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The first license price of AutoCAD was US$1,500, and the retail price of the first personal computer (PC) with a graphical display was US$4,000 in 1983. Autodesk held an annual convention in Las Vegas to showcase their software innovations. AutoCAD 2007 and AutoCAD LT were first publicly demonstrated in October 2005.

AutoCAD Architecture

AutoCAD is designed to be a universal tool. Therefore, it requires no knowledge of specific engineering fields, including construction, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering, and should be used by architects, mechanical engineers, engineers, contractors, and students.

AutoCAD has a hierarchical structure that places drawing layers at the base. Layer properties and settings are inherited by the layers underneath it. Each drawing can have any number of layers, which can contain layers of their own. You can combine layers to create compound objects.

The base objects, layers, and other elements that are not changed when you move from one drawing to the next, or change the type of drafting tool, are stored in what is called the master file. Master files can be hierarchical, like folders in a file system. Layers and other objects that are not used in a particular drawing are saved in a separate file called the template. Templates are stored in the same folder as the master file.

What is Autodesk design?

Autodesk design encompasses the use of AutoCAD in product design, consulting, and architecture. Product design is the use of AutoCAD and other software applications to design and develop physical products, such as buildings, appliances, automobiles, equipment, and toys. Consultant work is the use of AutoCAD to design and develop software applications. Architecture is the use of AutoCAD and other software applications to plan and design the layout, structure, and components of buildings.

Product Design

The AutoCAD-based product design process usually begins with a problem-solving session. The user sketches the proposed product and then fills in basic information. The user then indicates which design decisions have been made, such as when a product would be delivered and whether the product will be sold, rented, or given away.

In the next phase, the user selects individual components of the product, including the final design layout, and uses tools to model the design for the product. For example, the user can use the drawing tools to draw boxes and circles,

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Application interfaces
Several application interfaces are used for interaction with AutoCAD. These include:
“Direct Graphical User Interface” (GUI), used by the AutoCAD 2002 suite
“Direct Design User Interface” (DDUI), used by the AutoCAD 2010 suite
“API” used by the AutoCAD.NET library
“Application programming interface”, used for developing AutoCAD add-on applications

Autocad.exe (Autodesk CAD) is an AutoCAD executable that, if necessary, executes a DLL-based language such as Visual LISP, VBA, Visual C#, Visual ObjectARX or AutoLISP.

Autocad command-line interface
Autocad command-line interface (CLI) can be used from the command-line of a terminal emulator on a Unix-like system, or in a DOS or Windows console window. The executable file name is autocad.exe, but if used from the command-line, its name should not be “autocad.exe” but “autocad.bat”, “autocad.cmd”, or even “”. This interface is available in all Autodesk products, including AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT.

In conjunction with AutoCAD
In conjunction with AutoCAD, the CLI is used in the following ways:

To execute parts of an AutoCAD drawing that do not use a mouse, for example, when the UI is not available
Running AutoCAD applications that can be started from within AutoCAD (e.g. browser)
To run AutoCAD applications as background processes.

AutoCAD command-line interface (CLI) features

AutoCAD command-line interface (CLI) can:

Be launched from within AutoCAD (e.g. via a launcher icon, a menu command, or by launching a sketch)
Can be used interactively (i.e., without the AutoCAD user interface). This is most useful when the software application or the AutoCAD user interface is not available.
Can be configured to operate without the user interface.
Can be started automatically upon starting AutoCAD (i.e., running as a background process)
Can be started via the command-line interface (CLI) to run AutoCAD applications that can be started from within Auto

AutoCAD 2020 23.1

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Drag and drop. As you type text and measurements, a variety of objects automatically appear on your screen and can be easily dragged and dropped directly into the drawing. (video: 1:29 min.)

Insert Section, Insert Bridge, Insert Face, Insert Complex, Insert Inline Symbol, Insert Inline Text, Insert Lined Symbol, Insert Polyline, Insert Polyline With Border, Insert Rectangle, Insert Rectangle With Border, Insert Rounded Rectangle, Insert Rounded Rectangle With Border, Insert Sliced Symbol, Insert Sliced Text, Insert Polyface, Insert Polyface With Border, Insert Transparent Symbol, Insert Text With Face, Insert Text With Face And Border, Insert Transition Line, Insert Transition Point, Insert Wave Line, Insert Wave Point, Insert Zoned Symbol, Insert Polyline With Zoned Symbol, Insert Annotative Line, Insert Annotative Line With Boundary, Insert Annotative Text, Insert Annotative Text With Boundary, and Insert Annotative Text With Border. Add three-dimensional elements to your drawings with AutoCAD’s fast and convenient assembly and insertion functionality. AutoCAD offers three types of 3D assembly and insertion: import, bridge, and inline.

Improvements to Tiled and Map Editing:

Inline Assembly. Drag and drop your design elements into a multilevel Inline assembly for faster construction. (video: 0:44 min.)

Layered Plan:

Graph paper styles can be layered with other graph paper styles for more granular placement of graph paper. Additionally, annotations such as text, circles, and lines can be added to layers and masks so that they don’t cover up other objects. (video: 1:42 min.)

Map Styles.

Overview of a Map

Modifying an existing Map

The Map Styles palette displays a range of predefined colors that can be applied to your current view of the map. (video: 0:23 min.)

When you make changes to your view of the map, the color scheme is updated and the changed maps can be saved and recalled later.

Map Canvas Settings.

Choose how the map window is displayed, how layers are displayed, the resolution of the map, and the shape of the map area.

Map Rotation.

Apply a map rotation in order to display a map of a different orientation.

System Requirements:

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***ESRB Rated E for

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