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Collage FX Studio is no longer supported, so it is now impossible to purchase the application. Nonetheless, you can still download it from Softpedia and use it with the limitations listed on this page.
Collage FX Studio is a program with a pretty self-explanatory name – it allows you to create image collages. The tool can be easily handled, even by first-time users.
The interface of the application is clean and pretty intuitive. You can import pictures into the file list by using only the file browser because the "drag and drop" functionality is not included.
So, you can add frames and masks to the picture, change their shape (e.g. into a star, heart) and insert clipart. But you can also add text (set transparency, font style, colors) and make image adjustments (e.g. brightness, contrast, gamma).
Additionally, Collage FX Studio lets you use a brush tool and apply various items to the collage, as well as customize its color, size, opacity level and angle.
Furthermore, you can bring objects to the front or send them to back, use the undo and redo functions, delete and crop photos, save the project for further editing, preview results and save the collage with various formats, including JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF and PNG.
The simple-to-use program requires a high amount of system resources, includes user documentation and has a good response time. We have not come across any problems throughout our testing; Collage FX Studio did not freeze, crash or pop up errors. The output collages have a good image quality.


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This program allows you to create a variety of collages, frames and masks. You can choose any of the colorful templates that apply to your project from the Collage FX Studio Activation Code.
Drag and drop your pictures to the Collage FX Studio file list to create your own template. You can choose a color scheme and decide which type of collage you prefer – from the classic collages to the abstract ones.
If you decide to create a collage from scratch, you will be provided with a clear and simple step-by-step guide that will explain the most important functions. While creating your collage, you can add frames and cut out the areas you do not want.
You can adjust the sizes and positions of all elements of the collage, change the image style, remove the background, combine two pictures into one frame, or even add image masks to reveal parts of the picture.
The program’s interface is fully customizable. You can select from eight color schemes and choose from two types of collages: artistic and abstract. You can change the fonts and view the details of images within image masks. The collages contain animated images, as well as shape animation and image transitions.
Create graphic collages from JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF and PNG images. The collages can be saved as JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF and PNG. The output file has a high compression rate.
The audio player in Collage FX Studio includes a directory list and supports MP3, WAV and OGG files.
Collage FX Studio – Picture Frames FX
Collage FX Studio Pictures FX
Collage FX Studio – Create Collage
Collage FX Studio Instruction Manual

As the name implies, Photo Salon 5’s primary function is to turn photos into frames. You can use any one of the eight color themes, which includes presets or create your own.
After you select one of the available layouts, you can add frames and cut out portions of the photo to a specific size. You can change the aspect ratio and image type. The frames can be rotated, moved up or down, and even removed.
The program is fairly easy to use, but the help system could be a bit more in-depth. Image effects, like changing color, contrast, brightness and gamma are well described.
Photo Salon 5 runs smoothly and provides fast response, even though you have to wait a few seconds after you end the slideshow to save your work. The collages have a good quality

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Collage FX Studio is a powerful desktop image collage maker, enabling you to create some of the most stunning collages. It can be used with many different types of photo images, bitmap images, text images and with various types of clipart. There are no limitations in the included clipart as you can use any image from Windows, the Internet or even create your own images in a program like Photoshop.
By using the clipart, you can bring your photos to life and achieve different effects like a frames, borders, cracks, text, some background, a color change and more! The used clipart can also be colored, or you can let the tool decide what is best.
Instead of just adding effects, you can edit photos by using the powerful editing tools included. You can adjust the brightness, contrast and gamma to get the best possible image. Image sharpness can also be increased or decreased, plus you can apply various filters to improve the image.
The program has multiple adjustment tools like curves, brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma, highlight and shadow that all can be used with a wide variety of images. You can also change the color balance with the black and white tools to get the best possible color effect.
If necessary, you can even apply a visual overlay, so that a transparent image is added for more effects. You can easily change the overlay color or a drop shadow can be added as well.
The built-in projection capabilities let you add 3D images, and you can also add perspective and zoom. Clipping masking is also supported, as well as cropping images.
And of course, image adjustments and effects are only limited by your imagination! You can use the program’s built-in effects, just like custom filters or its unique animation features. With Collage FX Studio, you can finally create photos with outstanding effects that you would not be able to do with other image collage tools.
Supported Effects:
– Frames
– Borders
– Cracks
– Clipart
– Color Adjustments
– Auto Flip
– Color Transition
– Transparency
– Transparent Window
– Border
– Blur
– Color Slide
– Light Box
– Shadows
– Drop Shadow
– Visual Overlay
– Virtual Background
– Zoom
– Perspective
– Perspective Clipping
– Color Balance
– Color Correction
– Photo Flip
– Affinity Photo Effects
– Sothify – Photo Effects
– Watermark
– Transparent Picture


