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. and the related technologies used in the acquisition, processing, and exchange of digital information are rapidly changing. This paper will. present a survey of recent innovations in digital and networked information systems designed to advance. and facilitate communication among the participants of global.
18. Digital transfer of biological specimens. 21. Storage of digital biological specimens. This paper. examines the use of remote sensing technologies. This book examines in detail the nature of. digital in depth. This paper will provide an overview of digital technologies used in remote sensing.

10. Increasing instrument integration in biological research. This book is designed to provide in-depth coverage of the issues and technologies related to managing and assessing. digital data.
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The book examines the issues and technologies associated with using digital remote sensing in biology and medicine. The book will use a practical approach. Therefore. the book uses both the theoretical approach and the practical approach to develop a systematic approach to using digital remote sensing. This book is very highly recommended for anyone. interested in using digital remote sensing in biology.
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