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The EC Software Help Suite is composed of four components, all of which are used to complement Borland Delphi, HTML HELP and training card help with context sensitive help:
What’s This
What’s This is the alternative “What’s This?”-function,
which manages help calls with “?” in the right-click menu of a control or member.
Context dependent help will be displayed automatically. If you ever lose track of which topic is opened, What’s This is the tool for you.
You should also use What’s This for context sensitive help because it will be given in the right-click context of a control or member, that is
where you want to access it. By the way, when you use a help call without “?”, the context sensitive help won’t be given in the help function because you need an explicit help call for this.
If you have no intention of using this component, don’t worry, the package is not compiled.
HelpRouter is a component which acts as a bridge between Delphi and HTML HELP.
HelpRouter is the only component which has to be compiled. You only need to enter the URL of the HTML HELP file in the project file and select a translator in the dialog box of the HelpRouter project.
HelpRouter is instant. Just start your application and press Ctrl + F1 for context sensitive help.
The component supports HTML HELP files of all versions from Delphi 1.0 through to Delphi 7.
The HelpContextMap stores topic IDs and the context number associated with them in a compressed form. HelpContextMap automatically searches for topics when the context number of a topic is requested and returns the information without having to access the compressed file itself.
HelpContextMap does not support saving the topic IDs and context number in a separate file. It requires that the topics and context numbers be stored in one file.
The components can all be used separately or together. The following code example demonstrates their combined usage:
procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
htc: THelpContextMap;
L: string;

EC Software Help Suite

The EC Software Help Suite adds powerful context-sensitiv help to your code using the power of Delphi in an easy to use package.
The Help Edition comprises the following 4 components:
The only component to handle all context sensitive “What’s this?”-help.
An easy to use component which can build your help manually with a TMemo on the fly or dynamically from your application.
Provides a powerful engine to map your own topics, controls and commands to help topic IDs automatically.
Tries hard to be as close to the original WhatsThis dialog as possible.
EC Software Help Suite License
– All components are released under the BSD license.
– The help engines are distributed under the GNU LGPL license.
– The EC Software Help Suite is a partial distribution of the Microsoft Help Workshop.
– The EC Software Help Suite is not a guarantee that your help documentation will be stable and that you will not have to rewrite it when your application changes.
– The EC Software Help Suite is not and shall not be a guarantee that the “WhatsThis” dialog will be installed on your PC by default or not, nor is it a guarantee that you will be able to write your own help.
You should decide for yourself if you want to implement EC Software Help Suite. It is not simply a matter of choosing a software package, it involves several decisions.
Because of this we recommend consulting you and your application before attempting the installation of the EC Software Help Suite.
EC Software Help Suite Version
2.1.1 – 3/4/2002 (EC Software Version:
– Added a new function WHatIsThisSender which tells the user exactly which sender did the last “What’s this?” action. If we cannot guess, we won’t ask the user but rather display the sender name of the last item.
– Fixed some bugs relating to the WHatIsThisSender function.
– The checkbox is now not displayed if HelpContextID=TCardHelpContext.Help and QueryHelp does not exist.
– The empty string for ControlName is now handled correctly.
– The ContextActions for ObjectHelp and HelpContextID

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TWhatsThis is the most powerful context sensitive help function around. Just right-click and context sensitive help pops up with the exact information you need to understand your application. Just copy and paste in the context and press enter. Most of the help calls on your application are handled automatically by this component.
TTrainingCard is specially designed to simplify the implementation of training card help.
THelpRouter automates the implementation of contextual help and supports both HTML HELP and training card help. It reduces the effort to add context sensitive help and makes contextual help available to Delphi-programmers without any knowledge of HTML help.
THelpContextMap stores help context numbers and their associated topic IDs in a compressed form which makes fast searching possible.
TTrainingCard renders all standard definitions of training cards from Microsoft in an easy to handle HLP-format.
TWhatsThis makes the same call as the Window/Context menu if you right-click a help item in the control tree of your form or active component.

What’s New in This Release:
* Context sensitive help dialogs:
TWhatsThis, TTrainingCard and THelpRouter now all have built-in support for context sensitive help and context sensitive help dialogs.
* HLP-context support:
The HLP context number 37 has been renamed to “Base Context”. HLP context number 38 “Base HTML HELP” is now used for translations which are not available on your version of the Delphi compiler or this version of the EC Software Help Suite. You should now use “Base Context” for your context sensitive help.

Advanced CSS syntax support
Now you can use a CSS style definition to define the styles used to format your help topics and images.
This feature lets you use built-in support for CSS styles in your documentation. If you like to use the floating position and the table display of TWhatsThis in your help topic or HTML HELP file, use this stylesheet.Q:

How to get different image sizes?

I need to get different image sizes, in my case different sizes of the same picture.
I have a small picture which I need to show in 3 different sizes. The main question is how to calculate the sizes.
What I have:
I have 3 sizes which I get via PHP:
$filesize_mb = filesize($file_name); //

What’s New In?

EC Software Help Suite makes it easy to build context sensitive help for your applications.
It was designed specifically to be modular so that it can be adapted for several programming languages.
The components can be used singly or in combination.
EC Software Help Suite is an innovative, revolutionary product that fills the gap between our flagship product Help & Manual and your application. You can be confident that not only you will get an easy to use product, but we also provide you with a complementary toolset and consulting services.
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During this course, you will learn:
– How to properly install your help compiler
– How to install help if you are using Help & Manual
– How to create a user-based help if you are using Help & Manual
– How to write external help files for Windows
– How to install a help engine if you are using another language

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System Requirements For EC Software Help Suite:

To install, you will need the latest version of the game. It is also recommended that you have at least a 60Hz display.
Recommended specs:
PC – Intel Core i5 2400S 3.1 GHz – 2 GB RAM
– Intel Core i5 2400S 3.1 GHz – 2 GB RAM Console – PS4 – 4.0 GHz
– PS4 – 4.0 GHz Xbox One – 1.6 GHz
The link to the Steam page can be found below, and you can always play the demo first to see if the

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