESET community forum.

This version has some bug fixes in the GUI.

If you are using this version of mara you cannot test using a scanner online.

This version of mara, has some bug fixes in the GUI.

In this release the issue with the reset button not working as expected has been fixed.

The reset button now works as expected.

There were some issues with the new rangefinder which would only install the one missing set of plugins.

This is now fixed and will work as intended.

In this release we have fixed the issue that was causing the alert popup to not work as expected.

Here is a list of the fixes:

It is now possible to delete previously downloaded vga-adapter by using the built in update tool

The update tool will look for a vga-adapter that is tagged as an update that needs to be installed.

The following is a list of the issues that this release has fixed:

The previous version of mara would crash if you didn’t have a virus check software installed on your computer.

This has been fixed and is part of this release.

If you chose an option such as to run an online scan using mara from a specific domain and an error appears you can now press reset and this will bring you back to the welcome screen.

This has been fixed and is part of this release.

This release also brings in some minor bug fixes.

You can find an ISO of this release in our downloads section.


What I need:
The text:
eset trial reset – box

What I want to find:
The text that starts with eset

The text that ends with eset

What I’ve tried:

In [2]: re.findall(r’eset(.*)’,str)[0]
Out[2]: ‘eset’

In [3]: re.findall(r’eset.*’,str)[0]
Out[3]: ‘eset’

In [4]: re.findall(r’eset.*\..*’,str)[0]
Out[4]: ‘eset’

My next step is to create a list of all the text lines and use the text to see if there is anything that looks as if the text is part of the list of characters that I have created.


The following code might work for you (although I’m not sure that you can use re.findall() in the way you have used it in [2]):
import re

text = “ESET Trial Reset – box, mara-fix v1.8 Final. ESET Trial Reset – box, mara-fix v1.8 Final. DOWNLOAD: eset trial reset – box ESET Trial Reset —box, mara-fix v1.8-Final. ESET-Trial-Reset—box,-mara-fix-v1.8-Final. ESET-Trial-Reset—box,-mara-fix-v1.8-Final. DOWNLOAD: eset trial reset – box”

mylist = re.findall(r’eset.*’,text)

# [‘eset’, ‘eset’, ‘eset’, ‘DOWNLOAD’, ‘eset’, ‘trial’,’reset’, ‘box’,’mara-fix’, ‘v1.8’, ‘final’]

Here mylist is a list of items corresponding to the non-escaped characters in text that match the regular expression r’eset.*’ — because you haven’t specified that the.* is greedy — and are therefore matched literally in text.

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