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dmiHammer represents a VSTi plug-in for creating hammered chromatic percussion sounds. It’s capable of reproducing the sounds of xylophones, mbira and chimes as well as a swag of strange new sounds.









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Adds an experimental new feature to the Table of Contents which allows each Action to send the output of its Instruments to a second Sound Module as one (or more) input(s). This results in a stereo mix of the Instruments. In combination with the reverb and delay units of a Sound Module this can create very effective FM and stereo sounds. It is possible to send a complete original sound file.
dmiHammer Cracked Version Features:
* all 30 or so actions can send their output to a second sound module as one of many inputs
* ability to change the sound of the whole sound module programmatically via MIDI
* MIDI input and output for remote control
* completely open source (Apache license)
dmiHammer Setup:
dmiHammer requires at least one input and output port as well as the standard vst (virtual synth technology) plugin header location.
However, it has been successfully tested to work with 2 input and output channels.


Version: 1.14.6 – November 23, 2019
Size: 27.9M

TimeTracker Description:
The goal of TimeTracker is to provide the lowest possible level of automation.

The controls in the project view are always placed at the same spot on the timeline. The controls (which are triggered directly by the VST’s internal clock) are:

Feedback (ramps the volume).

Silence (turns the clock off).

Note: “Silence” is not the same as “Off”. Turning the clock off does not do what Silence does. “Silence” means just that – nothing is played.

Automation (manipulates the timestamps of the currently selected instrument).

Scale (changes the key).

Mute (mutes the currently selected instrument).

Reverse (reverses the playback of the currently selected instrument).

Chord (moves the currently selected instrument to the next chord/note).

Automation (manipulates the timestamps of the currently selected instrument).

Voice (changes the currently selected instrument to the next voice).



Enable checkbox

If checked, this control will allow the selected (first) instrument to not be muted.

Usually this is used for rough automation, so the selected instrument


This program faithfully replicates over 190 different sounds, including the mbira, xylophone, chimes, and otherworldly notes.
This program creates beautiful and stunning sounds using your external keyboard to control pitch, velocity, noise, and attack.

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DmiHammer Crack

– Multiple ways of creating the sound:

– Use the bellows to create a large range of
chimes, plucks and drums.

– Use the attack to trigger a large
range of clap, tongue, stick & bass drums.

– Use the attack and release to control the
trem, resonance and sound source of a
bowed plucked string.

– Use the detune/feedback/overdrive/fuzz
jacks to add pitch bends and effects to
the source.

– Use the delay and reverb to add
ambience, echo and effect.

You can download dmiHammer from Apple’s
iTunes Store here. The source code and
macintosh version (.dmiHammer) can be
found here. The Windows and Linux
versions are in development.

dmiHammer requires Mac OS X 10.5 or later
and is 32-bit only. This version
contains the code that makes the
pitches of each source appear on the
screen for quick tuning/setting. The
support files for other systems
(Windows, Linux) are coming soon.

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What’s New in the?

This plugin is useful in various types of electronic music and house music.
Some of the main features include:
– Over three dozen chromatic percussion sounds to choose from including xylophones, mbira, and chimes.
– Separate low and high pitch percussive drums for each chord so you can modulate and arrange your sounds to your heart’s content.
– Chords can be created using any number of commonly used intervals
– Drum layers can be mixed in the timeline and edited in real-time like all DSP
– Object-based sequencer for flexible sound arrangement
– Split keyboard and effects sections provide easy sound designing and tweaking.
dmiHammer Licensing:
dmiHammer is freeware.

Download at:

Contact me at:

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System Requirements For DmiHammer:

If you have any questions about this product, please feel free to contact me.
Like my other work, I support and encourage feedback and discussion of my work. I will work hard to provide support for you. So drop me a line if you have any issues.
Here are a couple of links to other projects I’m working on:
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