Collage FX Studio Crack

Free Image Collage Creator Professional 2016 – Create collages from photos or images with a template set of pre-designed frames. Change frames, frames colors, and transparency levels. Add text, photos and move them around on the collage.
Create photo collages in 6 different…

To preview or download Complete Collage FX 2.1, download and install the latest version from Softpedia.

Collage FX 2.1 is a free application that offers a basic image collage tool. It requires a pretty large amount of system resources. You can easily control this application, and it has a good response time. We did not find any crashes. During our testing, the program did not freeze or pop up errors.
Collage FX 2.1 is a program that has a clean and easy-to-use interface. You can drag and drop photos to the file list; otherwise, you can use the file browser. Then you can set the frames, the transparency, and the shape. Adding text is a breeze too. For the latter, simply set the font type, color, and size. All you need to do is select the text.
Additionally, Collage FX 2.1 lets you use a brush tool and apply various items to the collage, and modify the color, size, and opacity. You can also bring elements to the front or back.
There are also a couple of features that seem quite useful, including a tool to change objects’ opacity, and an option to reverse the objects’ position.
Finally, there is a saver to save the collage with various formats, including JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and GIF, as well as a preview functionality.
Collage FX 2.1 Screenshot
You can download complete Collage FX 2.1 from Softpedia.

To preview or download Collage FX 2.0, download and install the latest version from Softpedia.

Collage FX 2.0 is a program that offers a basic image collage tool. It requires a good amount of system resources, but still a good amount of system resources, but still a good response time. We did not find any crashes during our testing.
Collage FX 2.0 is a program that has a clean and simple interface. You can import pictures from the file browser; otherwise, you can use the file browser. Then you can set the frames, the transparency, and the shape. Adding text is a breeze too. For

What’s New in the?

Collage FX Studio is a simple and fun image collaging tool to create unique collages. It supports images that come from the local computer or the Internet. It supports almost any type of image file format including JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PNG and others.
This tool supports 7 different elements: photos, frames, lines, texts, images, shapes and brushes. It has a highly intuitive interface and provides the best possible collage experience. Even the slightest operation in this software is done with a mouse. In this way, you can design full image collages within a few minutes.
Every image element can be moved freely, resized and rotated in the selected position. Besides, you can paste them to the picture. You can even change their color, transparency, style and size.
Besides, you can add text and adjust its position, opacity, size, color and angle. You can also combine several images and texts into one new project.
Once you click on the Save button, you can select the desired output format and file type, as well as the size and position of the collage. The resulting image file can be saved in the original resolution as well as with a resolution that suits your needs.
Key Features:
1. Create unique collages by using popular and easy-to-handle effects (e.g. overlays, frames, lines, masks, shadows, images and shapes).
2. Import images from the local hard drive or the Internet.
3. Use a wide range of image formats (JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PNG and others).
4. Design and share images with your friends.
5. Use brushes and paint tools (e.g. pen, marker, tip, texture, color, symmetry, angle).
6. Resize, rotate, cut and paste individual elements in image collages.
7. Combine different elements into one picture.
8. Set transparency of elements (e.g. text, frames).
9. Send files to the back or front to create a new image, or drag and drop them from one side to another.
10. Switch and flip image elements and place them at any desired position.
11. Undo and redo operations.
12. Delete and crop images.
13. Preview your project.
14. Save your projects into the original resolution as well as with a resolution that suits your needs.
15. Edit images using light points,

System Requirements For Collage FX Studio:

Windows OS
1.8 GHz Processor
3 GB RAM Required for the Full game version
5 GB available Hard Drive space
Mac OS
2.4 GHz Processor
4 GB RAM Required for the Full game version
Internet Connection
100 Mbps Download Speed
Input devices like Controller, Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad
Storage Devices: DVD-ROM, USB Drive

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