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Download Setup & Crackhttps://fancli.com/2sqdBS



Developed by Edens – Edens REIKI, www.edens-reiki.com

Are you tired of the dullness and monotony of the everyday life of a common man? Do you find yourself discontented and exasperated with the era in which you exist? If the answer is yes, then you are not alone: the vast majority of people around you seem to be giving in to the negativity and the compromise. If we encounter the frustration of every day life, which has lasted years, then why not try something different? Why not strive to overcome these circumstances with the help of a new world?

The goal of the Elden Ring game is to show you the way to create a new world. To show you that you can change your destiny and that of the entire world – to present you with the ability to transcend the limits imposed upon the people of the Elden Ring. To help you obtain an impossible dream… – the Elden Ring.


The Elden Ring is an action RPG where you can transform into a hero in a fantasy world. In this world, where time is no more than an illusion, you can freely progress in your life and improve your skills. As you develop, you will uncover the mystery of the “Legendary Bloodline”, which was stolen from the humans years ago. What was this ultimate objective of the Elden Ring? What is the secret of the Elden Ring?

The story of the game is set in a world that has been recovered from chaos, where the majority of people have lost their identities and their lives. What exactly are the people who are found in that world? Who are they? Why are they there? What is the meaning of life? What did the Elden Ring do? This question will be answered through the actions of the players.


At the heart of Edens REIKI, is a talented and highly experienced team of developers and researchers. Edens REIKI, however, encompasses a great number of talented creators: from designers, programmers, writers, artists, planners, and even composers.

We have a group of people who aspire to turn each player’s dreams into reality.

The writers and planners

Piers Anthony – Author of the Elder Scrolls series, 1001 Nights, and several other works

Sara Mauro – The World of Divinity


Features Key:

  • Play together in a party with up to 3 other players.
  • In-game chat function.
  • Visually spectacular and realistic world that is intuitive.
  • Realistic sword movement, and an easy to understand action system.
  • Defeating monsters through improvement of your abilities and tactics.
  • Learn about the History of the Lands Between to increase your action, combat, and crafting skill.
  • Combine slots and purchase to obtain powerful companions for your party!
  • Special Features of the Elden Ring Original-SRT:

    • About: 0:40 to 48:20
    • Warning: 5:35 to 29:10
    • Description of Scene: 29:35 to 55:15
    • Wrath of Beliar’s Blade: 54:45 to 89:50

    Software feature:

    • Language: English
    • System requirements: Windows 7 or higher, Windows Vista or higher
    • Graphics setting: DirectX11 compatible graphic card
    • Graphics settings: Minimum 1024×768
    • Sound settings: DirectX compatible sound card
    • Minimum RAM: 4GB (master priority)
    • Minimum OS: Windows 7

    Elden Ring is copyright 2015 Namco Bandai Games Inc, and is distributed by NIS America, Inc. Elden Ring is protected by copyright laws. Any copying, reproduction or redistribution of Elden Ring is strictly prohibited.

    Authors names copyright (c) 2015 Namco Bandai Games Inc. Elden Ring is distributed by NIS America, Inc. Elden Ring is a trademark of Namco Bandai Games, in Canada "Elden Ring" and "Elden Ring" are trademarks of Namco Bandai Games Inc.

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    ▶ Dynamic Battles that Witness the Power of All Characters

    Possess the power of all characters to battle players and monsters with real-time action and fully utilize your own character’s power.

    ▶ Characters Powerful enough to Challenge a Single-Use Monster

    The recently added character, Edgar, seems to be a man for a lonely journey. He has a power that increases his character’s defense.

    ▶ A System that Let’s You Choose the Battles in the Field at Any Time

    You can freely move and act in the field according to the situation at any time and in any place, fight enemies, and progress the story.

    ▶ An Evolving World with a Variety of Situation in the Field

    The world of the game will change when you progress, and various battles will follow you throughout the game.

    ▶ Character Customization

    You can take your desired weapons and armor, such as a spear or a pair of boots, as a starting point and forge your own character. You can equip different weapons and magic to create a distinct play style.

    ▶ Fun-filled Time Passing that Keeps you Entertained with a Variety of Content

    The game lets you enjoy the story and a variety of content by using quests and the background that continuously change and offer various kinds of content.

    ▶ Get to Know Your Enemies!

    You can learn the true identity of your enemy by exploring the story.

    ▶ Soulmate, a Fairy-like Character who Protects You from all

    Soulmate, the fairy-like character who looks after you, will guide you on your journey.

    ▶ Vast World, and even more to Be Covered in the Future

    A large open world full of various items and foes.

    How do the members of this dev team feel about the changes made in The Tarnished Prince?
    Makoto Shinkai:
    The visual quality and gameplay that were solid in The Tarnished Prince are a bit different, and this has resulted in a lot of feedback. Especially the dungeons, which are complex. We have made many improvements, and those changes include how the dungeons are designed and how they connect to each other. We hope that you’ll give us more feedback to see what you think.
    *The questions asked here are from a press event held by


    What’s new:

    The Elden Ring is a reality-spanning story where you play as a new Elden Lord and rise to power while forging a new path for humanity. As this story unfolds, you will collect an array of characters that will brimming with grace, and influence you with their words.

    The latest chapter of the fantasy action RPG in which the epic story draws to a close.
    • Long-Hours Exciting Action
    In the final chapter, you can continue to enjoy the cast of characters and forge your own path. Meanwhile, localize and expand the game content and improve the storyline to create a new, never-ending adventure.
    ※ Contains content that is not revealed to the “Playable Characters” in the early “Assist…

    The Endless Sea Is a game, which discusses the ultimate future of mankind. In a world where the possibility of war looms large, it is the most important story for humanity.
    Based on a work by Watchmen comic artist, Dave Gibbons, this art is reminiscent of the illustrative style of the 1970s, but with a lively color scheme.
    Rise, hunt and challenge in a world where you decide the fate of humanity!
    ※ Contains content that is not revealed to the “Playable Characters” in the early “Assist…


    2017.09.15byRealmo Global Studio

    You can fully experience the rhythm and rhythm of life of a forest flower and cast magic using the leaves of that flower as your material! Become the lord of the forest, and raise and develop a forest!

    The rhythm and rhythm of life are a reality that is now a reality. The virtual existence born from human dreams carries the power of magic which is capable of evolving life itself.
    A new way of playing in an amazing tale of land growing life.
    Developed by the team from the real time strategy game ‘Realmo’, to give a new experience with classical fantasy and the reality of what is real and possible.



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  • Xlite, the game is copyrighted to Elden Ring™ All rights reserved by Renowned Software

    Learn how to build and raid, and how to lead your battle companions. Fight, and craft masterfully. Form a powerful army and secure your position atop the rings of power. Become a Grand Elden Lord.

    Elden Ring 2 0 Crack Features:

    • Lands Between
    • AN epic multilayered narrative story.
    • Adventure and Role Play at one’s own pace.
    • The complete collection of DLCs for the original game included.
    • Complex battle tactics and action for various play styles.
    • Includes a vast map of the Lands Between.


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    System Requirements:

    Windows 7 (64-bit) or higher
    Intel Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Extreme, or Core i5, i7
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    DirectX version 9.0c (HD Graphics family, GPU must support shader model 4.0)
    4GB RAM (8GB recommended)
    1366×768 display resolution or higher
    6GB free hard disk space
    See “Minimum System Requirements” for details.
    Internet connection


    Download Setup & Crackhttps://fancli.com/2sqdBS

    Download Setup & Crackhttps://fancli.com/2sqdBS

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