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The Background Wizard application was designed to be a small tool that will help you put background bitmaps inside Windows folders. Supports templates (load/save), it’s fast and very easy to use.


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PC>Date>2017>06>Background Manager is a small utility that lets you draw a picture and makes it appear as the background image for your desktop and Windows folders. It does not add any pictures to your computer or show up in the program list. You simply copy or move the background picture to the folders where you want it.

Background Wizard Features:

– It automatically detects the folder with the desktop wallpaper.
– It automatically detects and displays the folder with the Windows desktop wallpaper.
– It provides save/load functionality.
– It is very easy to use.

Background Manager (or Background Wizard, if you prefer, it was renamed at some point) supports three different picture formats: jpeg, gif and bmp.

1. Image: You can add any picture to the drop down list and select it.
2. Pattern: If you select this option, you’ll create a pattern that can be used for any folder.
3. Select: You can either add a picture or a pattern to the specified folder. You can also select any file from the file system. However, if you select this option and select a file, it will only show you the file. There is no way to add the selected file to the specified folder.
4. Specified: You can add any file to the specified folder.

In order to create the pattern, you can choose a background and fill the gap with the color that matches it.

Background Manager has the ability to save the current pattern. It makes the saving easy for you because it can detect the files inside the folder that match the specified format. However, it cannot save the current folder that you were in.

Background Manager includes two Widget files, a icons.exe and a background.wxs. The icons.exe is an auxiliary file that keeps a list of the background images inside the background.wxs.

For people who don’t know, backgrounds.wxs is an XML-based file that keeps the list of background images.

Background Wizard Description:

PC>Date>2016>03>Lockscreen is a small utility that will allow you to put wallpapers inside your Windows. It is based on the same concept as the Background Wizard, except that it was designed to put image to the lock screen.

Background Wizard Features:

– It can detect the image format that matches the specified format and load it.
– It has the

Background Wizard Crack+ Activation Key [Updated]

The Background Wizard application was designed to be a small tool that will help you put background bitmaps inside Windows folders. Supports templates (load/save), it’s fast and very easy to use. It lets you select an already designed (in built-in template) or design one you like.


Choose one of the embedded templates.

Inbuilt Help for the selection of the right template for your needs.

Easy-to-use windows.

Easy-to-use multi-language interface.

Artists to get a fine control of their work without the need of using technical applications.

It makes more readable Windows folders; all the folders now show the same background instead of the previous disappearing watermark.

“Background Wizard” is a useful tool that allows you to quickly make an easily usable PNG image to use as the background for your Windows folders.

You can now design your own template by inserting frames and or resizing and stacking bitmaps, this tool is meant for those who have plenty of time to spend and the technical knowledge.

The “Background Wizard” can do all for you.

How to get the most of the program:

Simply select the Save Template As… button to load the standard templates that you’ve already created. You can then customize them or change their name by clicking on the Edit button. Once done, simply click the Save button to save the template into your image library.

The templates that come with the program are:
















Background Wizard [2022]

The Background Wizard is a simple windows application, designed to help you put background images into your Windows folders. Like you can do it manually with Windows Explorer, the Background Wizard enables you to do it much faster and with more ease.
– Supports Microsoft Windows templates (load/save).
– Loads one or many images, including multi-images and image albums.
– New and edit properties, including text, width, height, transparency and format.
– Save properties to one of the supported image formats.
– Adjusting the background color (or any color) with different colors and palettes.
– Select from over 60 (Windows) background images, including image albums and kits.
– Create new images according to the selected template or re-generate the images you already have.
– Draw rectangles, circles, ellipses and polygons, with a number of predefined colours and gradients.
– Export images to e-mail, Word documents or text files.
– Export files to other formats, including BMP and GIF.
– Create files from one to unlimited number of templates.
– Backups to local or FTP/FTPS servers.
– Customizable interface.
– Runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8.
– Single file and multi-image installation.
– Runs in the background (no window).
– Supports Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP.
– 3D zoom.
– PNG32 color mode.
– Unicode encoding.
– Decompressor built-in.
– Supports images larger than 256KB.
– Packages available for download.
– Active from version 1.0 to current and compatible with Windows 8.
– Free for private use, paid for commercial use.
– Windows XP or later (minimum of Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10).
– Java 1.6 or later (optional).
– Java Tray (optional).
– Cannot handle libraries in ZIP archives.
– Cannot handle ZIP archives.
– Cannot create ZIP archives.
– Cannot create directories in the Windows root.
– Must be installed from the hard drive root.
– Background images are not created on the fly.
– No support for moving images on the fly.
– No support for saving background images on the fly.
– Support for Vista and Windows 7:
– Does

What’s New in the Background Wizard?

This is a small tool that allows to easily create your own folders or user interface. It supports the pictures that you want to use and instead of editing the registry file, the Background Wizard creates a folder with the pictures in it, which you can then assign to your FolderViewer, or any other program.

You can use this tool as a replacement for Folder Viewer. What do you do when Windows Folder Viewer gives you an error and lets you not save the changed settings? Or when your folder looks different to the way you want it to look, and you don’t know how to fix it? You want to use your Pictures folder to your advantage and protect it from viruses and hackers, but when you want to use the Pictures folder in your Folder Viewer, your Pictures folder doesn’t open? Or when you just want to swap out some pictures for a different collection?

Well, the Background Wizard could be the solution to all of these problems.

The Background Wizard is a small tool that you can install and run in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008.

Here are the steps you take to install and run the Background Wizard:

Copy the Background Wizard Application (.exe) onto your Windows XP, Vista, 7, or Server disk. Your Windows folder should be listed in your Start Menu, so you should be able to double-click on the Background Wizard icon to start it.

Press or select OK.

Click on “Insert a Background” to choose your folder.

Click on “Next” until you’re done.

To remove an image, simply right-click on it and choose “Delete”, and it will be gone.

To show the background in any folder or window, you use the same method as for any other picture: Choose “Insert”.

Customize your Background Wizard with the Theme Editor. It is a simple interface and will help you customize the look and feel of your Background Wizard. You will be able to change the information that is displayed, the colors, the fonts, and the background picture.

You should try using the Background Wizard to create something that will really make your Folder Viewer pop! With the Background Wizard you can do anything you’d like, like be creative, protect your personal files, be different, show off, and so much more.

You can use the Background Wizard in much the same way that you use Folder Viewer.

System Requirements:

Windows XP 64-bit – Win7 64-bit – Win8 64-bit
256-bit Graphics Card
Windows 7 64-bit – Windows 8 64-bit
Required: Windows 7 Ultimate or Windows 8 Pro
MediEvil on Steam
This is a complete install and requires the ISO image provided on the link.
Burn the ISO to disc or have the disc mounted. If it is mounted, extract it to a directory where you have permission to write.
Run the.exe. Installer will now

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