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Thanks @F2, below is the resolution,
Download “java-6-update-25.tar.bz2” files from here
Download “” from here.
Extract the “” folder in C:\Temp.
Extract the “java-6-update-25.tar.bz2” folder in C:\Temp\

Open the command prompt in C:\Temp
Type these commands:
jar cvfm fybrid_jar.exe applet.jar C:\Temp\com\emotion\FacesGame\update\*

jar cvfm fybrid_jar.exe hotfix-release-22.jar C:\Temp\com\emotion\FacesGame\update\*

jar cvfm fybrid_jar.exe all_released.jar C:\Temp\com\emotion\FacesGame\update\*

Save the archive in “C:\Emotion\FacesGame\update\oldversions” as an archive.
Extract the archive in “C:\Emotion\FacesGame\update\oldversions”

Then copy the folder “oldversions” to “C:\Emotion\FacesGame\update”.
After all that, open “Emotion\FacesGame\update\applet-7.4.3-2.jar” using WinZip or WinRar.
It will give a screen like this,

Double click on “cool-loader.7z”.
And then it will give a single.rar file as a result.
Open the.rar file using WinRar.
After that open “update.7z”.
As there will be 4 files in the file “update.7z”.
Open the.rar file using WinZip.
If you don’t have it installed, just download it from here.
After installing it, open the “install.exe” file.
And then you will see the Main start screen.
Give the “Update options” as “Install updates.”
If you are not sure, leave it as “Don’t update.”
Now, you need to restart your PC

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