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If you can find the correct password for the unzipping tool you can use 7zip. I had this exact same issue and once it was unzipped, I could again do the unzipping in 7zip without an issue and I now have the ISO.

To the Editor:

Re “Takings in a Troubled Economy: The Case of Real Estate,” by Judith Shulevitz (front page, Jan. 20):

Professor Shulevitz is right to remind us that taking the value of a house in a poor neighborhood out of the hands of a slumlord and selling it to a family looking for a decent home is not the sort of “speculation” that some people like to point to when discussing the purported “greed” of Wall Street or the perniciousness of the private equity industry.

In fact, restoring these homes to their rightful owners is helping to create jobs, preserve a sense of community and ultimately increase value all over the city.

And it’s a desperately needed and incredibly efficient use of market power. While speculative (or, as Ms. Shulevitz characterizes it, predatory) real estate development is one of the most efficient ways a company can increase its profits, it’s also one of the most inefficient ways of closing the unemployment gap in the United States.

In order to finance a housing development, a private equity firm borrows from banks and then applies pressure to property owners to accept a lower price for the land on which the new development will be built. Once the ground is cleared, the company builds a luxury apartment complex with the financial backing of the lending bank.

In theory, the private equity company should be able to charge a profit based on the value of the completed building, less the financing costs that have been incurred. But this profit is actually eaten up in several ways. First, the company must own the building and arrange for its maintenance. This requires hiring a maintenance crew and paying taxes and insurance premiums.Q:

How to calculate the Euclidean distance from intersection points in convex hull

I have points coordinates in 3D space and their respective positions in a convex hull. I need to calculate the Euclidean distance from the nearest point inside the convex hull to every point in the system, so I could pick up the nearest one to a specific point.
I am confused because


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