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By 2020, AutoCAD is estimated to command more than 50 percent of the CAD market.

Latest AutoCAD versions

AutoCAD 2017: Release date: October 13, 2016

What’s new?

Initial release of the 2016 version.

Introduced the Dynamic Input Manager, which automatically sets up user input for drawings created by recent versions of AutoCAD.

The Dynamic Input Manager includes a 2D input screen that lets the user select one or more input points, or 3D screens that let the user select a tool or plane. The Dynamic Input Manager remembers the last point input, tool selection, or plane that was selected and applies it to future drawings.

The Dynamic Input Manager also has a parametric editing feature, which lets users modify drawing geometry by using point, face, or edge input and quickly make changes to geometry by rotating, moving, or mirroring it. Users can also select and display an angled image of a base or vertex, use the parametric editing feature to select and modify a closed curve, or display a closed curve as a C0 or C1 curve. Users can then use the closed curve as a guide to modify the curve or select an adjacent face or edge.

Added a new Dimension style, the Dimension style, to make it easier to use the Dimensions command to generate linework that is parallel to a given dimension.

Added two new commands, Orbit (adjusting object positions), and Measure (subtracting or adding to a dimension), to make it easier to use the Orbit tool to generate parallel and perpendicular dimensions.

Added many enhancements to the 2D and 3D space maps, including the ability to toggle the Use XY Offset (map) feature, which shows a map on the grid and provides users with a linear reference to measure or draw linework.

AutoCAD 2017 is the first version of AutoCAD that fully supports 64-bit operating systems.

Version history

AutoCAD 2012: Release date: September 15, 2011

Version history:

The 2012 version introduces the 2D and 3D Space Maps.

The 3D Space Map allows users to annotate 3D drawings with text, such as X, Y, and Z coordinates, text labels, and image annotations.

The 2D Space Map allows users to view and annotate 2D drawings with text.

Added support for 64-bit operating systems.

AutoCAD 24.2

Computer-aided engineering (CAE) The IDES application (Integrated Design Environment) integrates a number of CAD applications. It is not a CAD program but provides a drag-and-drop environment that allows the user to build a CAE simulation and make a prototype. It is a product of Autodesk and is available for personal use.
3D printing CAD models can be prepared and sent to a 3D printer for 3D printing.
CAD files can be converted to DXF and can be opened and edited in a variety of other CAD programs.

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Redirecting to external URL in React

I’m currently working on an app using react and redux and have run into a problem. I want to redirect users to an external website if their input is invalid. The concept is this: I have a form with some input, and that’s it. I want to check if the user’s input is invalid (not matching) and if so, redirect them to an external URL (to check again).
There is no issue with my app, or the app’s logic, but I have no idea on how to do the redirect. When I make a request to my API, it returns a JSON object with the key “is_valid”, which is a Boolean. When the value is false, the request fails. How do I make the user go to a different URL?
Below are a few snippets of my code.
This is the form I have.
render() {
const { errors, error } = this.props;
return (

{ errors && (

{ => {error

AutoCAD 24.2 Free

Al-Afalah Center for Islamic Research and Issues

The Al-Afalah Center for Islamic Research and Issues, also known as the Council on Islamic-American Relations, is a Washington D.C. based organization that has received more than $2.5 million from Saudi Arabia. The center was founded in 1983 by the Saudi government and makes no public disclosures about donors. The group’s members include clerics, academics and lawyers.

Founded to promote “the interests of the Saudi community, with the U.S. and elsewhere,” the center promotes Saudi Arabia’s view of Islam and of the United States. The Center for Islamic Research and Issues (CIRI) has become a part of the US Sunni Muslim movement since it was established by the Saudi government. In 1993, CIRI launched an interfaith group called “Islamic Research and Information Center for Academic and Intellectual Exchange.”

The center advocates a moderate form of Islam known as Wahhabism, widely believed to be the source of the fundamentalist Islamic ideology of Al-Qaeda. The center has been denounced by the U.S. State Department and also received funding from the U.S. government when its US-based branch, the Middle East Policy Council, was created to provide research to the U.S. Department of State.

The US State Department’s 2005 report to Congress on “The Foreign Relations of the United States”, gave a blanket statement that “The Council on Islamic-American Relations does not represent or act as a representative of the Government of Saudi Arabia”.

As of 2014, the center supported a number of organizations:

Islamic Society of North America
Muslim Public Affairs Council
Kerala Muslim Cultural Society

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Using Xsl in QTP to check the correct url address

For example I’m trying to check this URL
How can I find “a”, “b” and “c”? I can use XPath but it’s

What’s New in the?

Markup Assist:

Automatically analyze parts and create design intent, then suggest a new, alternate design. Then, with a single click, adjust a part’s shape to reflect the new design intent. (video: 1:30 min.)

4K Ultra HD and HDR (High Dynamic Range):

Produce high-quality images in 4K Ultra HD resolution, providing a significantly improved visual experience for editors and designers. Use advanced shading techniques to support HDR.

Scene Link:

Set the link to automatically share CAD and DXF files with other editing tools, such as other CAD and DXF software, or a different toolset. You can also save a link that you can later re-use when returning to your drawing. (video: 1:38 min.)


Create a save of your drawing, even when the file is in use. You can use the save as a template to quickly reuse your design, or share it.

New and Improved Report Server (RS):

Use report servers to send project information in the background to the information-rich apps you use most. View the latest news for what’s new in Report Server (RS) and get free access to two-week trials.

Structural Analysis:

Compare structural loads across multiple parts of a building. Structural analysis creates a set of groups of walls that share load across a structure. (video: 1:55 min.)



No Tab Switching:

Keep your work uninterrupted. Switching between 2D and 3D views is now supported with the help of the Project tab, which lets you simultaneously work in both view modes.

Speed, Memory, and Performance:

Record your drawing and play back immediately. Now you can start editing immediately without a lengthy recording process.

Smart Guides:

Smart guides dynamically update as you move your cursor to show you the exact location.


Take precise control over your drawing by hiding non-editable areas with masking.

Undo and Redo:

Speed up your drawing sessions by easily undoing mistakes and quickly redoing changes.


With intelligent filtering, you can streamline your work by filtering views and panels.


Draw complex 3D models, create 2D profiles and sections, and define heights

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Any current-gen device
Any device running on Android 4.4
GPU: Adreno 200 / Mali-400
Display: 480×800
Controller: X-Box 360 Wireless Controller
Power: USB Connection
Formally released on October 30th, this title is now finally available to download on Android. The game can be downloaded on the Google Play Store as well as on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The package contains a whopping 50 levels as well as the full game

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