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Are you a business owner looking for an easy way to conduct online web conferencing? Are you an information technology (IT) company that spendins a small fortune on travel and airfare to train your clients? Are you a geographically diverse company that would like to have more interactive and effective company meetings?
If you answered yes to any of these qustions you should try BizConference. BizConference is not one size fits all. We current offer three different products with a diverse set of features so you only have to purchase (and of course pay) for what you need.
BizConference Lite is the perfect solution for small sales presentations or online demos.
BizConference Regular was designed to host small group meetings.
BizConference Pro is the perfect product if you need to conduct advanced webinars or large group meetings.
BizConference has a rare set of qualities, being at the same time very powerful, very easy to use, and cost-effective.
Companies of all sizes and types use BizConference on a daily basis.
Technology firms, CPAs, assocations, payroll providers, government organizations, universities, you name it. BizConference is a product that can be used by one person or thousands, it just depends on your needs and requirements.
Here are some key features of “BizConference”:
■ Desktop and application sharing.
■ Whiteboard.
■ Document and image transfer.
■ Ability to create multiple meeting rooms.
■ Management attendees.
■ User registration.
■ Reporting tools on who attended.
■ Pass off control of the presentation to another user.
■ Recording the audio and video of the session to playback.
■ Supports Outlook calendar.
■ Unlimited number of meetings.
■ Up to 25 attendees per meeting.
■ 14-days trial
■ 5 attendees per meeting







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Getting management approval to fly someone to your place is sometimes very difficult. You need to make sure that you can actually show the benefit of having an onsite meeting, you need to make sure that the time and expense is actually worth it.
Imagine that you had this conference room booked for one month, including the flight, and your employees were thinking about it for two weeks before. That’s a lot of hassle just to demonstrate that there is a need for meeting rooms in your company.
BizConference is a cost-effective solution for both companies and individuals.
BizConference has a very unique feature that make it stand out from its competitors, it is a multi-platform application. So in other words you can run your meeting from your desktop, from your laptop and your phone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile).
One thing that you should know about BizConference is that it is designed to allow you to use your existing infrastructure, and you can do so with very little effort.
BizConference is a multi-platform application so if you have a PC, laptop, Mac or a smart phone, you will be able to run it on it.
Why would you need BizConference?
A few reasons:
■ To conduct online conferences
■ To be able to have online meetings with your clients or colleagues
■ To have a third party look at your documents.
■ To have your staff present to your clients
■ To be able to conduct training sessions
■ To be able to share information with your colleagues
■ To show your new products to clients
■ To have corporate meetings
BizConference Highlights:
■ Meeting rooms in multiple cities
■ Seamless integration with all kinds of web conferencing applications
■ Mult-platform and multi-browser support
■ Ability to control the remote meeting from a phone or smartphone
■ High screen resolution
■ Can be used as a totally home-based product
■ Easy to use and very intuitive
■ Version 5.4 also includes a new toolbar that makes it much easier to create and conduct multi-participant sessions.
If you want to see how easy it is to conduct online meetings, you should check out BizConference Lite and BizConference Regular.

