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the pandemic has taken out the worry about being alone and everyone being busy working from home. i’ve decided to start exploring this time i have at home by experimenting with types of hookups: casually dating, asking out someone i don’t know but find attractive, and trying to find someone with whom i want to keep things hot and interesting. it’s been fun so far and i’m glad to have it to look back on once the pandemic is back to something more like normal.

instead of tinder, i’m giving okcupid a second chance. you can’t go wrong with okcupid, and i am liking it more than before. it’s funny: okcupid has been an okcupid helpline , and its default search results are to focus on the most matched profile pictures, so i’m using it as a vehicle to meet new people. you can definitely find features to help keep you from being a creep while searching, and “signals” that okcupid can’t always figure out. but i’m not asking you to write your story and your soul on a piece of paper. get creative and type in some of your favorite songs, or talk about your favorite places, and i bet you’ll find a match.

chappy is a new dating app that is making it a goal to create the most reliable profile reviews through reviews submitted by chappy members. the reviews are being fed into a machine learning algorithm that tries to spot a fraudulent profile from legitimate ones. the app is still in a beta state, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for its launch.

tinder hasn’t been sitting on its laurels either. in late 2018, tinde decided to let women create profiles on its app. less than a year after its first women-focused release, tinder rolled out its first lgbt-friendly feature, which lets users specify their sexual orientation preferences for potential matches. (for now, the app only limits you to nearby matches who have similar dating preferences to you.) all of these features are part of tinder’s larger goal of gender diversity in its ranks; of the 18 million active monthly users, only 1.6 million are female, and to that end, tinder has made efforts to expand its community beyond its core male-dominated user base.

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