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Cactus Editor is a very simple HTML Editor to help you with the editing of basic HTML files. Well, to be honest, it’s not very useful, especially not on large files, but, it’s just a tiny portable HTML editor with a friendly user interface good for editing small HTML files.
Cactus Editor
and take it for a spin to see what it can actually do for you!


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Download ★★★★★






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Cactus is a lightweight HTML Editor that uses Notepad- like UI with syntax highlighting support for HTML 4 and 5 and CSS. Apart from HTML Editing, Cactus can also be used as an IDE to develop in C/C++. Being a portable software, Cactus can be used to edit and manipulate files directly from USB memory sticks or pen drives. It can run on Windows (2000/XP/Vista/Win 7), Linux and Mac OSX.

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Cactus editor is a simple HTML editor.

It can act as a hyperlink list monitor,

it can act as a simple HTML editor with basic functionalities such as hyperlink and image insertion,

it can be used for small pages,

it can also be used for monitoring the in and out-bound links on your web pages.

With Cactus Editor, you can insert

hyperlinks to various web pages.

Insert image directly using button below the textarea.

Cactus Editor Features:

View your web pages as a hyperlink list.

Insert hyperlink directly by clicking.

Insert image directly.

Add Hyperlink by clicking on Hyperlink List.

Image Editor

View as HTML editor, insert image directly.

Insert Hyperlink for your web pages.


Insert Hyperlink for your web pages.


Insert Hyperlink for your web pages.

Insert Image

The Application is a self-contained program with no external libraries. It uses SWIG for creating Cactus objects from the Python-Django based project. So, the original Cactus application is kept 100% compatible with no modifications required.
NOTE: Don’t update the file and apply this update when you are not using the special code for inserting links to two- or three-level pages that I have added. The new version will probably not work in the same manner as the old version.



Run the installer and uninstaller.

Installation Guide:

Unpack the archives, set up the environment and run ‘cactus-install’. This will create a Cactus installation file.

You will be prompted to select the installation path. There are three choices for the installation destination – ‘C:\Program Files’, ‘D:\Program Files’ or ‘E:\Program Files’. I suggest you pick the path ‘D:\Program Files’.

That’s it! You can now launch Cactus from this location or add the path to the application file ‘’.

While installing make sure you select the option ‘Run Cactus Editor’. Make sure you also choose the option ‘Add to Windows Start’

NOTE: The installer will automatically add a button to the Windows start menu. You can remove the

Cactus Editor Crack +

Cactus Editor is a very simple HTML Editor to help you with the editing of basic HTML files. Well, to be honest, it’s not very useful, especially not on large files, but, it’s just a tiny portable HTML editor with a friendly user interface good for editing small HTML files.
Download and take a look!

It allows you to use a friendly user interface and a standard browser for editing files. The browser is an HTML viewer with many options of view enabled, among them tables, html tags, images, lists and more.

Cactus Editor is focused on editing HTML files. It is designed for users who aren’t comfortable with using a full WYSIWYG HTML editor. Cactus is very easy to use, light, and portable.

Latest Cactus Editor 1.0 (95/08/22):

Cactus Editor Version 1.0


User Interface:

Cactus Editor has a standard browser-like user interface, as any other standard HTML editor, but, it has some extra features. You have the possibility to edit the tags in the source code of the page, select the elements you want to edit and, most importantly, you have a ruler that helps you to know where you are in the page.

The Cactus Editor ruler is located on the top of the screen just like the ruler found in any other standard HTML editors:

Cactus Editor has a comfortable customizable user interface, rich and powerful features and many workspaces.
You can have up to 8 workspaces, 1 for each tag you are editing. You can change the user interface of each workspace via the mouse.

The user interface is fully customizable and allows you to choose between 9 skins (the most popular are “Light”, “Dark” and “High Contrast”):

Here you can see some of the Cactus Editor features:

Adjustable user interface

Adjust the user interface to suit your needs

Change skins

Choose from 9 skins

Switch between horizontal and vertical menus

Horizontal and vertical menus can be switched via the icon on the right side of the editor bar.

Place the cursor on the left end of the editor bar and press the space key to toggle between the menus.

The edit bar




What’s New In Cactus Editor?

Cactus Editor is a very simple HTML Editor to help you with the editing of basic HTML files. Well, to be honest, it’s not very useful, especially not on large files, but, it’s just a tiny portable HTML editor with a friendly user interface good for editing small HTML files.
Get Cactus Editor

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