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BizConference, pronounced like the word BEE-Z, makes it easy for you to create meeting rooms anywhere in the world, use them, then pass the conference back to any user you want to share the control of. BizConference was designed from the beginning with flexibility and scalability in mind. BizConference is easy to use and can save you time and money. BizConference is powerful and you can customize it with ease.
BizConference is a cost effective solution for businesses of all sizes, from small law firms to large international organizations. BizConference takes care of the setup, admin, registration and off-line support all for you. Your only concern is the actual session. BizConference is the best tool for web conferencing that I have seen.
BizConference is a near-perfect match for your needs. See for yourself why businesses around the world use it. BizConference is the market leader and you will notice that most competitors are emulation of their products or similar to BizConference. See what you’re missing out on and download BizConference today.
Source Code is currently undergoing a major redesign and will be more stable by the end of 2012.
If you’re interested in what’s being redesigned or have further questions regarding the current version, please email me. Thanks
BizConference Requirements:
OS: Windows 7/Vista or Windows 2000/XP
Windows Updates: Windows XP SP3 or Windows 7 SP1
Windows Service Pack for XP SP3 or Windows 7 SP1
Operating System:
Java: JRE 1.5.2 or above
■ Windows: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7 SP1
■ Mac: OS X 10.2.x or above
Internet browser: Firefox 3.6, Safari, Chrome or IE9
Webcam: Monochrome and color using the VGA and SVGA standard
Fee: 10 USD per month
Last time public review: Mar 31, 2012 at 6:16pm
If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact me.
BizConference is the best web conferencing solution on the market, and is always growing and improving.
If you’re interested in knowing more about BizConference, please visit our company’s website at:


BizConference is a collaborative collaboration tool for small business.
Some features include:
■ Desktop and application sharing.
■ Whiteboard.
■ Document and image transfer.
■ Ability to create multiple meeting rooms.
■ Management attendees.
■ User registration.
■ Pass off control of the presentation to another user.
■ Recording the audio and video of the session to playback.
■ Supports Outlook calendar.
■ Unlimited number of meetings.
■ Attendees can join a meeting after the meeting has been initiated.
■ Attendees can chat to each other during the meeting without having to leave the meeting room.
■ Meeting can be moved to a different time or date by the moderator.
■ Automatic inactivity detection and update, if attendees become inactive during the meeting.
■ Allow moderators to manage attendees view settings during the meeting.
■ 14-days trial
■ 5 attendees per meeting
BizConference User Guide:
My BizConference guide is attached to my support ticket. Just download and it will walk you through some common use cases.
Please email me if you need the user guide.
Please email or call me if you need assistance with anything.
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What’s New In BizConference?

BizConference is the largest web conferencing platform in the world.

BizConference is the largest web conferencing platform in the world.
BizConference is a 50,000 user company that has been providing a low cost web conferencing solution for more than 12 years. BizConference started in 1998 as a software application that can connect 6 people across a local area network. In the beginning, we only used BizConference for small staff meetings.

What is a web conference?

A web conference is a virtual meeting where people can participate from their computers or mobile devices. Most web conferences are internet based, and this means the content is transferred over the web and delivered to participants. Web conferences are more cost-effective than many in-person meetings because there are no hotel costs or car rentals. Web conferences are usually held on a set time, usually on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday of a designated week and all participants are “on time”.

How do web conferences work?

A web conference works by using a web conferencing platform such as BizConference. A web conference room is created, participants use their computer or mobile device to log-in, and join the conference meeting. Once the meeting is over, participants can leave the meeting, or it can continue on a daily basis.

Why do I need a web conference system?

While a web conference is not mandatory in order to be successful, it is a great way to improve efficiency and reach a wider range of your potential customers. Using a web conference, you can reach companies located around the world and interact with more than 100 different people at a time. The web conference room can either be set up on a regular basis, and this is done by default when you log-in using a schedule; or you can choose to only have a web conference room once, and this is done manually when you actually need the web conference.

Why choose BizConference?

BizConference is the most affordable web conferencing company in the world. We will teach you everything that you need in order to use BizConference for your web conference. We provide you with personalized customer service, and ensure that you are satisfied with our product.

What is included?

BizConference has three different types of packages. Each package offers you a variety of features, and the number of meetings you can have within a month depends

System Requirements:

An Internet connection is required for online features.
HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PS VR, or compatible devices; Laptop with OS: Windows 10; Laptop with OS: Windows 7/8.1; Laptop with OS: Windows XP/Vista; Laptop with OS: Mac OS X 10.10+; Laptop with OS: Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, etc.).
VR headset (VR.VR 3D Vision, VIVE) – HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift, PS VR, etc. – HTC

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