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What should be the DB design for this scenario?

I’m building the internal publishing system for the company I work for.
There are many departments, and a department is composed of many projects.

Each project contains a list of products, and a product contains a bunch of properties (created by the user at the time of creation, and read-only).
A product is only valid if all the properties are set.
In the admin panel, the user has the ability to edit his products, and remove his products from the system.

My problem is that there are many cases where I need a comprehensive list of all the products (or all the properties for a given product) for a given project, and I need it for various reasons, but these cases are very rare. But I need the properties/products to be available, because the user can add them to his project, and I will need them in other situations.
Also, I can’t think of a good way to model this in the database, because one situation might be to create a new row for each product property that is added, and then I’d have to choose between storing the date of the property being created, the date that the property was last updated, and the date of the property being deleted. And none of these are good, because they don’t easily allow me to tell when the property has been updated, or when it has been removed, and then re-added.
Any ideas?


The (part of a) table that stores properties for each of a product’s products looks something like this:

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