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The Lands Between

A highly advanced world consisting of three separate dimensions and a vast number of planes. The Lands Between are connected by a gate and are populated by a variety of races, as well as the powerful creatures known as Elden. The various unknowns of this world are carefully guarded and kept safe in a dungeon sealed by the “Three Chivalries.”

The Adventure Begins

After being summoned by Lady Elden, you awaken in a dungeon, surrounded by the Three Chivalries. What awaits you inside the dungeon? The adventure begins!

In-Game Content

The in-game skill system allows you to increase the effectiveness of your character. You can get skills by training and mastering relevant abilities, and use the acquired skills to enter new areas.

A Need for Speed

As your character levels up and learns new skills, you are able to obtain new abilities and enhance your character. This opens a world of new opportunities to you. There’s a risk you might die. Are you ready for an exhilarating rush?

Sacrifice Yourself to Acquire the Rewards of Your Adventure

It’s time to dive into the Adventure and discover new things on your journey! The more you endure, the more rewards you’ll receive, such as new skills and new items.

Create Your Own Legend

You are able to develop your character according to your play style in the online environment, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic.

Stay Tuned!

The Elden Ring Game is set to be released on April 5, 2018. We’re looking forward to your continued support.





Xbox One™

Xbox ONE X

Focus Vision

We always strive to be forward-thinking when it comes to the longevity of our games. We’re all excited to join the visual adventuring and indie gaming community for our upcoming game, Elden Ring Game. Our goal is to make the most realistic and thrilling fantasy action RPG. In the game, players can choose any class and adventure with new jobs and skills. We’re excited to reveal our gameplay trailer soon!Q:

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • All new graphics: From the simple textures of the Lands Between to the vivid details of the towering Elden Tower. Feel free to enjoy the vivid colours of the new animation and the landscapes of the new in-game map!
  • Single-Player Mode has been given an overhaul: Starting from the basic in-game menu, the interface has been designed to be easy to navigate. Find all of your missions and explore the new open worlds to battle!
  • The classic classes return along with a new play-style! The class is your primary interface, while your actions can be freely modified to meet your preference.
  • A new quest story and an old legend: Start as an agent of the legendary Resistance and play as a hero who will restore the broken Goddesses and Elden Ring.
  • Various equipment and upgrades and elements: Engage in combat with your Sword, defence with the Armours, heal your health with the Statues or use magic with the Dragons. Enjoy the unique atmosphere created by this diversity of equipment.
  • Various difficulty levels: The game features 5 different difficulty levels that offer fun for everyone; if you lose control, enjoy the grand battle again.
  • And many more….
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    Elden Ring Keygen Download

    “This new fantasy RPG has all the trappings of a classic RPG: great characters, great battles, and great story. The game is actually quite good! ” (Elden Ring game review by PSLS)

    “Even if you’re not a fan of RPGs, The Elden Ring is worth checking out. The game’s story is definitely interesting and the gameplay can be highly engaging. There’s always something new to learn about this game.” ( ELDEN RING game review by IGN)

    “I found it easy to pick up and play. But with a few hours and some grinding I could see myself getting much deeper into the game. The combat is top-notch and the gameplay stays constantly exciting.” ( ELDEN RING game review by Touch Arcade)

    FANTASY ACTION RPG ELDEN RING Join one of the most powerful Empires, unify your land and secure the world.
    A dangerous world where different environments and enemies clash with your power.
    Unite the people and fight the foes to strengthen your army.
    Join one of the most powerful Empires, unify your land and secure the world.
    Combat Styles
    The Orcs attack with flying axes and flames, the Elves ride on magic and monsters, the High Elves fight from the air and the dark elves fight with bloodsucking weapons.
    Enhance Yourself
    You are the god of your people. That’s what the Orcs would say. As a person you will earn experience and money and then you can enhance your equipment.
    The player gets the equipment through his enemy’s hoards. Equip yourself with swords and armor to conquer your enemies.
    Will you fight for freedom or become a ruthless emperor?
    UI Ergebnisse

    Smoothed out and Polished Portrait Views

    A Good Adventure Game that Tries to be More than Just a Fantasy Simulator

    “Thumbs up to The Elden Ring. It’s a nice fantasy shooter with RPG elements. If you’re into fantasy or loved shooters and RPGs, this game is worth checking out.” ( ELDEN RING game review by NDK Online)

    “This game has real-time combat, RPG elements, and an adventure story line


    Elden Ring For Windows [Latest] 2022

    ◆ Multiplayer Online Battle ◆

    Asynchronous Online Battle

    • Get hooked on the Online Battle that is unique to the game!
    Play the game in an uncluttered interface, and experience a variety of battles!

