DBEXform Free For PC [March-2022]

Managing databases is a pretty hard work, as you always have to check for data consistency and table integrity. The problem with databases is that, depending on the application that created them, they cannot be used by other software.
DBEXform helps you overcome all these problems, by offering you the possibility to edit forms and tables imported from various database formats, such as Access, MsSql, MySql, Oracle or SQLite.
The application requires only .Net Framework installed on your computer in order to function properly, although it is recommended to have at least one of the above-mentioned programs.
Fast database editor
The program allows you to alter the table contents from various databases, along with the forms that they contain. DBEXform is a WYSIWYG(what you see is what you get) application, meaning that you do not need to know any programming language in order to use it.
You can edit fields directly just by drag-and-dropping them in the main window. Furthermore, you can easily add new items and forms to an existing database.
Detailed form creator
DBEXform helps you just manage the data contained by a database, but it does more than that, by allowing you to create and edit custom fonts for each of them. You can arrange a table form, in order to move and enlarge any labels or checkboxes.
Using this application, you can easily create various template forms, such as customer profiles or invoices, which come in handy for online surveys or contact forms.
A powerful database management tool
DBEXform allows you to manage and edit the data contained in databases. You can create a form for each table, or add new fields, all this without having to know any SQL programming language.









DBEXform 3.9.1 Free For PC

Create, edit, and design forms to edit data from Access, SQLite, MySql, Oracle, and MsSql.
Database software with formatting and drawing tools for working with databases.
WYSIWYG interface, so you do not have to learn a programming language.
Create custom fonts for each form.
Drag and drop elements to create forms.
Add new fields to tables.
Add and move labels and buttons.
Edit texts, and add new text parts.
Automatically calculate the number of columns and rows.
Edit database from many different file formats.
DBEXform Full Crack program Requirements:

Windows 7 or later.
.NET framework 4.0 or later.

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DBEXform 3.9.1 Crack + For PC

Use this tool to edit form macros.
Works in all Microsoft Windows versions from 3.1 through the most recent ones.
KEYMACRO User Guide:
– Main window
– Adding a database
– Saving a database
– Managing templates
– Creating, editing and deleting forms
– Managing fields
– Managing items
– Managing rows
– Managing cells
KeyMacro Help:
– Help file included
– Database Import format description
– Data import format help
– Password protection
– Change user interface
– Quick help
– Keymacro shortcut key
– Link to Microsoft Word help file
– Email help file
– License information
– Readme.txt
KeyMacro Features:
– Change text of fields
– Create new fields
– Delete fields
– Delete rows
– Delete cells
– Add new row
– Add new cell
– Change row location
– Change cell location
KeyMacro Licence:
– KeyMacro is free software, covered by GNU General Public License.
– Source code is included
– Free to use and redistribute
– No payment required
– No warranty required
KeyMacro Home Page:

KeyMacro Support:

KeyMacro Download:
– Windows (all versions)
– Linux
System Requirements:
– Microsoft Windows (all versions)
– Microsoft Windows (all versions)
– Microsoft Windows (all versions)
– Microsoft Windows (all versions)
– Microsoft Windows (all versions)
– Microsoft Windows (all versions)
– Microsoft Windows (all versions)
– Microsoft Windows (all versions)
– Microsoft Windows (all versions)
– Microsoft Windows (all versions)
– Microsoft Windows (all versions)
– Microsoft Windows (all versions)
– Microsoft Windows (all versions)
– Microsoft Windows (all versions)
– Microsoft Windows (all versions)
– Microsoft Windows (all versions)
– Microsoft Windows (all versions)
– Microsoft Windows (all versions)
– Microsoft Windows (all versions)
– Microsoft Windows (all versions)
– Microsoft Windows (all versions)
– Microsoft Windows (all versions)
– Microsoft Windows (all versions)
– Microsoft Windows (all versions)
– Microsoft Windows (all versions)

DBEXform 3.9.1 Crack License Key

DBEXform is a powerful application, allowing you to quickly work with databases from Access, SQLite, Oracle, MsSql, MySql.
Find any kind of tables, forms and records in a database in just a few clicks.
With DBEXform you can add new items to any table, by simply dragging them in the main window and dropping them wherever you want them.
Edit the table contents directly, by just drag-and-dropping them in the main window, without any need to know any SQL programming language.
DBEXform can read and export databases in the following file formats:
Custom code
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What’s New in the DBEXform?

The application allows you to manage your databases.
You can create, edit or remove databases, tables and forms.
DBEXform uses the WYSIWYG interface, meaning that you do not need to know any programming language.

You can manage many databases in a single installation of DBEXform. You can export your database to any file format of your choice.

Version (2018-11-21)
– Improved performance.
– Added many new features, such as the possibility to select a color for each of the fields (Data-type and Display-type).
– Added the possibility to export to.xlsx format.
– Added the ability to update the data directly from the imported file.
– Added the ability to resize the column in an existing table.

Version (2018-11-21)
– For a start, I’m a soft developer, so I have very little experience in this matter.
– For the moment, DBEXform is only for internal use.

I want to tell you that I use dbexform to edit and update data from a database which was created from a web application.
When I import a DB with an application from a web server I have no problem, but with a desktop app the data are not updated and in some cases even deleted, all the objects and components (forms, tables, modules etc) created by the import are all messed up.

That said, the dbexform program is a good and useful program, I only have one suggestion for the future, maybe I’m wrong, but if I will be able to import into dbexform a DB created from a web application, why not do it using the web application itself (instead of the import of the DB), the DBEXform will add the properties and fields I need, and I won’t have to maintain a DB just for the import of a DB created by another application (a DB created from a web app).

I want to thank you for your efforts, and hope that this suggestion will be taken into consideration.

Can I ask you why do you chose to write in the way you have chosen? It seems like a good thing for forms to be able to be edited by the user. This is a different approach to what most programs that offer a similar feature do.

I understand the need to not require any knowledge of SQL. This is especially true for someone that is new to the program and doesn’t know how to use a database or database management system. At the same time, I don’t think that DBEXform is the solution for most people.

I think that the best way to approach this would be to include a few simple steps in the beginning of the program that explain the features of the program and how to best use it. The introduction

System Requirements For DBEXform:

Windows Vista/7/8/10 (64bit)
Intel Pentium IV 2GHz or greater
1GB of available hard-drive space
DirectX 9.0c
Minimum resolution of 1024×768
Internet connection
First of all you’ll need to grab your copy of the DX11 program Unigine, which is available on Steam. We used Unigine Valley, which is the older edition of Unigine. If you have the newer version, be sure to check


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