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DAISHO is an email client used as a groupware client. It covers all phases of your personal relationship management. You can build your from marketing to customer care. With DAISHO you do not exclusively concentrate on customers as contacts.
DAISHO Email gives you a powerful way to handle your emails. DAISHO support POP3 emails and with DAISHO you can easily build up your own way of viewing emails by tagging them in different projects or contexts and so on.
With DAISHO you capture, track, structure and plan your Goals. Goals have to be measurable and concrete.
You can allocate your goals to topics or clusters (Contexts). The allocation of your goals to contexts improves your structuring and organization. You can divide your main goals into subgoals, because small steps make the goal achievement easier.
With DAISHO you can easily set and manage your goals. With DAISHO you can import calendar entries from your diverse Outlook calendars in DAISHO and you can export them to Outlook. You can export your contacts from Outlook.
The Reporting section of DAISHO allows you to create and print reports based on your data. There are simple day to day reports and more detailed reports. Futhermore, DAISHO includes some simple to use but powerful filters so you can get the data you want displayed in your reports.

DAISHO supports multipart MIME. You can write emails with attachments: Excel files, audio and video files.

DAISHO is based on the Java programming language. If you have any questions please contact our support department.

Please note: DAISHO supports the Microsoft Outlook® and Lotus Notes™ protocols. DAISHO 8.x uses the Microsoft Outlook® protocol, DAISHO 9.x uses the Lotus Notes™ protocol.

The product is distributed as a zip file with the standard Java Runtime Environment required for the DAISHO application.Share this article

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Email marketing is never-ending. DAISHO mail helps you in many ways. It is not just a one dimensional system: it is not a marketing tool. We believe that it is a personal relationship management tool for each and everyone. When you need to focus on a specific goal DAISHO does not allow you to get sidetracked by tasks. DAISHO is a powerful tool for everyday life.
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft Office\15.0\Mail\DAISHO\Keywords
-> This is your Keywords separated by spaces
-> This is your capacity of your DAISHO storage. Use this key to limit the size of your DAISHO database. This will help you prevent your DAISHO database from getting too large
-> This is your DAISHO message priority. You have three choices: Normal, High or Urgent
-> This is your DAISHO category. There is no limit, you can create as many categories as you want
-> This key opens a window asking you for the DAISHO password.

If you do not see this key it means that your account has not been set up.

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Get a personal relationship management system that supports your business and life.
DAISHO meets all your personal relationship management needs. We make sure that your personal and business relationships are managed well. DAISHO keeps track of your contacts, tasks, goals, notes, and everything else that matters to you. DAISHO’s features are based on highly experienced customers’ suggestions and needs. You can create your personal relationship management as you like it. DAISHO offers integrated mail, calendar, contacts, tasks, to do lists, notes and goals. DAISHO is based on the proven concepts of the good old personal relationship management software. DAISHO is not designed to replace Outlook or any other online email

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DAISHO has been designed to provide a unique solution for users who want to manage their personal database, but without the heaviness and complexity of Microsoft Access and other DBMS. DAISHO is fully Multi-User (MUST-compliant) and enables users to easily create, share and synchronize their database in multiple environments (e.g. locally, intranet, internet).
• Single window• With DAISHO your database exists in a standalone environment. It is NOT a database inside your windows application. DAISHO’s file manager, with its own mail application, allows you to easily synchronize your data with mail and network servers.• Must-compliant Database applications• You can work with DAISHO as if you were using a Windows application. You can view your data via a combination of list views, tables and charts. DAISHO doesn’t limit you to views based on predefined data structures and tables. With DAISHO it is up to you to organize your data in a way that makes sense to you. DAISHO’s reports can filter data just the way you want and they come with a wealth of custom views. DAISHO’s database administration functionality allows you to define data structures, update data, and delete, create, and edit views. • Accessible Mail and Network Services• DAISHO has its own advanced mail application (Mailbox) that’s accessible both locally and remotely. You can use Gmail, Hotmail, even yahoo mail. You can also import, export, and synchronize your contacts.
DAISHO is ideal for:
• Personal• Business• Marketing/Advertising• Consulting• Agencies
System Requirements:
• Intel• All editions of Windows® XP Home or Professional (All Windows Server editions are not supported).
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or Microsoft MS Access® 97.
*Note*: DAISHO will not run without at least one instance of Microsoft Access installed. To be sure DAISHO is what you need, go to www.daisho.com/compare to view our DAISHO vs. Microsoft Access comparison.
DAISHO is an all-inclusive tool designed to store, share and synchronize contacts, tasks, notes and any other type of items with your email, calendar, contacts and tasks.
DAISHO Features:
Database &mail Client• DAISHO uses its own mail application called

What’s New In DAISHO?

DAISHO is a personal relationship management tool that helps you to concentrate and to organize your contacts, goals and appointments. DAISHO will help you to connect the dots in your personal life. DAISHO is a great tool for corporate and individual use. However, DAISHO is ideal for use in both contexts.
DAISHO integrates with the following products:
Outlook 2007 (SP2 and later)
Exchange 2007

System Requirements:

Operating system: 64-bit Windows 7/8/10, 64-bit Mac OS X 10.6.4+
Processor: Intel Core2 Duo or equivalent
Memory: 4GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible graphics card
Storage: 600MB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
Internet: Broadband Internet connection
Keyboard: Full sized keyboard
Mouse: Wired mouse
Miscellaneous: Windows installer
Shared DVD-ROM drive (e.g. DVD-RW)


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