    • Differences from the other online games (also for PVE [Puzzle Battle])
    ● Various battle conditions and opponents are available in the player battle
    ● All of the items except for Tarnished Gear™ are available
    ● Battle conditions, such as the number of enemies you are up against, restrictions on equipment, and rules, can be adjusted
    ● User menus are available for detailed management of equipment, inventory, and stats
    ● Mechanics of the online battle are such that you can freely play a battle that can be easily understood

    In-Game Online Auction

    • Take part in the in-game Online Auction through the play guide menu
    • When the party leader begins a battle, a game screen with a button to start the Online Auction appears
    • The number of opponents will be displayed as “1000+” and the battle conditions will be displayed as “<3 – Recommended” • You can raise your abilities by placing items in your inventory that are purchased with in-game points or accumulated from other players through the Online Auction Online Auction (points) and Battle / Dungeons (stakes) • If you place items that you purchase with in-game points or items that you received in battle on the Online Auction menu, you can acquire items that you have not yet purchased • If you are on the party leader’s right, the prices are as follows • You can freely adjust the number of enemies • If you win, you receive the prize you need to continue your game! ─────────────────────── Sub Game – Easy Mode ◆ • Easy Mode: Supports both the PVE [Puzzle Battle] and online battle! The game speeds up, and there are less restrictions on the number of times you can access the upper floor of the dungeon. ─────────────────────── Sub Game – Hard Mode ◆ • Hard Mode: Supports both the PVE [Puzzle Battle] and online battle! Puzzle Battles and the player battle will be more difficult, and more restricted on the number of times you can access the upper floor of the dungeon. ─────────────────────── Sub Game – P


    What’s new:

    Tue, 01 Apr 2016 00:23:23 -0400Re: THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPGpublished by Niantic,Inc.

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    Release date: April 11, 2016
    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG is a fantasy battle game that takes place between the 9th and 13th century. It is a fully-flowing RPG that immerses players in a vivid fantasy world. From the creators of “Pokemon GO,” THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG brings the joy of exploration and real world exploration to the mobile space. In addition to battling and exploration, the game also offers a myriad of daily missions to fulfill.

    • Unique combat system. When playing THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG you can use effective attacks as well as enhance your fighting abilities. When the enemy is close to you, you can use attacks that can break through shield, magic, or throw projectiles. It is your choice to have your weapons drawn or remain on the offensive. In addition to attacking with groups of ranged characters, enemies with high defense skills can block your attacks by crowding themselves together. Defending against multiple enemies simultaneously will require you to make the strategic decision of choosing to use each character’s own skills or use melee and magic simultaneously.

    • Receive numerous quests. In THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG, several quests are available for free each day. Your daily missions not only fill the R&M gauge but also enhance your special skills. They provide 2-3 hours of gameplay each day.

    • It’s Your Choice. It is your choice whether to explore towns, craftsmen, items, or monsters using the in-game map. You can use whatever equipment you find to reach these places at any time, but you can also use your EXP as currency to buy new equipment. The choice is yours to make when you set out on your journey and is a reward in itself.

    • Customize Your Path. In addition to moving step by step in the order you choose, your in-game journal records your daily mission, the items you buy, the amount of experience you earn, as well as the strengths of monsters


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    About The Game

    • Explore the fascinating lands Between.
    • Plethora of challenges to overcome!
    • Exclusively new kind of fantasy battles – online versus modes.
    • Up to 8 players in a guild together in huge battles.
    • New fluid 3D battles, beautifully crafted 3D dungeons, graphics and audio.
    • An epic story, inspired by the work of JRR Tolkien.
    • 50+ hours of gameplay.
    • Free revision system.